Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hopefully summer isn;t over yet!

Goodafternoon everybody!

We had all kinds of weather this week. We started off with still good temps and sunshine, then midweek it started to change and we had lower temperatures and rain, and even thinder and lightning at some point. Today it is calmer again, we started the day with sunshine, but probably to the end of the day clouds will cover the sun and we might have new rainb again.
It is a bit hard to get used suddenly to the new temperatures at the moment. Not much more than 17-18C, a bit too cool to my liking.
May be ina couple of days the temperatures will rise somewhat to around 22C, but then end of the week it might coll down again.
But who knows, may be September has still some fine days for us in store. We always can hope.

I finally saw my friend Heidi this week. We didn;t meet for quite some time and it was great to talk face to face. She only didn;t have such good news. (She always waits telling me not too good news, because she doesn;t want me too worry, silly girl) She should have an operation on and bloodvain around her heart(seems she has an extra one that isnt functioning good anymore). As she has that pneumonial disease she cannot have totally narcotics, only partial, so already that isn;t too great. Could be it will only take a day in hospital, because they want to do the trick via a bloodvain high in her leg and then travel to the one around her heart. It isn;t yet completely sure she will have that surgery, but she better might let it do now. It will be necessary anyhow, because the vain we are talking about is causing trouble with her heartrate, she can have suddenly a heartbeat of over 200 a minute and that isn;t a good thing, as you can understand.
Poor thing, she first had that trouble with the new dispenser for her medicin, which is now working again good and now she has to undergo this again. She has an appointment with the specialist beginning october and then we will know more.
But apart from that we had a nice chat about all kinds of "girl"stuff.

Our garden is happy with the rain that had fallen and still will come,
but sometimes it seems that it is all or nothing here. The last few of the rainshowers last week were real heavy ones, not a nice light rainshower of an hour or two. No, a complete curtain of rain, and so much that in parts of the country they had floods, because the sewer pipes couldn;t handle the amount of water!
However, it still isn;t enough water to compensate the dry months we had.

What else has happened this week? Not much really, I believe. I did some designing on a new kit(still have to do a lot on it, hopefully I will have it ready next Sunday), did some knitting on the pillows, I think I will finish this week the cover for the second couch(putting the large rows together, pfffff).
We are having our last of our own grown tomatoes about this week I think. Pity but there comes an end to it. Still I was happy with the harvest this year.

Of course, how can I forget! Last Friday Jan and I had a tiny little party between ourselves(LOL) because we were married already for 11 years. Oh my God, time really flies at time! We didn;t do something very special but i bought us some yummie cake (caled eclair) to ahave with our coffee in the evening.
Imagine 11 years married and already 26 years together! Is that some kind of achievement or not? hahahaha.

Good, this is all I can think of to tell you, so I will post now some wonderful clusters Arlene made with the Dance through Time kit and wish you all a lovely weekend and week to come.

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Edna B said...

I'm so glad you got this posted. I missed you last week. I'm jealous of your tomato harvest! Mine did not do so well, but now they have lots of tiny tomatoes on the plant. So who knows? Maybe I'll still have a harvest!

So sad for your friend Heidi. I'll say a prayer that all goes well for her. Arlene's clusters are lovely. Thank you. Now I'm off to read today's post. You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Saying a prayer for your friend that she will have a good outcome from the surgery.

Thanks to Arlene for the clusters. They are pretty.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters.
Congratulations and Belated Happy Anniversary Kyra and Jan...