Sunday, September 08, 2019

This week I will have the new appliances!

Goodafternoon everybody!

The weather isn't great for the last few days, but a little rise of temperature is coming this week.
We had quite some rainshowers, also sunshine, one or two days with too much wind, we even had to start the central heating on in the evening, not for long, just to make it feel comfortable. I really do hope that temperatures will rise again and stay for a while around 21-22C at daytime and that night temperatures will not go too low yet.

There wasn;t much going on last week, although I had one day an injection of energy suddenly and I took advantage of it to clean on top of the kitchen cupboards. Yeah, it was necessary. I always put on some newspapers or kitchen paper on them, which helps a lot against  getting dirty. But still it needs a cleaning every now and then. It is taking some energy, because I have to climb up a ladder and down again and up again etc. etc. Still, I am happy I did it, even cleaned some little windows that I only can reach with climbing up the ladder, so I was rather happy with myself LOL.
And I also did it now, because I expected the guys with the new appliances soon.
I had hoped they would come this last week, but had no phonecall. So I called, but they didn;t call back and then Jan went there on Saturday to ask why not calling back and when they thought they would come placing the new stuff.
It seemed they had some trouble with trucks not working or so, could be true and they had a lot of work(the last thing I do believe). But okay, now they will come on Thursday, between 10.00 and 12.00 morning.
Oh, I will be so happy to have it all finally and I am getting even a bit nervous about it. I will have to take time to read the instruction books of the apppliances, most of it will be simple enough to handle, but I always have trouble with instruction books. I wonder why often the instructions are written in such a way that it looks aweful difficult, and once you get the hang of it it is rather simple?????

Well, we will see how it all will go, First the installation of the things, hopefully the guys will not encounter any hidden problems!

Pity that slowly autumn is getting into the garden. Lots of plants lost their flowers, although we still have some blossoms here and there. The hollyhocks are still blooming, and also the roses are showing a second life! Jan already took out our tomatoe plants, we had a few tomatoes of them, but now a great harvest. Now we only have to clean the plastic pots, take out the used soil and so. We can use the soil from the pots in the borders, there it casn recycle itself, so to speak. Some parts of our borders need some more soil and this is a good way to do it. It isn;t always necessary to buy bags full of new soil.
If next weekend the weather will be nice enough, I think we will replace some smaller bushes. We probably will cut back and then dig out one of our hortensias( the white one), because it isn;t really pretty anymore. I have a cutting from it standing in an other part of the garden, so I still will have a white one and it is kind of special to me. I once got it from a good friend of ours, lots of years ago as small plant, and it grew and flowered well for many years. Our friend died long ago at rather young age, so it is a memory of her.
Now I still have the cutting of the original to hold on to the memory.
In it's place we will plant another hortensia, a dark red one that at the moment grows in a pot, but is getting to big for it.
Also have to replace a smaller azalea, with a fantastic color of flower, so it will be more in sight when it flowers.
There always is work in a garden, which I don;t mind, but some things will get tougher to do, the more we get older. But for the moment we can handle it still rather well, we'll see how it goes the next few years.

Also I am looking around for a new laptop(two actually),  can buy a new one but that is rather expensive, so that will be the last option. I am sure I can find soon a good second hand one, that will serve me for a couple of years.
First the new appliances and then the new laptops and then the installing of the programs I always use and that in windows 10! Oh dear, I hope I will not encounter too many problems with it.

At the moment, when Jan and I are at our computers (most of the time Jan reading the news and then playing a game and me at times reading some blogs and then playing a little game, not yet ready for designing again sorry), we put on "old" records we sometimes didn;t play for a very long time. And it is nice, you know! Sometimes it brings memories, and sometimes you didn;t even know you had some songs on disc. It isn;t easy to remember which artists we all have, because I think we have around 600 records, then we also have quite some cd's, so music enough!

Good, that is it about for today. I think  will make myself a cup of tea, play may be a little solitaire and later on watch a bit of sport on tv.
I am having a really easy Sunday, and it includes the dinner.Yesterday I made us a chicken soup, well filled and there is still so much left that we will have that today too! Perhaps just a sandwich with butter with it and our stomach will be filled again. If we get a biit hungry later in the evening we always can take something like a sandwich or may be some frankfurters( most of the time  have one or two cans with in the cupboard, always handy to have).

Wishing you a lovely week, hopefully you will all stay safe from any hurricanes, or heavy rainshowers, or extreme heat(all depends where you are living obviously).
See you next Sunday!


Grandma Sarge said...

I usually don't bother with the instructions since the appliances have been around for half a century or so. Then I accidentally find a new tweak that they built into it. I think my soon to be favorite is the "Hot Logic" I have. It's a heating plate inside a zipper bag that you plug into an outlet and it warms up the food to a decent temp and keeps it that way for hours. I've used it to warm up something out of the freezer. It's only drawback is that you must use glass containers since plastic would melt on the heating plate.

We may be starting into our Fall season. Raining this morning..sounds strange big drops hitting the top of the AC (the part that's on the outside of the window sill). But it sounds pretty nice some of the time. Can't take my puppies outside just yet since they don't like the rain. I have Puddle pads in the other room for when they can't hold it any longer. Just got a very loud burst of thunder. Probably won't stay on the computer if there's lightning also.

Time to check a few other friends on the net!

Have a great week and stay safe.

Edna B said...

Oh wow, I sure hope your new appliances show up this week. I'm sure you'll have no problems with the manuals. I miss playing in my garden. Still, I get to enjoy some lovely blooms each year. I hope you find a great bargain on two laptops. Michael and I used to each sit at our computers and play all our favorite music. I miss those nights. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.