Sunday, April 01, 2018

Happy Easter to you all!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Easter wseather isn;t completly cooperating. Yesterday started rather good, with some sunshine, but later on we got rain and the temps dropped. Today it is rainy weather too and not all too nice temperature.
May be later in the afternoon it will get dry and then later this week we seem to be getting at least two days of around 15-16C!!! Awesome.
Then they say temperature will drop again, but okay, that still can change.
We really do need some warmer days with sunshine, so that all plants can really start growing and will have a good start .
Jan has sown a lot fo seeds( yeah he is turning into a real gardener LOL) and if all comes up well and do it's job, we should have a lot of lovely flowers and lots of tomatoes(all different species) this year.
He also planted some bulbs, so it will be always a surprise what is growing in our garden(Jan often forgets to place plantlabels).

That knee of mine is bothering me when I want to do something in the garden, still needs more time to heal completely. But every few days it is going a whee bit better so we don;t loose hope.

Next week my friend Heidi has to undergo an operation, to replace the central venous infusion catheter for the medicin she needs . She has a form of Pulmonary hypertension, but don;t ask me exactly which form, cause I don;t know(she explained it once but it was so complicated I just cannot remember and she doesn;t like to talk too much about it.) But she has a heavy form of it and it cannot be healed and normally people who have this disease don;t tend to have a very long life.So she walks around with a little pump that is connected to the catheter in her chest, that administers her medicin directly into a vien.
She had not long ago a replacement of the catheter, but it wasn;t done too well, as it seems. So now they need to place a new one and take out the older. The older is now in her right chest and the new one will be place in her left side. She cannot undergo complete anesthesia, because there is great risc she doesn;t comes out of it, her heartbeat will go too low. So she will have local anesthesia, which isnt the happiest of things! Hope all will go well and that she will be home soon. If operation goes well it might be she will be send home the same day again, which I find really too soon, but nowadays it is done this way. 
There is onely one hospital in The Netherlands where they do and treat this disease and it is in Amsterdam. Lucky for her it isnt too far away, but still every time she has a control of whatever she has to take that trip and it takes quite some time.
Let's cross fingers for her that all goes well and smooth.

Well, let's move on to something happier. We have to, because if we linger too long in all that heavy stuff, it makes us depressed and that isn't doing any good for anybody. Life just isn;t always very fair to people, and some have it more difficult than others. we just have to accept that and make the best of it.

I did do a bit of designing this week again. It is fun and distracting.
 have a kit for you today and I will give you Arlene's clusters at the same time. Hope you will like this one, it is named A World away.
I think I will finish this post now. I have a stew on the stove that should be ready by now, time to check it and then I might spend a bit of time on a new kit I started this week.
Have an awesome and blessed Easter and wonderful week ahead.!

Download   HERE

Download   HERE


Grandma Sarge said...

The 2 parts to the kit are lovely. I go for birds and butterflys every time.

Take care of the knee and I will say a prayer for both you and Jan! Don't forget to get pictures of the garden wen it starts to bloom.

Edna B said...

A very happy Easter to you and Jan. Gosh, I feel so bad about your knee taking so long to heal. If it doesn't start healing soon, the doctor might want to re-xray it. Just take it easy and hopefully it will soon be healed.

Wonderful that Jan is keeping busy with his planting. I hope his garden grows super good!!! I would love to be able to dig in my garden. Gardening used to be one of my favorite things.

I'll say a prayer for your friend Heidi. I hope the new operation goes well for her.

Now I'm off to make another cup of coffee. You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Dee said...

Thanks so much! <3

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Morning lady! Hope your weather improves, ours has been wonderful until late yesterday when it dropped 30 degrees, still chilly (for us) this morning with misting rain that should continue through tomorrow! My outside fur babies are feeling frisky and loving it though!
Thanks for the lovely gift and send thanks to Arlene for her contributions too! Have a great week ahead!
Hugs, Mat

Snowy said...

Happy Easter :) Glad to hear your knee is slowly getting better. Yes, we have the same shitty weather here as well. So far I couldn't get any gardening done , apart from some planted seeds indoors. Let's hope the weather will improve soon !
Hugs from UK

Scarette said...

What a lovely creations! Thank you so much!

Grandma Sarge said...

I'm sorry I didn't respond on Sunday when I downloaded the kit and clusters by Arlene. They are both lovely to work with. Just waiting for the pictures from the family egg hunt with the great grandkids. Lots of fun for the kids and those of us who weren't willing to play in the back yard stayed inside and chatted. Good to catch up. Probably the last gathering before I move.
Number 2 daughter is coming up from Colorado to help with the packing. It'll give her a chance to visit with her sister and help the niece with packing and sorting. Then first week in June I'm off to new places or actually choosing between 2 old places. Either Grand Junction, Colorado or Long Beach, Calif. I've lived in both places and both have a VA Hospital which is my number one item for moving. With Asbestos Fibrosis, I need to be close to the Hospital when it gets really bad. Not for another 10 years though.
Anyway, I wanted to say THANK you for the beautiful kit. Hope you had a lovely Easter and you and Jan are heakling well.

Kessa said...

Thank you so much for sharing the lovely kit. Hope you and Jan had a lovely Easter. Pleased to hear that your knee is slowly getting better. Your bulbs should be beautiful when they bloom. Would you please be able to post some photos of them. Blessings to you, Keryn

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these wonderful downloads...