Sunday, August 04, 2019

Easy living does the thing at the moment LOL

Goodafternoon everybody!

Glad the heatwave is gone, it was just too much. For now we have rather typical dutch summer weather, temperatures around 22-25C, nights around 13-15C.
sometimes a little bit of rain, good periods with sunshine, at times some clouds. All together not bad at all. I can go on like this for much longer.

We had a really quiet week, not much happenening. I had planned to go looking for the new appliances for the kitchen, but found out that the shop is closed for holiday, so we will have to wait till after the 12th of August. Oh well, we have done for quite some time without and oven, and the gas top is still working, and the fridge too, so we can add a few weeks to it(hopefully, I say this, because things have the ability to just finish their lives just a tiny wee bit too early if you are unlucky ROFL).

I did the usual homestuff here, every day a little bit, not too much because something around the shoulder is bothering me, I think I perhaps strained some muscle, or may be catched a cold on a muscle and had a little inflammation or something. It isn;t really hurting, but at times bothering, not enough for me to go to the doctor. We'll see how it goes during the next week.
It are always little things that pop up and suddenly go away too.
I only noticed, that the last year or even two, things are taking longer time to heal with me. I see it when I have a little cut, or when I fell on the knee for example and have a bruise on it.
Perhaps it is just the age, or it has to do with the medicins I am taking. Well, as long as things still heal and leave no mark, I am happy, hahaha.

The b irdies are really funny, you know. Not only we have visits from the parakeets, but we get more and more sparrow at the moment, You could say it is an extended family of sometimes 15 or 20. And they can make lots of noise too! And  love them.
Also we have again some tits. We've lost them for some time but now some young ones come feeding from the fatballs I hand close to the little shed.
I think they also will come nearer in autumn and winter, when I hand some fatballs on the rosebow.

I've made a few photos from the garden, specially the new plants.
Here is the little rosebush( species is named Rosa Magic Rokoko.
here a Rudbeckia "Happy Smileyz"

And I;ve made a photo of a clematis. Usually we have two species on the rosebow, but this year only one came to bloom, but it is a lovely one.
And last photo is of our hollyhocj. t is one that grwe from seed I collected somewhere from a garden where they were standing at a gate.
t took two years but this year we had flowers on it.
That's about it for today. But, as promised, I have some clusters from Arlene for you, made with the Mysteries of the Woods kit.
She made several more, so today you have part one and next week will be part two(that will be a clusters and a quickpage).
She isn;t feeling all too good at the moment, so hold her in your thoughts every now and then.
Thanks in advance!
See you next week, stay cool and safe!

Download   HERE part one of the clusters


Edna B said...

I'm glad to hear that your weather is much better now. So sorry you have to wait to get your new appliances. Hopefully, things will keep on working for another couple of weeks.

You guessed right, the older we get, the longer it takes for us to heal. Have you had the shingles shots yet? Make sure to get them when they are available. You do not want to get shingles!

Your new plants are beautiful. And I love love your hollyhocks. We used to have a lot of them in our yard when I was a little girl. They blossomed in all different colors.

Sorry to hear that Arlene is not feeling well. Here's hoping she is better really soon. As for my diet, I need low, or no-salt, and I can have 66 ounces of fluids a day.

You have a wonderful week my friend., hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Thanks to Arlene and now I can do more scrapbooking. This is a beautiful kit and Clusters ar gorgeous.
Saying a prayer for Arlene and you and Jan also.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyra Loved Your Photos of The Gorgeous Flowers In Your Garden.Hope Your Shoulder Isnt Anything To Worry About,Take It Easy! Weather Has Been Way Too Hot For Us In U.K...So Sorry To Hear Arlene Is not Well Please Pass On Our Good Wishes For Her.Hope You Feel Better Soon Kyra Thanks For Your Wonderful Kits Have A Great Day Hugs:)x

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the clusters from Arlene...praying she will feel better! Your flowers are lovely and glad your heat wave is gone...ours will stay around for at least another month...LOL! Been kinda puny lately and just dragging my bum around not doing or caring to do much...must be getting old! LMBO! Anyhow, thanks for the freebie, y'all have a great week ahead! hugs, Mat

hummerdawn said...

Your flowers are beautiful! What would we do without the changing seasons to bring us such joy! We are having a lot of heat and little rain here. My brother who is 80 had his second knee operated on and I popped up to see him yesterday in hospital. He says its the best thing he's done and would do it again regardless of the pain at the beginning times.
Hope your shoulder doesn't get any worse and you are likely right in what you said happens. Also special thoughts to Arlene.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Arlene and Kyra for this lovely download.
Kyra you have some really pretty flowers in your garden...