Sunday, August 11, 2019

Changing weather, what a pity!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, the weather is definately changing over here. The temperatures dropped a lot, and as it seems next week even some more.! Now tht is a bit too much for me. Seems we may only reach just 20 C, with some sun some clouds, some rain, etc. Not much for summer weather.
kay, temperatures of 35C isn;t necessary but I would like for some more time something around 23-25C.
But who knows, may be somewhere next week they will suddenly find another high pressure area that will bring nicer weather.

If all went well, my friend Heidi is home from vacation again.  understand she doesn;t phone me right away during the weekend. She probably is happy to be home and can unpack the suitcases and first relax after the journey.
So i wait for her call later this week and then certainly we will meet to have a catch up chat.

It was again a quiet week here. Although I made a phonecall concerning a pension payment of Jan, it is just a small amount, so I asked to pay it in one amount. I needed to fill in some forms, I will send them next week and then in a few weeks tiime we will receive the payment (if all goes well).
So a little job done.
Now next week I shall phone the hospital to hear if there is a result already of Jan;s heart tests. I know they are extremely busy and have a lot of appointments to do, but still I think it all takes much too much time. He is busy with it from the month of March and still doesn;t know anything. I assume, no critical things are found, otherwise we should have had an appointment with the heartdoctor already. But still, all shouldn;t take that long. And that is where I cone in, making a phonecall and put some pressure there LOL.

Oh, there is a little sad news to tell. we had a parakeet coming here, that was already of age, so we gave him the name of "Der Alte" (the old one, and it is the name of a German detective serie, long running also).
Beginning last week Jan looked at him when he was sitting on the rosebow and said to me:"Kyra, this one isn;t going to live for a long time anymore, read my lips". and two days later I found him lying in our garden, stonedead, poor thing.
 I think he was happy to live his last days in our garden, feeling rather safe here and having his last meal. Ahhhhhh, I was so sad when i found him.
I picked him up and put him in a plastic bag for a moment and told Jan the news.
And you know what? Jan burried Der Alte in our garden. Now isn;t that sweet?????
(You see, we are quite some softies LOL).

I have so much fun watching the birds, specially at the moment the sparrows. I think we have a colony of about 15-20 sparrows coming to our garden and more or less fighting over the seed in the seedcontainer. Gosh, they can make a noise! And  have to watch out when I fill the container, because sometimes some younger ones are less cautious and as soon as they notice the container is being filled, the take a kind of dive to it like a jetplain and I am almost torpedoed by a sparrow ROFL. I did feel sometimes the wind of their wings trough my hair!

Yesterday we had a really delicous meal. There was a discount of mussels in the supermarket, so I bought us a package with 2 kgs. They tasted so good, yummie. with two dipsauces and some french bread with garlic butter, it was a good meal. We like to eat them, if possible a few times a year.
And it is quickly done, you only have to cook them for a few minutes, that's all.

Good, no more things to tell today, last thing to do is giving you the 2nd part of Arlene's clusters.
Have a wonderful week and stay safe please.

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Edna B said...

I have to agree with you about the weather. It's wicked hot for so long, then the weather takes a big dip into coolness. Somehow we've lost a lot of summer.

Oh Kyra, I feel so bad about your little parakeet. I'm so glad that you and Jan buried him in the garden. It's such a peaceful resting place.

I also agree about how long it takes the doctors and hospitals to get back to us with our test results. To be honest, I see now reason at all why they take so long. They most likely knew the results the day the tests were taken.

Arlene is very talented. I love her frame and QP. They are really beautiful. And thank you for the links. I'm going to check them out as soon as I finish my blog reading. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Thank you for the clusters from Arlene.

I don't know if I could wait that long for results from a medical test. But like you said, No news is Good News.

P.S. Our weather is starting on Fall terms a little bit early, also. It's really raining here in this small corner of Washington State.

Have a good week.
Not getting wet cause I'm not going outside.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Arlene and Kyra for these lovely pieces.
Kyra, I hope you get some nice weather again soon. It is sad Der Alte died, I think he felt safe in your lovely garden too.
I also hope that Jan hears about his test results soon. I also hope you are both able to have a wonderful week...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for sharing Arlene's lovely work, hope she is feeling better! Our weather is still wicked hot and the electric company is asking for us to conserve during the hottest part of the day to prevent "brown" or "black"outs! will really be ready for the cooler days! (Ha,ha,ha we are never content are we?) Sorry about your parakeet, but happy he has a final resting place in his favorite garden! Have a wonderful rest of this week and upcoming weekend! Hugs, Mat