Friday, May 17, 2013

Today i plan to have a bit busy day LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Spring has left us a bit, at first the little and big plants in the garden were jumping of joy because of some rain. But now they don;t look too happy anymore, there are getting too wet feet LOL!
It is about time we got back some of the nice spring weather we had some time ago and then it should stay for a longer period!
wednesday I went to the annual appointment for my lungs, and oh my, that has taken time!
I was there on time, even before, but had to wait for more than an hour till I was received by the doctor. Such waist of time. I can understand that there can be a little delay, but I think that an hour or more is too much. But, once I was in his chamber, I was out quickly too again. As all goes well, we didn;t have much to discuss, he listened too my lungs, they were as they were, so I got my prescriptions and for next year I will get an appointment for a lung photo, just for control. Now I just have to go to the neurologist in June, and then hopefully we are done with doctor visiting.

After I finally got back from the hospital, Jan had done some floor cleaning in the kitche and hallway and toilet. So sweet of him. So I took a cup of coffee and then went to the market. I found some nice fresh veggies, like a bunch of 5 courgettes, some paprika, leek, garlic, new potatoes, mango and apples. Apart of the potatoes and garlic, I didn;t pay more than € 1,00 for the each of the other things. That really is a big difference from supermarket prices!
Back home again, I put on the meat for a stew, where I used some of the veggies too, and potatoes and after a couple of hours of the stove, we had a good dinner with it. And as dessert a bit of yoghurt with some fresh mango, yummie.
So yesterday I and Jan too, took it a bit easier, after I did a quick shopping of things that were needed in the fridge and Jan went to the city council to give them the papers for the good-conduct declaration he needs for his work. For some professions it is required to produce one. It's rather easy money earning for the council, Jan had to pay € 31,00 .

Today I want to spend a bit of time in the kitchen, making a "pirog"for the weekend( kind of Russian pie) and make a soup too, so I don;t have to bother about dinner today and also not for tomorrow.
The the house can do with a bit of dust bunnie clearing and a vacuum cleaner tour, well, I can do that when the dough has to rise, and hopefully this priog will taste about the same as the one my mother made!
Tomorrow we probably will watch the Eurovision contest. Although it is not the same anymore as it was years ago, it is nice to watch and even there are sometimes some really great songs.
Jan and I always have fun with it, we make a list of the countries that compete and we give them a figure from 1 to 10 and at the end we'll see if some of our favourites ended up at the first places. I must say not verymuch of them got a figure above an 8 and then we already think it is a really good song LOL. But often some of our favourites end up at the end of the list. Oh well, as long as we had our fun, I cannot be too bothered with it. I must say that for once in a loooong time The Netherlands have a not bad song, it is a bit different from the others( we did see some of the semi finals already), but I don;t think it will be a winner.

Enough bla bla for the moment, I want to start my activities not too late so I will be done with it in the earlier afternoon.
The kit for today is one I really like, it's a bit romantic, perhaps you could call it even a bit Vintage, love the way the colors turned out in the pages. It's named "I Remember You"
Oh and Arlene, made a super add-on for you. two frames and one quick page!
Have a wonderful weekend, have fun doing some scrapping, see you on Monday!

Download     HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

So good to hear that your doctor visit turned out well. My visits turned out well too. This Spring wether is kind of odd this year. One day is 50 degrees, then the nezt is 75. It bounces all over the place. It will be nice when it settles down to a bit more normal.

It's time now for me to get ready to go to work. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you are well.
Thank you so much for the very beautiful kits you posted this week, and thanks to Arlene too!
The papers and the QP are gorgeous!!
Have a nice weekend too,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Morning, glad things are all okay with you and Jan. We had some terrible weather with 16 tornados in our state night before last. 6 fatalities and 5 still unaccounted for. Cleanup starting, lots of totally destroyed homes, more than 600 with some damage. The worst ones were only 40-45 miles southwest of me. We only got lots of rain and wind.
Got lots of catching up to do so will hush for now, hope you have a fantastic weekend and thanks so much for the kit and for Arlene's too!
Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these beautiful downloads. Kyra I'm glad your doctor's visit went well.
I wish everyone a fantastic weekend...

HappyScreens said...

I'm so glad you are both doing well. We finally have some nice weather, but are expecting rain for the next 4 days. My gardening might be postponed - again. Thank you and Arlene, too, for these beauties.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
So happy to hear your Doctor visit went well.:)
Your pie sounds interesting.Hope it turned out well for you.:)Did you take a photo so we could see it?:)
Your kit is GORGEOUS!! I LOVE IT! Beautiful papers too! Thank you so much for sharing with me and Thank you Arlene for the GORGEOUS add ons.:)
Kyra, I LOVE your visits to my blog. You make me smile when I read your posts too.:) Hugs!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

lady said...

thank you!!!