Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Remembering from looooong ago !

Goodmorning everybody!

Today looks okay to go out. Oh, I went out yesterday, but it wasn;t nice at all. It even felt colder, and much more unpleasant than a couple of weeks ago when we had frost!
There was again some snowfall, most of it in the eastern part of the country. I don;t see any out of my window, hoorray!
I just came from Miss Edna's blog and her blogtitle brought back some memories, from looong ago. Her title was "My First Kiss", but it wasn;t about her first kiss with a boy, but the first "kiss"she received from Pogo LOL. But I can imagine she was happy about it, it shows how much Pogo is feeling at home and is happy with her taking care of him!
Still, it made me think of my first kiss. Well, that was a long time ago. I think Had 15 or 16 yeast, rather "old"perhaps for a first kiss, but it were different times then. I remember there was a little party, I think it was even at high school, and I had no boyfriend to go with. But.... my good girlfriend at the time had a solution. She new a boy, I think it was a friend of her boyfriend, and she would ask him if he wanted to go with me to that party. Blind date stuff.
He did agree, so I was all nervous by the time he would come to my house. I opened the door and there was standing a not so bad looking tall boy. Okay, after a bit of talking we went to the party and yes, we fell "in love"and I received my first real kiss.
He was a nice boy, with a good heart, very helpfull, with thank God also some humor.
But our relationship didn;t last for long, just about 2  1/2 months LOL!
I fell in love with someone else and I broke up our "relationship", it took place just around the corner of our house at that time, I even gave him back the ring he had given me(yes, I received a "friendship"ring from him, whoopee!).
He was even crying when I told him I met someone else, who took the place in my heart. Oh, poor guy.
But.... I still have the little single he gave me, with "our"song on it, "The First of May" by the Bee Gees!! Romantic isn;t it! On that song we danced our "slow dance"and gave eachother the first kiss.

Ahhh, memories are such nice things to have.

Okay, back to present life again! With even some sunshine at the moment I shouldn't wait too long to go out, because you never know with the weather here. It can quickly change into much more unpleasant stuff.

With those memories popping up, I think I have a great kit for you, named "Nostalgic Memories".
 Some great clusters from Arlene and I am sure you can make some beautiful pages of moments, you really don;t want to forget.
Have a fantastic day,

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful kit for free

Anonymous said...

Oh it's so romantic !
"Nostalgic memories" is such a beautiful sepia kit, and it goes perfectly with your own memories.
Thank you so much !!
By the way, does your husband read your blog too ???... LOL !!
Thanks to Arlene for her nice clusters. Have a great day !

Anonymous said...

great vintage kit - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kit thank you. Karen

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning! Wish I could remember my first kiss...must not have been very good huh? LOL!
Great blog today, love reading your words. Also love your kits and the generous heart you have to share them all with us for free! Thank you! Thank Arlene too!
We have a lovely sunny day today, but I am really too busy to enjoy it! O Well, things will slow to a stop when my boss leaves on the 16th!
Got to run, chat more on Friday! Hugs for a terrific day! Mat

Edna B said...

Such a pretty new kit. I really must get back to scdrapping. I loved your "first kiss" memory. I think my first "boy" kiss was when I was in grammer school. My sweetheart (from across the street) was so handsome!

Unfortunately, another girl moved into the neighborhood, and he fell "in love" with her. I was a very shy child, so my next kiss didn't come until I was fifteen. Oh, the wonderful memories I have of that guy! lol.

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you both for this lovely kit and clusters...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much .

NathL said...

thanks to that sweet boy who inspired you this beautifull kit! :D
you are so lovely!
thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous
Thank you so very much

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the kit

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!