Sunday, May 12, 2019

My creativity is far away at the moment!

Goodafternoon everybody!

We have not really bad weather, although it is still too cool for the time of year.
Nevertheless we can sit in the garden at moments, because the sun is shining and doing its best! It is the wind that makes it colder.
But later this week temps will rise slowly but almost sure to around 17-18C, which is already a lot better. Wind is changing from direction, which is a good thing too.

How is it with Jan? Well, he has at least no painful cramps anymore, (as far as I know!), and he had to go to the urologist on Thursday. Unlucky there was no possibility for an appointment in "our"hospital, which is easy to reach with the tram and also near. He had to go to another hospital which is about half an hour ride with the tram. He didn;t like it , but hey, there was no other option.
They were so nice to plan taking a photo of the belly and so before the doctor's appointment, all in the same hospital.
And it came out that a little stone is still sitting in the uteris, and not coming out by natural way, so on the 20th of May Jan will have to go to hospital where they will crush the stone and then the crushed material will have to leave the body by natural way.
Hopefully it will go quick and after a little while all will be gone.
First however he will have to make a heart echo tomorrow, that because of the fluid he is retaining in his under legs. It isn;t that much but also not the way it should be.
Alltogether he isn;t having the best of time at the moment. I am already glad he hasn't the pains now, and all things that you do at the WC are going rather okay, so that is something good.

With all this going on I am not feeling very creative at the moment. I should do some designing, I guess, but nothing is coming out of my hands at the moment.
So I am very sorry to have to say to you that i don;t have a download for you today. This didn;t happen very often I think in the past years, anyway not for too long. And I do hope to have something ready for you next week, we'll see how things go. I do feel kind of guilty, you know. I have some lack of energy and if I have some I need to spend it on the daily stuff, like some grocerie shopping and a bit of caring for the house like dusting or cleaning or vacuum cleaning, well, all that.

But we do have lots of pleasure from our new tv. It is such a diffence with the old one! And how fantastic is it not having to worry about turning the tv on and out anymore(because we didn;t know if we could turn the old one on LOL).

It still is nice weather at the moment so I think I will have a moment in the garden with a cup of tea. And of course later I will make our dinner, I will make self made french fries(yummie), with chicken satay and some salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, salad and some apple.

Hopefully we will have a week without any stressing events, no sudden health issues for Jan especially.
If all goes as it should we might still have a good summer to come, ROFL.
Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

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Edna B said...

I'm so glad that Jan is not having the pains. I hope all goes well till it's time for him to go for his hospital appointment. Hopefully, all will be good after that. Gosh, I hope your good weather comes in. Sitting in your garden sounds like a wonderful time.

Don't worry about the lack of design inspiration. It comes and goes. Besides, I know I come here for a chat with you and to see how you and Jan are doing. The kits are a plus. If you are not here when I drop by for a visit, it makes me sad.

I'm doing a laundry right now because Deanne will be picking me up in two hours and I need something to wear. haha. We are going to watch Jazzy and the Starliners perform, plus we will have a delicious meal. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.