Sunday, August 18, 2019

Summertime, where are you???

Goodafternoon everybody!

Slept rather late this morning after a not so good night, on and off really.
So I thought as it is Sunday and I don;t have to go anywhere and I can do some things also a bit later, I will try to have some sleep in the morning. And it worked more or less.
Our weather isn;t all too great at the moment, just a bit too cloudy at times, there is some rain, slightly too much wind too. Temperatures aren;t great either, it isn;t cold, but also not summery weather, we have around 20-21C.But by the end of coming week temperatures should rise again to may be 24C and perhaps even stay for a longer time. Now that would be lovely!

Have to take a tiny break now, because I want to see if the washing machine is ready and I have to check a pan with some meat for a stew. Tell you about it when I am back.


Back again!
Laundry was ready, so it is hanging to dry now.
Stew isn;t ready yet. I was yesterday at the market, we needed a b it of fruit and veggies and I bought there some goats meat. Yes, you read it well.
I had it before and it was wonderful. After letting it to stew for an hour or two, depends what part of the goat you have, it becomes so tender and I like the taste of it. I have 3 slices of the upper leg, it isn;t too fat, lots of meat on it and it is on the cooker right now, with some onions and mushrooms. And I rubbed the meat with some Ras el Hanouit, a Morrocan mix of spices, without salt.
You hardly need any salt with it, wonderful. Just added a bit of dried chilipepper to it to make it a little bit more spicy.
I also made some fresh apple sauce well, it is more apple compote, because i like to have some small pieces of apple still in it), with some raisins in it and cinnamon.
So I only will have to boil some potatoes later. or I can add some chinks to the stew later. That also is nice, because the potatoes will take a bit of the taste of the gravy. I haven;t decided yet, LOL.
And as desert we will have some melon. Yummie!

Oh, it looks as if slowly the sun is coming through the slouds. That would be nice. Everything looks so much friendlier with a little bit of sunshine.
Next week Jan and I should do something in the garden. I try to keep it up a ittle bit, you know, the deadheading and watering the pots(although at the moment we have enough rain to keep them wet). But there is some pruning to do, specially the ivy, that grow like almost mad! It is nice to have something green on the fences, but it needs a lot of pruning to keep it nice.
And there are a couple of bushes that need replacing. I have an azale, that stands to hiddenwhich is a pity. It has such a wonderful color when it blooms, it must been seen more. And then I have a hortensia, i once made a cutting of, standing now in a big pot, but is growind out of it. I like to put it in the "free"ground, next to our white one(this is a dark red one). i think it will look wonderful.
It is nice to spend some time in the garden, doing some minor jobs, it makes your head clear.

I am not yet in a very designing mood, I think I will wait with it till I will have another laptop. yes, I know, I am talking about it already for some time, but first we will have to g for the appliances(hopefully we will go to the shop next week), then we will have to see how much money that will cost. Hopefully we will have some more savings left for the new laptops.
Don;t want to wait all too long with it, we must have them still this year, because on ours we have the Windows 7 and that will not be supported anymore buy next year.
First the appliances and installed well, we hope. That already would be something wonderful.
Having an oven again will be fantastic and makes life a little bit easier, cooking wise spoken LOL!

Okay, not very much more to ramble about, so better I finish this post.
I might take a cup of tea and perhaps a sandwich or so, watch a bit of tv and take it easy for the rest of the afternoon.
Have a wonderful week, you all, take care and stay safe.


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. I do hope the warm temps return in your area soon. It's too early for Autumn temps. My my, you've been busy cooking. That apple compost sounds super yummy. And the melon is making me hungry. I'll have to take a look in my fridge soon for something to eat.

I'm hoping you get your new appliances soon. It will make life so much easier for you. And I hope you get your new laptops soon too. It will be interesting to see how quickly you are able to learn your way around in Windows 10.

Pogo is looking at the refrigerator. I think he's trying to tell me that he's hungry. I'd best go tend to him. You have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

hummerdawn said...

Sorry you are having such an off summer. But sounds like the flowers and plants are managing to hang in there. We have had a pretty good one but it's been awfully dry. The farmers may not have enough hay to last through the winter.
See you next week.

Grandma Sarge said...

I can't tell if we are still summer or early fall. It alternates every couple of days. It's been pretty nice for me. but Bridgit isn't too happy with the cold. She has Reanauds disease (if her core temp gets too low she will go into shock) so she enjoys the higher temps.

I canceled the Colonoscopy that was scheduled because I couldn't tolerate the last 2 liters of some AWFUL tasting stuff that made me throw up so I poured it out and called the hospital to let them know it wasn't going to happen. The doctor got upset with me but I never did enjoy barfing. I'll just find another Oncologist and explain to them that whatever that stuff was I'm not taking it.

I did start a new Physical Therapy with the Therapist at the VA Clinic here in Walla Walla. They don't even have all the equipment installed yet. It's still under construction.

Still making do with this little 2 bedroom apartment but it's a lot nicer now that all the very large Totes and boxes are moved out of the living room and into the Storage shed.

Going to read my new mail.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra, it is OK that you have not done any designing, you should be out enjoying your garden before the weather turns really cold again...