Sunday, February 06, 2022

I am all in crocheting mood.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

It looks not too bad out of the window, but we have very strong wind and it rained, now some sunshine but the rain will come back, only the temperature isn;t that bad for this time of year, around 8-9C.

It was again a quiet week, I didn;t go out too much, just when we needed some grocerie stuff. It is looking however somewhat friendlier again in the streets now that shops are open again, cafe's and coffeshops too. Slowly we are returning to more normal life, even in footballstadions there are people alloowed(although just a restricted amount), but it is already better. Infections still go on, but more and more you hear the cry for letting all measures go and live life as we should. Also without Q-codes and such. I think too after two years we should try to come back to life as we had before Covid. 

This week I sent a little birthday package to Séverine, who has her birtday next week Tuesday(she will have 20 years already, where did time go????). I brought it to the postoffice on Wednesday afternoon and I had next day a phonecall from Heidi, that she received the package. Heidi will stash it away till next Tuesday. But gosh, that was a real quick delivery!

Remember the yellow blanket I showed last week? That's my present for Séverine and also a card, of course and in it a little bit of money.

I can tell this here, because I know she isn;t reading my blog, LOL.

Did you watch some of the Olympic Wintergames? We did, sometimes. Most we are interested in the speedskating, we have one gold and one silver medal till now. But there are more distances that they skate, so we hope on a few more medals. We are lucky that we can watch the skating in the morning, there is a big time difference between Beijing and Holland. Other things are , for us, in the middle of the night. I think we will watch some things in rehersal, on better times.

I have finished another blanket, this one in lilac in the waffel stitch I have made photos. yeah.

I think this stitch looks rather nice.

Now I am busy on a red blanket, in another stitch, don;t know the name of it. It is a simpe pattern, just good to do when watching tv. I still have quite some rows to do, but already I am thinking about a next one, and which color to take and which stitch I will use, hahaha.

If you want to see something amazing, I have a video for you, I saw it on tv some days ago and found it rather amazing. Have fun watching.

Okay, time to sit for a while on the couch, take my crochet and in the mean time watch a bit tv, probably some sport, we'll see what is on.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, with not too bad weather, and stay safe.

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Beth Reed said...

Hi Kyra,
I just love the stitch and color of your blanket. It is so pretty!
I am glad that your streets are opening up again and I am with you, it is time that we moved on but we do have to stay aware and cautious.
I am finally getting back to normal so to say by getting settled once more. I am not going to be living like a Gypsy anymore. Haha. Unless it is one of my kids here where I already am parked lol.
I loved the video. How awesome. I use to watch the street artists in Nevada. I was picked once and the artist asked if he could use some of my bangle plastic bracelets (People on the street gave them to the tourists for free) and asked me to pick two colors and I chose green and light blue. He used my bangle plastic bracelets and oh he did a ocean type painting. It was so pretty and he gave it to me after he was done and I tipped him $5.00 but he was worth way more than that. It is amazing the things that people can do with hardly anything to work with and he washed my bangles and gave them back to me lol.
It is dinner time so I will close. Lots of love to you my friend. Stay Safe and Stay Well. xoxoxoxo