Wednesday, May 08, 2013

We cannot complain about the weather!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh yes, we definately had some great days. All day long we hd the garden doors opened, we even had to put up the parasol because it was too warm in the sun!
Had to buy another bag of soil yesterday, some plants needed a re-potting and oh yes, I think they are all happy again with a bigger pot and fresh soil LOL!
You know, it is hard to sit quiet in the chair when in the garden? I managed to do so for a while, as long as I am reading some garden magazines, but when not, the eyes go over and over again through the garden and you ALWAYS see something that needs attention.
Perhaps some dead flowers need to be removed, or a little re-arrangement is necessary, or you see some weeds that have to be pulled out, etc.etc.! A gardeners life isn;t always easy hahahaha!

Nothing much happened actually, we just treid to enjoy the weather, and try to hypnotise the seedlings to grow faster ROFL.
Soon we will have an explosion of color when the azalea will open it's butts. When it does, I should take a picture of it.
I do spent a bit less time at the computer these days, due to the weather, so there is a bit less procductivity when talking about designing. But no, I am not complaining, there still are coming news kits out of my hands, and that's enough for the moment.
We did wait already a looong time to have better weather, and now it is there to enjoy.

I will have to do somes ewing today, at the new trousers of Jan. And it should be done quikcly, so he will be able to wear them and feel more comfortable again, with trousers that don't slip down slowly!
We both are a little bit concerned about his weight loss lately. At first he did have to loose some, mostly because of the water-retaining, but that works real well again, only thing is, he is loosing a bit too much weight. And I cannot say he eats less than before, so from where that comes we don;t know.
From the last tests he had no strange things came out of it, blood was okay, echo of his belly was okay, so also his doctor has no idea at the moment. Well, in one or two weeks he will have new tests done, let's see if his doctor comes up with a solution. At the moment he stays steady more or less on the weight, but he should have some more kilo's on his bones!
Also in a couple of weeks he will have to phone the health security doctor again, to infrom him if he will be able to go to work again I fear, that won;t yet be the case, but he has to do the call and probably a visit too in due time, to secure we will still receive the health security insurance money every month. And it might be they will do reseach on him too, to see if he will be able to work for a certain percentage, if so we will be put in another kind of insurance, and he probably will have to look for another kind of work, or may be the same but for less hours. And then government will pay the diffenrence between his salary and the minimum income level, if he earns less. But the problem will mostly be, fidnging another job. He certainly isn;t able to do any work yet at the moment, he also is still having trouble with his back, it differes a bit from day to day, but not well yet.
We will see what happens when the time comes, although I must say the health insruance doctor is very accommodating towards Jan, I think he is convinced Jan isnlt taking it lightly, and he knows that he is under treatment and control in the hospital too.

Okay, we will take it how it comes, deal with everything that is needed day by day. No use in worrying before it might be needed, isn;t it?
I have a nice kit for you today, at least, I think it is LOL!
It's named "Always Near To Me", should be a very versatile one. And oh my, look at the add-on from Arlene!!! She has made you two pretty quickpages with it and a luster. Enough material to make some memories.
Going to enjoy aother nice day, I hope, it's still a bit cloudy and fresh at the moment, but it should clear up later today. Oh I can see some sunshine already. so time for my daily walk through the garden, it's only about just 90 m2, but you can take your time for the control walk, yes every little things has to be inspected closely ROFL!
Have a wonderful day!
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Download     HERE


Edna B said...

Maybe Jan will be able to go back to work part time and still have his back feel better. That would be good. Meanwhile, enjoy your time in the garden. I think Spring is our best season of the year. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your neat stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the very pretty gifts.Love all you work.

HappyScreens said...

More pretty elements and a lovely lady, too - thank you. We are finally going to have a couple of warm days. They will be very welcome, too.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Another lovely bright kit and thanks to you and Arlene for sharing with us! I just used an older kit of yours for a post of my new kittens! I so appreciate all you share!
Spring is definitely the best time as all new life is beginning! I love my gardening too, just can't do as much of it as I would like now!
You and Jan take care and just keep doing as you are, things will fall into place soon.
Love the new fresh look of your page! Again, thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog!
Hugs, Mat