Sunday, January 07, 2018

At last we have some sunshine.

Goodmorning everybody.

Yes, sun is shining after days of grey weather. Curious to see how long there will be some sunshine. We had lots of cloudy days, quite some rain, and now temps are dropping again. It will not last for very long, In a few days temperatures will be up again to 5-7 C. and i am happy about it. Still not warm, but already better then snow and ice and frost.
Yeah, the older i get, the less I am charmed about the winter.LOL.

Last Monday Jan was at the appointment with his doctor(I was there too, of course) and in all she was quite satisfied with his condition. But there has to be found still a good balance between medication and loosing fluid and such. She gave him a raise of the urine tablets, to get rid of some fluid more rapidly. But we will have to keep an eye on the weight, that is doen'st drop too fast.
we had a good and rather long talk with the doctor,she is a wonderful women.! Oh and I felt so sorry for her, when we were at the appointment. The poor women had the flu!.Well, not hazardus for the patients anymore, but she still felt quite sick, but didn;t want to reschedule the appointment again.

Today Jan and I will be busy clearing all the Christmas decoration. I wonder if we will manage to do all in one day. It doesn;t matter, if not done today, there is always tomorrow.
And tomorrow Jan has another appointment with the doctor. She wants to keep a close eye on him for now, he may have an appointment each week or every two weeks for now.
First she wants him to be on a good balance and then the appointments can be less.

I am back into designing a bit. It will be on a much slower pace, but it is good that I am back to some creativity again. Now I will finish, because jan already started with the clearing and I don;t want him to do too much (and I have to keep an eye on it too, so that I can find back the stuff in the boxes next year LOL).
Wishing you all a great week to come.


hummerdawn said...

That is much more happier news you have to report! I am so happy Jan is being monitored so closely till a satisfactory recovery is there. We have been in a polar vortex since before Christmas and this may be the first day we get some relief. Now predicting freezing rain. Can you believe the steep swing in temps!
Now Jan is somewhat better I think it will be good therapy for you to do a bit of creativity even if it's just a little at a time. Hugs to all!

Edna B said...

I am so glad that Jan is finally doing well. Hopefully, he can rid of all the fluid soon and keep his weight to normal. I'm also glad to see that you are getting back to designing again. I know what you mean, it does feel good to be creative.

I had to laugh when you said you had to keep an eye while Jan puts things away so that you can find them later. I am that same way when someone is helping me. hahaha.

Here's hoping for more good news after his next visits with his doctor. You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Kessa said...

Good to hear that Jan's doctor's appointment went well and that he is continuing to improve. We have started taking down our decorations too. Don't do too much at once as you say there is always tomorrow.
Sending you Aussie hugs x

Beth Reed said...

Hello Kyra,
So glad that the doctor is keeping a close eye out for Jan. I understand the balance needed. It cannot be easy finding the right one but he is in good hands so I am sure that she will find what works for him.

It is good that your designing again. It does feel good to be creative. I got really burned out on scrapping there for awhile, but I am making a day planner for my sister and am enjoying that. I am only on one CT team now. My friend Patsy. I talked to her for a bit last night and she is putting together a Valentines kit so I will make a few pages for her.

Packing away Christmas decorations isn't as fun as unpacking them and putting them together but must be done. I am glad that your keeping an eye on Jan so he does not over do as we tend to think that we are invincible when we feel better.

Have an awesome day my friend and hopefully it will be warming up soon. Hugs, Beth xxx

Grandma Sarge said...

I'm so glad Jan is doing better. I had a bout of Bronchitis starting just after Christmas and it's just now leaving me alone. AZithromicien (heavy duty anti-biotic) was finished yesterday so am feeling like it's about done, the Bronchitis I mean). Have been sleeping in living room on the recliner because it's the only upright position I can find. My little daybed doesn't have a headboard so it won't work propping pillows. But it's ending so pretty soon I can go back to my little bed for sleeping.

Had a 'nasty little cancer' on the top of my left ear. The dermatologist had to cut off the top of the ear which was my Mr. Spock pointy part. Had the stitches out Monday this week so am well on the road to recoveries.

And I have missed your beautiful kits you give us and I thank you for sharing.