Sunday, June 09, 2019

A day to cherrish a memory

Goodafternoon everybody!

We had quite some different weather this week, some days rather nice, with some clouds, also sunshine and patches of rain, Friday night to Saturday we had stormy weather which lasted all Saturday through, although a bit less fierce than at night. But no harm was done to trees or flowers in our garden(in other parts of the country there was lot of damage by fallen trees).
Today the wind went away, only a little breeze is left and we have lots of sushine and temperatures between 18-21C, not bad.
All the rain that we had was enjoyed by all growing in our garden, all the plants were dancing of joy LOL.
Coming week we will have temperatures between 18-23C, some rainy moments too, but all together not really bad.

Today is a day that I think back of my mother, because it is her birthday. Gosh, it already is 27 years ago that she passed away! But at times I still miss her, and  looking at her photo at the moment I have a little tear in my eye. Goodness, I am getting soggy, sorry for that. But I had wonderful parents, of course they had their faults, they were only human, but they gave me a wonderful youth, full of love and a good start for life and we had fantastic times together. I'll never forget them and always will miss them.

Okay, on to every day life again. Jan had good news of the urologist, no stones were found anymore in his uteris  or kidney, so no need to come back.
Now he still has to go to an appointment with the heart specialist, probably to make an echo or something like it, to do with the fluid he is still retaining a bit in his feet and underleg. It isn't that bad, but may be there is a solution to let it diminish a bit.
Then he will have is usual half year check up appointment with the internist.
And hopefully then he will be ready with doctor visits for about half a year. Pfffff.

My friend Heidi is back home again from her operation. They kept her one night, just to check and keep an eye on her. But next day she could go home. I had her on the telephone and in general all was quite well with her, she only had quite some pain of her wound, but I hope that has gone now after some days of rest.
She still will have to take it easy for a week or two( at the least), let's hope the healing will go as it should, with no complications.
She also had her birthday last week, and she is just 20 years younger as I am, so therefore Jan(who has the same age as me LOL) and I call her at times our adoptive daughter, hahahaha.

Oh, I hear at the moments some parakeets making a lot of noise in the garden!
Yes they still come every day for several visits. We don't see the blackbirds anymore. I wonder where they went?
Instead we have now some sparrow coming to feed with the birdseed. I even saw a parent with a youngster that already can fly, but still needs to be fed. So sweet.

This week started the Worldchampionship Football for Women and yes, we will watch a lot of matches. Coming Tuesday will be extra exciting, because then our women team will play their first match in the tournament, opponent will be New Zealand. I hope our Dutch Lionesses will do well!

Here the selection of the team(with subsitutes etc.)
Today, just like yesterday we will have an `easy`dinner, just sadnwiches, but a kind of special ones. Yesterday I´ve made some with creamed cheese spread, on it a slice of smoked salmon and some thin slices of cucumber on it. Other one with slices of roast beef on some lettuce with slices of boiled egg, and other ones with some self made egg salad. They tasted really yummie!
But i have still so much left over that it would be a shame to throw it away)after two days some of it perhaps wouldn´t be fresh or good enough to eat), so today it is sandwiches again LOL.
And to be honest, I don;t mind because they all tasted fantastic.
We also have some strawberries with cream as dessert, so it almost like a featy meal.

I did a tiny bit of designing this week, but I do have a download for you! My wonderful creative team, named Arlene, came up with some lovely clusters made with the Springtime Summerkit. Now I think I will take a cup of tea and sit for a moment in the sun, before later this afternoon we will watch another match of football, and early evening too and at about 21.00 in the evening too! Yeah it is a bit much, but we like it, so why not?
The one in the evening by the way is something different of football, that is the fonal of the Nations League and guess who is playing it? Yeah, our manteam against Portugal. Hopefully it will be a good match, with good football and with the victory by The Netherlands, whooo!

Now I wish you all a good day and a lovely week to come, with lots of little moments of happiness.
Download  HERE


Maddy said...

Thank you for the pretty clusters!

Edna B said...

Such wonderful news about Jan. I love that you still have parakeets coming to your garden for their treats. We don't have them here in the wild. I'm wishing for a speedy healing for your friend Heidi. She's so young to have so many health problems.

You are sounding much better too my friend. The warmer temps and sitting out in your garden are good for you. Yup, me too! Enjoy watching your athletes. I hope they do well. As always, Arlene's clusters are just beautiful.

Pogo and I are headed out to the porch now. You have a wonderful week my friend, big hugs, Edna B.

SiskiyouSue said...

Thank you for making time for sharing in your very busy life!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters.
Kyra it is good to hear you and Jan are OK. It is also good to hear you are taking advantage of the nice days outside and relaxing watching shows in the evening.
It is OK that you haven't done many kits...

Gala said...

Большое спасибо Арлин за ее замечательные кластеры!!! желаю Вам крепкого здоровья!