Sunday, September 25, 2022

Lot more quiet and relaxed this week

 Goodevening everybody!

We've just finished our dinner and Jan is taking a little nap, so good time to make a small post. The weather is  bit less, although we still have moments with sunshine, but also some rainshowers and of course the temperature is letting us down, juust around 14-15C. That is below average for this time of year.

It was a rather quiet week with not much happening, so in fact I have about nothing to tell you LOL. Of course we did some things in and around the house, and I am glad we have found some energy for that.

Tomorrow Jan will have a phone appointment with the lung doctor, more to check how he is doing. well, not much air, of course but that will never come back, but as long as he does things in slow tempo and takes little brakes in between it is going not too bad.

My friend Heidi has been in hospital again because she had trouble with the infusion line that provides the medicin into the upper bloodvain near the hartchamber. She has PAH, which cannot yet be cured but lucky there is already longer time this medicin. So a new infusion line has bee placed, but it takes every time a longer time to settle itself and stay put. She also has to realize she is getting older and that this disease will more and more ask from her to take it easier than she does at the moment. But I am glad the operation went well and she is already home but has to take rest for at least two or three weeks. As you can guess, I worry about her, and I hope she will be around for many more years. It already is a kind of miracle she is still around, because it isn;t a disease that normally won;t let you reach old age. 

Okay, not so very uplifting post-writing, but sometimes it is good to write it down. What we will be doing next week? Probably the usual houskeeping stuff, which is also good to keep up as much as possible. Later this evening Jan and I will be watching some soccer and for sure also some detective serie. We have enough stuff recorded on tv to fill a lot of hours, hahaha.

Hope you all are doing okay, I wish you a wonderful week and till next time.

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