Sunday, June 02, 2019

Energy low, despite the much better weather.

Goodafternoon everybody!

yes, the weather changed for the better, although it is changing again today LOL!
But... not to complain, we have had some lovely days, much sunshine , now this weekend we had high temperatures, atround 25-28C, but that will go down next week, to around 20-23C, which isn;t bad either. Perhaps we will have here and there a rainshower(which is nice, because we don;t have to water the garden ourselves).

This has been a week without any hospital visit, quite remarkable if you look at the past time. Sstill Jan has an appointment next week at the urologist, more for result of the crushing(he still feels good) so I don;t expect a lot of stressing news.
At the same day my friend Heidi has to go to hospital to have an operation to get a new infusion needle in a vain in her chest. She had a couple already, but the last one isn;t holding good. If all goes well, she can come home the same day already, but has to take lots of rest for about 3 weeks, to let the things heal and set at place.
Well, it will not be the last one, I suppose.
Nevertheless, it always is a kind of tricky thing, but let's hope for the best again.

I had a rather quiet week, I did some things in/around the house, all the usual stuff, and that was about it. I have just about the energy to do that, and then I am happy to do not all too much after it. I also have very little inspiration for designing at the moment. Perhaps I need to address more to my willpower and just start something, but most of the time that won;t work too well, I know by experience. So I am afraid I will have to disappoint you today with no download.
I did start making something but that isn't ready yet. I do hope to have that small thing ready next week.
I feel very guilty towards all of you, believe me. But it's no use to put something together as a kit just because of it and leave you with something I am not happy with looking at it.

Next week we will start watching again some football, you know Jan and I like that sport. Now at the 7th of June starts the Word Championship of Women football. We have a team playing too, I don;t know if they will come far, of course we hope for the best, but there are a few countries that have very strong teams, like France, England, Germany, Japan. So it will be a hard battle.

Our birdies are still at times around(the youngsters, I mean). One evening last week I saw both of them takking a bath in the tiny little pool we have, LOL.
Good to see, the cats in the neighbourhood didn;t managed to catch them!

Okay, this is about all I can tell you for now. Please forgive me for not having something to download. In the evenings I don;t spend time at the computer and daytimes are filled with other things and with the nice weather I think it is good to be a bit more outside(in the garden). Hmmmm, still I should continue on the designing, it is nice to do, so I must find some more energy and inspiration for it soon.

Soon we will have to start thinking about Jan;s dental, and then also about the new oven and that stuff in the kitchen. Thinking about it already makes me feel a bit exhausted, LOL! No, it has to be done and i will be happy when it will be done.

So this was about the last thing that came into my mind for now.
I wish you all a lovely week, hopefully with good weather, I heard and saw about some of the flooding in the US, not nice if it happens to you, it is a disaster and takes a long time to recover from it!

Take care and try to be happy about little nice things that sometimes also happen, okay?


Edna B said...

Good afternoon Kyra. I know exactly what you mean by having no energy to do things. I am like that a lot. It's frustrating because I always led such a busy life. I'm so glad to hear that Jan is still feeling good. Sorry your friend Heidi is going through this again. I hope all will be better for her soon.

Watching the little birdies is such a treat. And, sitting out in your garden on nice days is very important to your health. I don't come here for the kits (although they are very nice and appreciated). I come by for a visit with you. I miss that smile of yours when you are not here. You take care of yourself my friend, and have a super week. Big hugs, Edna B.

genie said...

Great to see you guys are doing better, health is so important. Never worry about not having a kit for us, all the sharing you have done over MANY year you deserve and should take a brake.

hummerdawn said...

Don't be sorry about not having anything to download. I understand your feelings perfectly. I create layouts and at times I don't have the energy or inspiration to do so. I have to leave it for a day or so to start again. Lol. Glad to hear all is well on the home front and everyone doing well. Summer is the time we have to get out and get our sunshine (Vitamin D) while we can. Winter is soooooo long. Takee care and thanks for the update.

Edna B said...

I thought I left a comment here last weekend. OH well, I must be losing my memory. I hope this week has gone by well for you. I'll be back in the morning to see your new post. Have a great evening my friend, hugs, Edna B.