Monday, January 15, 2018

Sorry for being somewhat late.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh I was so busy last week Sunday when I posted, because we wanted to get rid of all the Christmas decoration that  forgot to mention that just a few days earlier I finally received the Christmasbox of Edna.
Yeah, it did take a very long time to be delivered. All due to our post office.
But never mind now, Jan and I had a belated extra Christmasday unwrapping all the presents. And we had such fun doing so and Santa has been very nice to use.

Then the Sunday Jan and I got ALL the Christmas decorations away! Yeah, it was a big job, but we managed. And it always is the same.
It is great when the decoarion is there, but it is also nice when it is gone again after about a month or so. Although...... to be honest... I do miss a bit the little warm lights. LOL.
Being late with posting just has to do with me not feeling all 100% yesterday. Nothing to worry about, I think I had a bit of a cold or so, making me feel a bit under the weather. Already okay today again.

Today Jan and I were at another appointment in the hospital, for control. It still is going okay with Jan, but the doctor is still trying to find the best balance in medication and loosing fluid(but this not too quick either).Well, next Monday he will have another appointment to see how the little change he got in milligrams of a medicine is having inlfuence. I think, this will need some more weeks.
But.... he is doing already some more walks, it only would be better if the weather was nicer.
We had a few days of rather nice weather, but now we have rain and wind again and temperatures of only around 5C. And it will stay like this probably all week.

I only did a little bit of designing last week, and I totally forgot to change the header of my blog. I will try to have another one next week.
But..... finally I have a kit for you. It is named A Step Back. Not a really big kit, but okay, I think.
Arlene has made some clusters from the kit, I will try to make a preview and downloadlink for next time I  post.
Now I think i will take a small sandwich and then sit down for a while on the couch, watching something nice on tv. I already prepared the stuff for our dinner, only have to put it in the oven and fry a little bit of chicken filet(in the oven I have chinks of pumpking and onion and parboiled potatoes which will have a nice crust.
Here is the recipe for it(i cut a bit the roasting time by parboiling the potatoes a bit longer)
Try them out, it takes a bit of time, but oh, they are delicious this way!

Have a wonderful week.

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Goodness, I'm so glad to hear that Jan is doing much better. And, I'm glad that you are feeling better too. Gosh, your postal system really is a bit slow. The envelope and the box were mailed on the same day, and they got to Amsterdam at the same time. I wonder why the box took so long? It's a good thing we tracked it.

Your little kit is adorable. I love the lady with the dog figurine. We used to have some like that when I was very young. I think I still have one or two of them.

Do you suppose if we all think Spring that Spring will maybe come a bit sooner? Oh well, it was a nice thought. You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Jerrie said...

Thank You for the lovely gifts!

Scarette said...

It is very nice of you to post this new kit. I love your designs so I was really glad to see it. I hope things continue to go well with both of you. I wish the best for you in 2018.

Kessa said...

Thankyou Kyra for this lovely kit. With everything you have happening in your life at the moment it's very generous to be designing and sharing your wonderful work. It's good to hear of Jan's continuing improvement.

hummerdawn said...

Thanks for the update and pretty kit! There is a terrible flu and colds going around so take care. It hits everyone really hard. Glad to hear things are pretty static and not as much worry now. Hugs and prayers.

edvige said...

Shade dass hier keine Uebersetzungmoeglichkeit ist mein englisch ist nicht mehr so gut. Gruesse.

Scarette said...

Your new background is beautiful! Your blog sounds happier and more positive. I love your designs so I'm glad to see this new posting. I will be copying that recipe too. Thanks for your generous gifts and your interesting blog!

Grandma Sarge said...

I believe my brain is on vacation. I downloaded this adorable kit but didn't leave a Thank you. I'm sorry. The family is in California so they have their members of their inner circle looking in on me from time to time.

Thank you for this kit.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download and Thank you also for the recipe link...