Friday, February 08, 2013

So early morning already so persistant.

Goodmorning everybody!

Still not all too bad weather around here, although the "feeling"temperature isn;t real nice. Much colder, because of the wind( we have lots of wind at the coast), but it looks as if today there is much less of it.
Well, it doesn;t matter really, cause I have no plans going out today, no need for it.

Yesterday we got aletter in the mail, with the announcement that a neighbour passed away. It was a nice older lady, that I talked to from time to time if met saw eachother leaving the house or going out. We had a little bit more contact the last two years, we had a key to her house, cause she was disabled and if she needed help she could call us.
Last year she fell, broke her wrist and hip, so had to go into a home for rehab, but slowly she got worse abd then there was the bad news, she had blood cancer. With all her other diseases(e.g. bad heart function, as one of it) we could expect this news . Depite of her physical troubles, she stayed somehow optimistic and was full of life.
Still it shocks you when you get the news of someone passing away, even if you don;t know that person really well.
I hope she is in peace now and without any pain and trouble.

Yesterday I went further away for some shopping, I took the tram, to go to the cheaper supermarket( just cheap for certain things, if you look well at the prices LOL), but it was worthwhile the trip.
Got me several things they don;t have at our supermarket, or if they do have them, they are much more expenseive.
The last two days I did some housework too, so I think I don;t do much today, on that and will spend some time at the computer. Did you notice I've made a new bloglayout? I took time for that, made with the Hope in Dark Corners kit.(link you can find in the side bar, under header Bloglayout)

As I woke up pretty early today, I was already busy soon after my coffee at the phone. Jan is still suffering from his back, and I think it is taking too long now, so some action is needed. But as you know by now that my hubbie isn;t a "doctor-walker or caller" LOL, it always takes some time to get trhough to him. As in the last two or three days he has more trouble with it again(perhaps made a wrong move or so but still), I finally took the phoen to call his specialist. Perhaps you still remember that Jan had some photos taken of his back at his last appointment with her. But we still didn;t hear anything about it. So I called to the hospital, and after some persistance, it took some time sigh, I got in touch with her assistant. Pushed a bit and I hope his doctor will call him today.
Not that it will help immediately for his back, but he can talk with her at least, and that's already something and hopefully she will have some results from the photos.
If not, well, we will see what to do next.
It's is so strange, some days it's going really a lot better, and he even was thinking of perhaps being able to go back to work shortly. But no way Jopse, if he is in this shape again. Pfffff, I really hope this will heal soon  and be over with. The fluid retention is under cotrol again, I think, and that's already something, but we don;t need another thing popping up.

Hmmm, this isn;t a very uplifting blogpost to read, I think. But don;t worry, we are not in a depressed mood all the time LOL!. We still have enough laughs and humor that brighten the day.
Tomorrow I will have to go to Severine's birthday party for the "older people", hahaha, but I think that I will do that on my own. I probably will not stay too long. On those days Heidi is too busy to have a good chat with, so I will give the girl her present, stay there for a little while, taking a cup of coffee being nice to the family(never know really what to talk about, I know them of course a little bit, but in fact we have no real connection, know what I mean?) and then off I go again. May be next week there is a moment to visit Heidi and have a chat just together.

Although in the weekend we are pretty good supplied on tv with nice things to watch, it happens during the week there isn;t much on tv. But this week I took care of that LOL. I stumbled upon a great dvd for only a few euro's, from a really good series about the Italian maffia. We already saw earlier series of it on tv, but his one is new to us. So we have now 10 hours of crime to watch ROFL.
It's called "The Octopus"and I believe they are in the 10th serie of it already.
I found a little summary of it for you:

The Octopus –an everyday tale of power, corruption and the Mafia– remains one of Italian television's most enduringly successful ventures.First broadcast in Italy in 1984, The Octopus (La Piovra) is an international blockbuster, running 18 years and producing nine follow-up series. The title of this classic Mafia thriller says it all, evoking the image of a secret criminal culture extending its tentacles into every layer of society. Ultimately shot on three continents, The Octopus brings scope and sophistication to the story of an old battle and shows the cost men and women pay when they stand up to the injustice of organized crime.

Summary part 6
 Police Detective Davide Licata is shot by a mafia hitman, he survives and after months of recovery he joins the anti mafia group Nucleo,(a secret service built to do the dirty crime fighting jobs that the police cant do). His first mission is to find Tano Carridi, the master mind of the mafia. For the first time, the scene of action moves from ITaly to Eastern Europe where Licata investigates and severs the alliance between Mafia clans and ex KGB undercover agents.

So I think it's time for the freebie now. The kit named "A Drop of Silence"( and sometimes we can do with a bit of silence, oh that can be sooooo good LOL) and some clusters from Arlene, naturally.
Have a wonderful weeked, have fun, but also try to relax, next week we will need all the energy again !
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Well, we are all tucked in and waiting for Nemo. I travel to a supermarket a couple towns over two or three times a month because they have a larger selection of groceries and their prices are very good. However, it is usually crowded there. Everybody loves a bargain.

Our part of the state is in the process of shutting everything down. The airports are closing, all public transportation will be shut down by 3:30 this afternoon. The schools are closed and the Governor wants people off the roads by noon so that the Highway Department can do their job. The last time we had a big blizzard, we were shut down for about a week. Want me to send you a little bit of the snow? lol. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
I just wanted to pop in real quick to let you know that I haven't forgotten you. Just soo busy lately trying to keep up with birthdays,Mama's wedding plans etc

Tuesday,Christy had a dental appointment,Jim was off of work Wednesday and we went shopping and to lunch etc. and then yesterday Mama's Red Hat ladies had a bridal shower for her.They met at the Hilton Hotel and had a lunch buffet.My sister and I went too.I knew some of the ladies from churches that we had attended and they were Mama's friends from before they were Red Hats.:) It was nice to see them again...even if they wore huge red hats and large purple feathers.LOL
I sure am glad Jan's water retention is under control and hope his back mends quickly. Some times these just have to take time to heal properly.:)When mine acts up some times I tell Jim.I don't have any idea what I did to make it do that again..and then he tells me. "Some don't have to DO anything." Such is life I guess.:)
I will be back to catch up as soon as life slows down a bit for me.:)

Huge hugs my friend!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

wow how pretty your blog looks. lovely colors and designed so terrifically!
I hope Jan feels better soon, that lingering on is not good, it tends to bring you down into a depression when pain is for too long a period. I hope they can tell him what is wrong and maybe do some therapy or exercises to help!
Have fun at the party for Severine and yes, I know how it is to know the family of your friend, but really not feel connected with them!
Hope you enjoy your movies. I got through with all my work early today (around 1500) so I decided to lay down with my fur girls and watch Ellen on TV...wrong!! I fell asleep for about an hour! LOL! Felt so good when I awoke, but now that all the cats are fed, I need to catch up on my emails and blog visits!!
Thanks for the lovely gift from you and Arlene again! Have a beautiful weekend recharging for next week! Hugs! Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads.
I understand about your neighbour, we had the same happen to ours but instead of her wrist, ours broke both elbows after she fell. She had not long recovered from that when she fell and broke her hip. About 12 months after that she was told she had blood cancer. She was a beautiful person who was full of life and had a good sense of humour right up until the end.
I made up a picture using the poem I sent you and gave copies to some of her friends and relatives...

Linda said...

Hello again, I forgot to say that all your backgrounds are very nice...