Sunday, September 29, 2019

Shocking week!

Good afternoon everybody!

To start with the weather, it is raining now with lots of wind, although the temperatures aren't too bad yet. But they will drop from now around 17-18 to 14-15C later this week. It really is getting into autumn-weather.

Where to start? The week started quiete good, quiet, some plans in the head to do, all quite as usual.
Wednesday evening I already noticed that Jan wasn't all 100% himself. He also didn;t have much appetite in the evening, I asked him why, he answered that he had some tummy trouble. Okay, that can happen. But it got worse, he really hurt when having tose "stitches", so I said he needed a doctor. He wanted to wait till morning so I could call our doctor. But it got still worse, he vomited also, so I called the SMASh(night emergency doctor's post). First they asked if we could come to the doctor's post(in a hospital rather far away from us), but I refused. Jan was in no comdition, to get into a taxi.
So the night doctor came to us. Couldn't find right away a cause, gave him a kind of painkiller and medicin against feeling sick and vomiting.
Urged us to call our doctor in the morning. You can imagine we didn;t have a good night, specially Jan not, the poor soul.
Next morning I right away called our doctor. Explained it all to the assistent and urged her to send the docor over as soon as he could. He came around midday, and called for an ambulance, because he didnlt know exactly what the cause was, but said Jan was a fragile patient, so better take no risk.
On to hospital emergency. We were there for about 4 hourse at least, Jan had all kind of tests and scans. They couldn;t see anything causing those pains in the belly. Gave us the choice to stay in hospital ro going home. ou shouldn;t give people that kind of coice, I think,. but okay, there was no direct medical reason to keep him there. He got however the advice, that if it got again worse, we should call directly to the ER of the hospital and we would be fetched by ambulance.
I wasn;t happy with it, but Jan wanted to go home and see how it went.
For a bit early evening it seemed to go slightly better, but already soon it all came back and even worse. So at about 5 o'clock night I called the ER.
Explained, and asked for ambulance to pick us up. Then I got the answer that they couldn;t send it, but I had to call for the 112(emergency phonenumber for police, ambulance and firefighters). Strange, but okay, I did so. ecplained and there they said the hospital probably could send the ambulance. All very confusing but after half an hour there suddenly was the ambulance.
Then the whole circus started again with all kind of tests and scans(in the meantime, Jan got some painkillers, so it didn;t hurt that much). Becaue of his diminished liver function and slight kidney problems he cannot have all painkillers, but they knew that.
After a long session of tests and waiting, I think we were there busy for about 6 hours, finally they stumbled onto something.
I try to tell it all as short as possible, which isnt easy, sorry.
At last there came a specialist Jan knows from earlier stay in hospital and he told him that they seemd to see on the scan, that 3 bloodvessels, going to the intenstins, were smaller(partly blocked) and therefor the intestins didnt get enough oxygen rich blood causing in longer terms mortifying of the intestins, and at first possibility of getting into a knot. And that causing hose pain-stitches Jan felt.
Two options: doing nothing, he would die, very soon or in short time.
Second option: an operation right away, with no garantee of succes, that was all depending on the situation of the intestins, that they only could see and know when opening the belly and taking a look.
Quite shocking, isn;t it?? We never could have thought of this to happen.
Well, there wasn;t much to argue, Jan decided he wanted the operation.
Then after may be 10 minutes came the surgeon who would do the operation, explaining us what they would do. As they already were operatinm they would place some stents into the vains leading to the intestins, so the blood could run freely and well again. And then they would see how the condition of the intestins was, if there was a knot in them or not, and if there was any kind of mortification to see or not.
Jan was in the operation room wihin an hour I believe.!!

I was a bit in a stress, you could say! About just two years ago I had almost the same situation, that time when Jan's kidneys had to had to be brought back to life again. He could die or he would survive. Well, that time he survived.
Now it was about the same. Quite a tricky operation, (specially because Jan was already having a fragile liver and also kidneys and all together it made it more tricky)with no knowledge of the outcome till the had opened the belly and even then, or just die.
Pffffffff, not the thing you are waiting for on a Friday!(or any day of the week)
I right away called Heidi, I just needed some support. She came right away, I think within 15 minutes she was there, and she just could see Jan for a minute and wish him well, before he went to the operation room.
Then I just had to wait. After Heidi and I (and also Séverine came over, so sweet)had a cup of coffe I decided just to go home and wait there.
 At about 5 o'clock a.m the surgeon called me to tell the operation went well, there seemd to be no dammage, they placed the stents into the vains and that worked really well. Of course we still had to wait how all would settle again,  but he was moderate optimistic.
Tonnes of weight fell of my shoulders!

I visited Jan Yesterday afternoon and of course he was terribly tired, but that didn;t matter. He still wss there! I saw the belly and I think he has quite a scar there, but that can heal. It will all take time, but that doesn't matter too much.
Gosh, I was soooo happy to be able to give him a little kiss and look into his eyes and hold his hand!!!!
In an hour or two I will go to the hospital again and see how he is feeling today. We just will have to take it day by day, won;t we?
Good, that was our week.

I will finish now, I think my laundy it just about ready, so I can hand it out, before it is time to go to Jan.
Please stay safe and look after yourselves and your loved ones. Life sometimes has nasty tricks up it's sleeves!


Edna B said...

Oh my goodness! You poor darling! How awful for Jan! I only got sick. You and Jan are really going through some tough times. I hope the surgery helps and Jan gets better soon. I'm sending a big big big hug for you my friend. And a couple of licks and woofs from Pogo. I'm just sorry I'm not closer enough to help you. I'm so glad you have Heidi for some moral support.

You're absolutely right about life. It's a gift, not a guarantee. Enjoy it while you have it. I'll keep you and Jan in my prayers that he'll be well and home soon. You take care of you and be well too. Big hugs, Edna B.

Scarette said...

My Goodness!! Positive thoughts and good wishes coming your way.

hummerdawn said...

Oh my sweetie. You and Jan have had a very hard time of it. I am so happy to hear things went that well. I am sorry I haven't been on much but was very sick, had to pack and move to new place and computer dying. Got me a new computer up and running yesterday so trying to get things back on it. Prayers going out to both of you. I am not overly religious but believe in prayer! .

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for your update Kyra. I hope that Jan is doing OK and that you are managing to get some rest. You have certainly both had a very rough time...