Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Copying to do today.

Goodmorning everybody!

Last two days I wasn;t feeling a 100%, had a bit of trouble with my epilepsie, but I am used to it.
I just hate it, because I am not in the mood to do a lot of things, I know it is better to stay calm and wait till it is over again.
I think today it is gone again, so I can go out and do my shopping necessary.

Also can take my papers needed for the taxes and copy them and I can send them all to the accountant. Glad when that is done. Then have to get all papers together for the reduction of city council taxes, and hopefully it will be worth all the trouble.

Couldn;t go to the doctor with Jan, because when I called for an appointment we got a tape with the message he is on holiday till the 1st of March, damn!
We could go to his replacement, but I think it is better to wait and go to our doctor, he has all information about Jan and his medication and such.
So the poor soul has to live on with his bad back a couple of days more.

I received new clusters from Arlene, but I didn;t have time yet to make previews and upload them, so we will do with a kit and clusters I still have "in stock".
By the way, Linda made another awesome quickpage, and if you want to see a gorgeous bloglayout she has made you'll have to go to Mat's blog.

Have to get some clothes on now and get moving, besides the copy thing and shopping the house could do with some attention too LOL!
Here you have "Glimpses of a Life", with clusters of Arlene, with a special one in it.
Have a fantastic day!
Download   HERE

Dopwnload    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell, glad too it did not last long! Just take it easy and allow it all to pass! Don't over do!! (that is advice you gave me, remember?) At least poor Jan doesn't have to wait too long as tomorrow is the last day of February already!
Thank you for your visit and kind words and yes, Linda did a beautiful job with my blog layout! I love these 2 colors together. Yellows always make me smile as they remind me of sunshine and happy days! My living room is decorated in soft teal. I adore her work, as well as your beautiful creations that allow her to make my blog look so wonderful.
Have a beautiful day and DON'T overdo. Thank you again for all you give to us! Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I hope you managed to get all the things done that you wanted to...

HappyScreens said...

Thank you, this will really be useful for all of those sports-minded guys I know.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
Well, I agree with Mat : please, don't over do !
Hope you feel better now.
Thank you so much for all your beautiful kits, I just can't choose : they are all great !
The sneak peek of your future kit seems to be so sweet with its pastel colors.
Today the sun is still very shy here..., but if it could bring you a smile, I send you a little bit!
Have a nice day,

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Edna B said...

I'm finally getting caught up with my blog reading only to find that you are not feeling so well. Take all that good advice given and take it easy. Be good to yourself. Take time to pamper yourself and hope all is well soon. You have a nice lazy day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Unknown said...

This is my first visit here and I can't believe your beautiful kits. Thanks so much for caring and sharing. Get well, by the way! Deb