Friday, December 21, 2012

We are getting ready for Christmas in time LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Can you imagine that just in a couple of days we will be celebrating Christmas?
Days are rushing and flying by at the moment.
But, we will be ready in time. Yes, lots of things have been done that were on my to do list, but a few are left. So that will be for today and tomorrow.
Yesterday Jan got his phonecall from his doctor, about the reust of the latest bloodtest, for B12 and folium and some other things, and no shocking things found. In one way that´s a good thing, but on the other hand his doctor doesn+t understand, why he still is retaining his fluid in the belly)although it is a little bit less' and why he is feeling sooo tired. She keeps him under close control, he has to go on with medication she gave him, and in a 3 or 4 weeks he has to come back again. She had talks with the team, if it was nevessary or useful to send him to Leidenm for more check ups, but for the moment it wasn+t an option.
What to say? He is a mystery case!! As I said before, we just have to be patient, and it will be solved some day. At least we are pretty sure, there is no shocking disease going on, his heart works well, blood mirror is good enough, etc.
So let´s not get depressed, we can celebrate Christmas in good mood, I´ll send a tiny little prayer upstairs and may be it can help for a quicker recovery, you´ll never know!

The weather here is quite amazing! We have some rain, every now and then and it will fall during the days to come, but there are also long periods of even sunshine and not too much wind, and temperatures in our region are around 50 F, amazing!

Oh, nice thing happened. I don+t know if it had anything to do with a mail I received some days ago and had to be sent forward, and if you did, you might have some financial surprise. I really don+t believe in those things, but bever can hurt to just forward it, and voila, on Wednesday I checked my bankaccount and was surprised by the amount. Hmm, some money received from unknown source. I went to the bank to let them check out from where it came( I have no internet banking yet)
and it was money from Jan´s agency. They paid him his vacation money and days, which normally is done around May. At first Jan wasn+t real happy about it, because he thinks they wrote him out of their database, but I know he always can go back there. And we could do with a bit extra. I immediately put a part of it on a second account, because next year there will be some serious bills to pay)all kind of council taxes and such more), but now we have a  little backdoor so to say.

This last week I am a bit low on production of kits, hmmmmm, perhaps not an all good thing, but sometimes there are other things to do. As is the same with Arlene, the poor soul is very busy for Christmas, but more with her sister, who isn+t doing very well. And that is a sad thing to hear.
She told me that her sister is still under chemo, but it looks as if her sister has given up fighting against it. And as family, you cannot do much, just being there, supporting her, praying, and hoping for the best. In those cases we are so helpless. Well, I told her to take all the time she needs and that the designing can wait! But it also is a distraction for her, so that she can forget for a moment all the sadness. Perhaps a little prayer for her and specially for her sister can help, so keep her in your thoughts, together with all people who need a bit of extra support.
And sadly enough there are lots of people who can do with that, if only you look in your near surroundings.
Then a little smile, or a card, or just a few words, may be a kind gesture in whatever shape can make a big difference to somebody.

Time now to finish the post, things have to be done like some last shopping(better doing it today than on Monday, ), a few household things to be done too and then I can relax, do some designing and continue on my knitting LOL.
Here another Christmaskit( I have more to post next week) , named  Christmas Blessings. And Arlene did a real great job for the clusters, so much that I had to make 3 previews, wow!
Have a wonderful day and weekend, and see you on Monday.
Download    HERE

Download the clusters    HERE


Anonymous said...

WOW! You and Arlene really did a fantastic job this week!
Thank you so much for everything!!
Creating is a distraction for many of us, and it helps to forget difficult or sad moments.
I hope that Arlene's sister won't give up her fight against the disease, and I hope that this little thought will bring Arlene a smile.
I also hope that your husband will feel better, so that you both can have a nice and peaceful Christmas.
Thanks again for all these terrific kits, clusters and frames, and MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Edna B said...

Gosh, another beautiful Christmas kit! You and Arlene have done a fabulous job on these Christmas kits and clusters.

I'll say a little prayer too that Jan is healed and back to work soon. It's so much better when you know what the problem and cause is. I hope the doctors figure it out soon.

I'll keep Arlene and her sister in my prayers too. I hope the holiday brings them peace.

I'm at work, so gotta go. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit and clusters.
Kyra and Arlene you have both been so busy making lovely things for us...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Whew, just now had time to sit and check out your blog, GREAT news about Jan, but I know y'all are still worried about the water retention! Glad there is nothing really serious. Thanks for the beautiful kit and for Arlene's gorgeous creations! Will keep her in my prayers. Gotta run, lots to do before Sunday (having Christmas at Nina's) Monday having Christmas with friends, and I hope to stay home on Christmas day. Gotta go by my boss's house to deliver cookies and candies tomorrow and two other another friends for the same thing!I will need to stay home on Christmas!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hugs for both of you and the cat from me and my 3! Mat

HappyScreens said...

Thank you both for taking the time to share your beautiful creations. I pray that Jan's mysterious illness will go away quickly and that Arlene and her sister have a peaceful holiday.

Unknown said...

thank you so much for the lovely kits and clusters! I hope that Arlene's sister recovers enough strength to continue to fight, and that Jan will soon be well. You hang in there, also, you are dealing with stressful situations! Merry Christmas, and may 2013 be a good year for you and your family. hugs, Peggy

Sylvia said...

Xmas goodies, they are fab, just wonderful.
Thanks so much for sharin gyour hard work.