Sunday, August 12, 2018

Slowly harvesting tomatoes.

Goodafternoon everybody!

I was a bit late this morning, but after waking up rather early, I went back for another snooze, because I didn;t sleep very well this night.
I suddenly had some stomach trouble coming up yesterday afternoon and it lasted during the evening and the night. It happens every now and then, not too often, but when it does, it isn;t a pleasant feeling at all.
Well, it is already much better today, so hoping it calms down further and will be gone this evening completely.

We had all kinds of different weather this week. beginning of the week two days of very hot weather, than another day with some drop of temperature, but also rainshowers and even hard wind(lucky not as stormy as they said it would be!), then next day even more rain (plants were dancing in the rain, you know LOL)and then it got dry again and partly sunny, partly cloudy with lower temperatures but still nice of around 22C average.
It will stay that kind of weather all week. a bit clouds, a bit sunshine, perhaps here or there a little rainshower. It can stay that way still for months if you ask me.

Nothing happened here, life is just happening, and I can dig that!!
We did watch a lot of the European chamionships and we witnessed some great achivements and even did win a few medals again, even some golden!
Pity that today is the last day, still some great finals to see later and then we will have to do with the "normal"programming on tv again.
It is sometimes hard to find something nice and interesting the whole evening, it still is summer-season in tv land, and that measn a lot of poor programmiing. Oh,well, there are always a few things that catch our interest and we do register a few things so we can watch that when there isn;t anything great at a certain time.

My tomatoes are baring fruit now, and we can harvest some every 2 or 3 days. Here I have a photo of one little harvest.
As you can see we have all kind of different sorts. And they do taste fantastic!

We will have a tomatoe sald this evening (again) at dinner. And we will have fried trout and fried potatoes with them. The trout I bought yesterday at the market, so it is all fresh.
I lovve this fish, and i prepare it real simple.  Just some salt and pepperand a bit of garlic and just fry it in some oil.
Oh, and we have some strawberries with cream as dessert.
Not too bad for a Sunday hey?
Most of the week I just have a quick dinner, not too complicated and so, but it is nice to have something a little bit special every now and then.
I am not very keen on boiled potatoes(as for Jan he loves them and then mash them on his plate with some gravy), I am more from the fried potatoes, or sometimes pasta. I do have to say I have a very easy husband who eates about all I prepare. But I know of course his preferences and  I try to make a mix of his and mine. Sometimes it is so hard to come up with something for dinner, I do try to have something different every day, if possible with some fresh veggies. But every now and then I run out of ideas LOL.
Not a big deal, but challenging at times.
(and i don;t want to spend too much time on it every day, yeah, I have become a bit lazy on this point, is that a bad thing?)

Anyway, today we will have a tasty meal and then tomorrow is another day.
I have a kit for you today, named Dance thtough Time.
Have fun with it.
Take care, "see" you next week.
Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Oh wow, tomatoes! I'm jealous! Mine would probably grow better outside of the greenhouse, but then the critters would eat them. Some days I just can't win!

I don't eat fish except for Haddock and Scallops. And I like them both dipped in batter (or bread crumbs)and fried. I do love potatoes, both mashed and fried.

I agree about the lack of good programming on TV in the summer. Thank goodness for all the re-runs.

Your little kit looks wonderful. Would you believe? We had a record player (victrola) like the one in your kit when I was a little girl.

I'm off now to see about some lunch for me and Pogo. You have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download.
Your tomatoes look really delicious and it is good that you have had some rain to water your plants.
I think as we get older most of us probably grow tired of cooking and trying to work out what to have for meals - sometimes it is good to have something quick and easy.
I hope your stomach problem has cleared up OK...

Gala said...

Большое спасибо за ваш чудесный набор!

Grandma Sarge said...

Wow!, I didn't realize how much I've neglected my blog reading and doing anything but read my incoming email. I'm jealous of your tomatoes. I didn't have any space to plant tomatoes or anything for that matter.

I love the theme of this kit. Dance through time. I do that once in awhile with my little doggie. She loves to play but I can only do the jumping like I'm playing with her and then I'm huffing again so I go sit down. Luckily she understands and climbs up on my lap and puts her head on my shoulder for a snuggle.

I think after I come home from the Doctor's place I'll do some putting away of the kits in my download box. At least I can hope to do that. It'll depend on how the eyes are after the power wash they have planned, if they even do it today. They might just look at them to see how far the stuff has grown and schedule another appointment to actually do anything.

Meanwhile, send huggs from Washington