Sunday, January 10, 2021

Busy weekend and start of the week

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Our weather isn;t bad till now, it also depends on which side of the country you live. It is about 2-4C now, sometimes some sunshine, sometimes cloudy, a short rainshower, that's it. Here on the coast we might have a tiny bit of nightfrost, just -1C, but next week it will be gone too.

In fact it is not too bad weather news for us, because tomorrow there will be start with placing the new window. So part of the day we will have to cope with cold temperature, not the pleasant time of the week, but hopefully all will go without difficulty and it will be over Tuesday afternoon.

Our week was quiet again, although..... we got rid of our Christmas decorations(we did it in two or three days time, and that went well) and suddenly we had a rather empty sitting room again. It always takes a day or two to get used to it, I always miss the Christmas lights, you know.

Then there was also some good news. The daughter of my friend Heidi had to undergo a cardiac catharesation to see if see was suffering at the moment from pulmonaria hypertension(the disease Heidi has) or not. No, she isnlt, so some of the troubles Séverine is experiencing have another cause. Now she will have at some time a test to see if she still might be carier of the disease, which is also important to know. But that's another step. For now, the family was relieved by the good news.

Then Friday I had my Birthday. Not really important, it is only when you are young till a certain age and then you just remember the day and that's all hahaha. Hmmm, Jan will live with an older women for 3 weeks now, (I am 68 already, pfffff) till he has his birthday on the 29th of January and will have also 68. Yes we are from the same construction year!! I did have several phonecalls from friends, and that's always nice and a lovely present from my "long-distance"friend Enda. It is a top that I will certainly wear during Spring/summer time of a wonderful soft tissue and beautiful colours. And I treated myself that evening with a simple dinner: chicory with ham and cheese out of the oven and some oven baked potatoe. Yummie, that tasted real good. Why? Because Jan doesn;t like chicory I usually don;t cook it(because then I have to make the chicory for myself, for Jan some other vegetable, all too complicated LOL). So once or twicce a year I take the "trouble". And Friday usually is the day in the week Jan is "self-supporting"for his dinner. Great idea! On that day I mostly take something that Jan doesn;t like too much(like pizza, pasta) and he can take something I don;t like too much. It works very well, hahah.

Because we have to remove a bit of furniture out of the way, and clear the window sills and such, I thought I might make some dinner in advance for tomorrow and even the day after. I prepared yesterday the meat balls, chicken pieces, veggies for a well filled soup. Today I will make the broth and put all things in it, then it can be placed later on in the fridge for tomorrow. With all the mess and work going on I bet I will be happy to just have to warm up some soup for us!

And as I was busy in the kitchen I also prepared about all for today's dinner, which will be my twist on a kedgeree. I cooked the rice, I have a steamed mackerel, of which I removed hopefully all bones, cooked two eggs, and today I only will have warm up the rice in a stirring pan with some herbs, salt, pepper, I will also will put in some dices of dairy butter, at the last moment the mackerel and the eggs.

So that was my week, now time to get dressed and already move some stuff to another part of the room or house, put down plastic on part of the floor, cover perhaps some things with plastic too. Things that we cannot move ourselves and must be out of the way, I am sure the guys tomorrow can give a hand. Oh, I am so curious to see how all will go tomorrow and how it will look. It certainly will make a difference in temperature and also noise reduction and we will not have no more condensation on the windows(which is so annoying).

Wishing you all a very good week to come and please stay safe!


hummerdawn said...

Happy belated birthday! Yes, I agree with your statement about excitement in the younger days! Hmm sometimes it would be nice to go back to those times but then I think no, it's all good! Lol.
Happy you are finally getting the new windows. It will be so nice when it's all set up.
Our days are just awesome with all our milder weather. But I am reading a polar vortex may be heading our way soon. I thought so as if Jan is mild then I think Feb will be a disaster. We will wait and see.
Take care and you and Jan be safe.

Edna B said...

Happy Birthday Kyra!! I hope your special day was a restful happy day. I like the idea of cooking two or three days worth of meals at a time. When my new windows were put in, it did not take very long at all. What good news for Severine. I hope any future tests come out good for her too. I think your "Friday night cook for yourself" idea is a fun one, even though it doesn't work for Pogo and me. hahaha. You stay safe my friend, and have a wonderful week. Big hugs and love, Edna B.