Sunday, September 13, 2020

Busy with a lot and nothing LOL

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Another week has passed, in more or less nice weather, not too warm, just around 19-20C, but we had some rain and later this week more and more sun, and now the next two or three days will be as in high summer, they expect temperatures around 27-30C! Oh, perhaps a bit too warm, but still we should enjoy it, it will not last long and soon we will have forgotten how that feels.

It seems lately that Mondays are my most energetic days hahaha. I just wrote it down on the calendar to see what I did that day. I started with a bit of grocerie shopping, (my start is always late in the morning, remember that, I am kind of a diesel, coming on speed very slow, but once I am on the right speed, WOW, ) Coming home first of course putting all the things away, then I think I had a quick sandwich or so, Then I gave Jan a haircut, it was about time again.After that you always have hair lying around, even if you have a plastic on the floor to prevent it. So best is to do a vacuumcleaner round. Then I made a cleaning in the toilet room, not everything but the most necessary things, so the walls and so I left as they were.

A little pause, and then into the kitchen to do something about dinner. Finished it as far as possible, oh and also made finally an appointment for the hairdresser. Think it is quite a well-filled day.

Next day we had to go to hospital for Jan's CT-scan. That takes time, first the travel to and from it(it was the further away hospital, so it takes about 1/2 an hour to get there. Then the waiting and scan and back home again. All went well, and home again we took a cup of coffee and then I don;t know what i did exactly.

Oh, last sunday I also did a bit on the ivy in our garden, that grows like crazy, always, early Spring Jan already took away a ot of it, but there is still a part, that has to be done. We try to do it ourselves, but probably later in Autumn we will have to call in a gardener, that can take care of it for us. Nevertheless I could cut and break away quite a lot, without climbing on a ladder(If I donlt really have to, I don't do it, it is a bit tricky in the garden on the soil putting a ladder).

Wednesday it was the hairdresserday. Oh, I am sooo happy I went there, I have really short hair again and it feels fantastic and it's so easy to comb and keep it modelled. Gosh, suddenly it seems if I walk a lot lighter, LOL.

Rest of the week nothing really exciting, apart from Friday, when I , also finally, went to the optician, to loo for another pair of glasses. And after they did the eye-measurement gave me the advice to go to my doctor who could give me referral to an ophthalmologist, because i might have start of some cataract. Gosh, I did not expect that at all! Now isn't the opinion of the optician all conclusive(because there are quite some differences between the divers opticians), so tomorrow I will call my doctor for an appointment and see what he thinks. Never could be wrong to have a really professional measurement in hospital, because my last measurement already was some years ago and I notice that my glasses arent quite good enough anymore. But you see, when at last things seem to go rather smoothly, there always is coming something in between that scews it up(forgive the expression, but if really sucks a bit.) On the other hand, it might be not that serious, so we'll wait and see and act then.

Today is a nice day, temperature already is much better, lots of sun, and I am already happy that it goes eacht week a bit better with Jan. He even washed the windows at the backside of the house! With some perseverance I could talk Jan out of the idea to use the ladder, (which was only needed for the little windows at the top), and that was a great relief for me. The little windows he could do with and extended window washer I still had somewhere). Well, we can see through the windows again, LOL, and Jan feels better to have done something again after a longer time. Everybody happy, yeah!

Good, that's about all there is now. Oh, just one good bit of news too, Heidi wasn;t feeling really happy end last week, had something like a cold, although no fever. Still, with her health condition it is tricky nowadays so she had a testing for Covid-19 and was negative, so NO corona. That was for everybody a real great relief.  

It might be just the good tie now to have a moment in the garden, the sun is shining there now, so why not take advantage and enjoy the weather. Wishing you all a very good week and hope everybody will stay safe!

P.S. Yesterday Jan and I watched on tv a show of "Holland got's talent", and sometimes there are some really surprising auditions to see, as yesterday. I give you the link, hope it works for all of you. I found this something really special and it touches your heart. It's all about the first audition, with the puppet of paper.


Edna B said...

Wow, such a different idea of how to do puppeteering. (is that a word?) My goodness, you have been busy. I could use your energy. I'm glad to hear that Jan is able to do more things now too. It makes a difference in how quickly we heal. I'm also very glad to hear that Heidi does not have the Covid virus. I've heard lately that it's not going away anytime soon. Yuk, yuk. Let's hope I'm wrong about that. Fall is settling in here. Pretty soon the leaves will be changing on my trees. Sigh, pretty soon I'll have to start my countdown till Spring. hahaha. You have a fantastic week my friend, big hugs, Edna B.

Jenny Jay said...

Hello Kyra. I used to follow your life all the time when I was into digital scrapbooking but I havent done it for a long time. Today I just had a thought, I wonder if Kyra is doing ok so I have stopped in to say hi!
I can't remember what my user name was but my name is Jenny and I am 67. Here in Victoria, Australia, we are just coming into Spring so days are sunnier and the flowers are beginning to bloom. In our capital, Melbourne, there are very strict restrictions in place because of the virus and they evenurfew of 8.00 pm. until 5.00 am. The people are not happy but it must be done. Our state is the only state where the virus is out of control. Luckily I live further out in a country town and our restrictions have eased quite a lot as from today. We still must wear masks in public but at least we are allowed to visit our loved ones.
I loved catching up with your news. I hope your eyes are OK.
Sending hugs . Jenny x

Grandma Sarge said...

I saw that audition. It was fun to watch but I couldn't understand anything they were saying so after the paper puppet I went to the next video on my list at the side of my screen. I bypassed the political ones though. It seems pretty harsh in their videos and I'm not into that at all. I get enough from my daughter Denise. She's pretty harsh when she blasted me for having Sara Huckabee Sanders book on the shelf in my office. So I shut her down and I stay away from the TV evenings because she hates me to watch FOX. I'm not getting anything so I order move books from Annies lists and I sit and read.
Taking the little dog to the Veterinarian today for some shots and to get her nails clipped. And this morning she was throwing up some foamy stuff so I'll have them check that also. Those visits usually cost me about $100. at least.
Trying to catch up on what's going on and clean out my computer also. I'm going to empty all the files I have on there and stay in touch with my Godmother in New Zealand. She moved down there because she has family there and so now her Grandson is going to try and get citizenship there if he sponsers her, I think that's the process. Could be wrong but I think that's what has to be done. She owns a good sized appartment bldg in Florida where one of her sons lives and keeps it up to date for her. If she's going to be happy then I'm glad for her and she and I keep in touch every day here on the computer.
So I'll buzz off here and go se what she's got say for today. Some days she sends me a recipe but I don't always use them. She eats anything and everything. I'm a picky eater. But it makes her feel good so she can keep on sending them.
Have a great day and stay safe.