Sunday, March 03, 2019

I just couldn't get into my account!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Finaly I managed in some way to get into my account for Blogger.
it took me quite some time, and it isn;t a good thing for my peace of my nerves LOL.
But for now I am there.
Starting with the weather : Today it is gloomy, with wind and rain, all grey and not nice at all.
It is quite a change after the few fantastic days we had with great temperatures and lots of sunshine.
Still we cannot really complain. nature also is in a kind of speed.
We have a blackbird again and it is very busy with making a nest in our ivy! That is nice, but now we cannot do muc h about cutting it back. Oh well, that little part we will just have to leave it as it is and when(and for all if)there will be youngsters, we will have to wait till they fly out.

This week Jan had to make an echo (he has them about two times a year), doctor there already told him it looked good. He has no fluid in his belly(great thing!) and everything was miore or less as it should be.
More detail, if there is, he wil get from his doctor in hospital when he visits her this Wednesday.
So on the health side it goes rather well with us, my tummy stil has at times playing time but so much less than earlier, so I just have to keep calm(hahahaha, that is a good one!!!!) and that will help too.
Jan always has some trouble with his back, sometimes really annoying, other times it just is there. Nothing to do about that.
Friday he felt rather good, so he did a little job, closing some spots at the window, where draft came through. He also did a little repair job in the kitchen, it needed somewhere a new slat of wood. And one one the kitchen door outside too( last week I had to clean the underpart of that door outside and suddenly held hald of the old slat in my hand, completely rotten).
Glad all that is done. doesn;t sound much, but it takes time and has to be done some time.

Yesterday I went to the market, just for really a quick visit, but the "quick"you can forget. I took the tram on the way to it and just that tram had to take a detour, coudlnt; go to the market. Damn, so i had to leave the tram in city centre. Just in time I could check out with my public transport card, otherwise I shoud have been force to go to customer service. And that it sometimes complicated.
Hoorraay, at least that wasn;t necessary, so took another tram direction market and arrived there after some delay. I did my shopping and walked home.
As I came home I saw we had a visit from Jan's brother. of course nice to see him again, but somehow he manages to come along when i have things planned to do(and also just when Jan is busy with some DIY jobs) LOL!
So a couple of things I'll do tomorrow.
Today I I just made already the meat(stewed meat) for dinner and potatoes and veggies are prepared to be cooked when dinner time is there.

We have lots to watch of sports this weekend. There are World Championships
of track cycling and although we don;t watch everything of it, some diciplines of it are interesting and the more as we have good cyclist, with the men as well as with the women. We already have several gold medalists and some silver too.
Then there is also the World Championship of the All round speed skating(competitors have to race 4 races, 500 mtr, 1500 mtr,  3000 mtr and 5000 mtr  for women and 500 mtr., 1500 mtr., 5000 mtr and 10.000 mtr for the men.
Today is the second and last day of it(it is in Calgary, Canada) so this evening we will see if we can manage to have some medals and perhaps even a world champion. It is a very exciting championship, they are still so close to eachother, anything can happen.

Well, not much more to tell, I think.
Better I finish now and perhaps I will take a cup of tea after leave you here.
Today I have a small download for you, but ever so pretty. A cluster and a quickpage from Arlene, made with the Idyllic day kit.
Have a lovely week and try to stay safe.
Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters...

Maddy said...

Lovely clusters from such a pretty kit - thank you!

Grandma Sarge said...

Very nice clusters. I love them. Thank you.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for all the news in your world and the lovelies by Arlene. Been rather wet and downright cold here this weekend and I've pretty much stayed inside and lounged around the TV....LOL! The town my family in south Georgia lives was hit by a strong tornado last evening destroying the center of town, but so thankful all are okay and no deaths attributed to this one, just destruction. Others in Alabama weren't as lucky as 23 fatalities occurred in another tornado. All we got was 20F but with wind felt like 6F and has not gotten above the freezing mark today, sooooooo I stayed inside again today! The extreme cold is not good for my asthma and since I have no problems with it right now, I want to stay that way! (Getting old is not for the weak)! Anyhow, off here to finish the laundry...thanks again for all you share! Hugs, Mat

Scarette said...

Thank you for another lovely freebie! I always enjoy reading about what things are like where you live. It is very cold here in Michigan - about -15 !

Edna B said...

I agree, Arlene's clusters are beautiful. Thank you. Your Jan has been very busy. I'm so glad that he is getting so much better. And you my friend, please take care of you. Hopefully, your tummy will soon be all better.

As for Blogger - well, they haven't been very nice to a lot of folks lately. They make changes and they don't give you a reason or a warning. Except of course, for getting rid of google plus. Thankfully, I never did decide to use it so I was okay. I'm so glad you were able to fix that glitch on the last post.

I think today we are just going to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Yup, sounds like a plan. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Gala said...

Большое спасибо за ваш блог! Мне очень нравится читать. Желаю вам быстрейшего выздоровления ! Большое спасибо за все ваши прекрасные работы!