Sunday, March 10, 2019

Where has the real nice weather gone to??

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yeah, the weather really changed here, last week we did have some sunshine and then it looked nice, but going outside it didn;t feel all too great. Most of it had to do with the hard wind that blew from time to time. They are expecting today too real hard to stormy winds. Brrrr, don;t like that at all.
Then there are rainshowers in between, temperatures are around 7-10C, not bad but not the best for sure.

Jan went to his doctor in hospital for the normal half year appointment check.
All that has to do with his liver and stomach looked good, no fluid in his belly, so far so good, But he has a bit too much fluid in his underlegs and feet at times.
Doctor has no idea yet from where it comes, so she wanted to consult some collegues about that, could be something coming from the kidneys, or may be his heart. Not that we should be in panic, but she of course wants to know the ins and outs and wants to diminish the fluid.
Jan will have a phonecaal on Monday and then he probably will hear more about it.
I will try to cut on the salt in the food again some more. I do try to use as less as possible(and when I do I use special salt), but along the way we tend to think less about it. So not too much salt in the food for dinner etc. and also on the things we take as "extra"sometimes in the evening. You know, just for the yummie, like some dried sausage, or some chips(not good for Jan at all, although he always takes very little of that  must say), or other things that aren;t all too good for the saltlevel.

What else happened here this week? All was kind of very quiet, I must say and I am glad for that. I did find a bit of time to design on the computer, did some things in the house(I should do some more to be honest, but I am lazy, or perhaps it isn;t exactly lazy but more lack of enough energy to do it for a longer time, I can manage scrubbing and such things for perhaps 15 minutes, may be up to half an hour, but then I really need to sit down for a moment to kind of recover. I hate it from myself but it I don;t do that, I will pay the price the next day or days, I know it). well, I am hoping for a quick return of better weather, because that helps me with my energy, it really does!

So wonderful one of my more favourite programs is back again on the BBC, Gardener's World. It started last Saturday, and it gives you new inspiration for this years gardening again. I just saw in the program a guy with his garden, he "made"all by himself. It was just a real small garden, he had two parts, one of 20x20 feet(about 6x6 mtr) and one of 20-30 feet (6x9). well, that isn;t realy much is it? But he made it into a lovely place, with lots of tropical plants in it, with large leaves and lots of flowers, just wonderful!
Oh, i was looking on the BBC website if I could find something showing this garden, but I have something better. I have his own website! So if you like to see something nice, from someone with a real passion, just take a look!

Today I have some more clusters from Arlene for you, this time made with the A Tiny Tale kit. And they are lovely as ever.
Wishing you all a wonderful and safe week, till next week!
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Maddy said...

Thank you for the pretty clusters!

hummerdawn said...

What a lovely garden he has! Thanks for sharing. Once spring comes we will get our energy back. Of that I am sure. Lol. Take care and don't overdo!

Edna B said...

Arlene's clusters are lovely. Thank you. I'm so glad that Jan is still doing really well. Except of course for the fluid in his legs. Spring will be here soon and a lot of your energy will be coming back. Mine too! Thank you so much for the beautiful page of Audrey. She is my first born, and I do miss her so.

Todat is a lazy day. I have a lot of backing up to do. So I'm off now. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Thank you so very much for the pretty clusters, Ms Arlene. I did some scrapbooking yesterday but today can't remember which designer I used. I think it was Studio Manu from Germany. I don't use hers very much but this picture needed a lot of frills and vintage lace. Now I'm going to start on the relatives.

Still have 3 feet of snow in my front yard. Sun is trying to melt it but it may take some time. My puppy is so lightweight she walks across it but every now and then she sinks. I'm standing on the porch laughing as she climbs out and runs over shivering. Time to go inside little girl.

Thanks again lovely ladies.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters.
Kyra I hope Jan had good news from his doctor about the fluid in his legs...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks again Kyra and Arlene! Glad all is well with you! Same old stuff here! have a marvelous weekend! hugs, Mat