Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I've spent time well!

Goodmorning everybody!

The plans I had on Monday worked out rather well. As I was still at the computer, posting on my blog, I saw Jan moving around, heard strange sounds from the kitchen, so I went looking. I found out he started cleaning the toilet/shower room! In a way I was a bit angry, because he should take care with his sore back(yes, still not back to normal there), but on the other hand is was sweet of him!
So then I finished posting and did turn on the washing machine. As that was turning I ironed all the laundry that was still there and also put it all back into the closet in it's place. Then I vacuum cleaned all the house and by that time the machine was ready, so I hanged the laudry out to dry.
Great! Lots of the things were done already.
Yesterday I didn;t do too much, just went out for a bit of shopping, it was not bad weather for it, no wind, and temperature some degrees above zero.
So today I should do a few other things, may be it will be cleaning the fridge, it could do with some re arranging and cleaning.
Could also be for tomorrow, I am not sure yet LOL!
This afternoon Jan has to go to the control of the sickness benefits organization, after a few weeks you have to show up there, and have a talk with their doctor. It will not be a problem, it's just taking you some time. If they want to they can get info from his doctor at the hospital.
Tomorrow Jan will get a phonecall from his doctor for the result of his latest blood test. We'll see what they might have found.

Heidi called me yesterday, to ask if we could take care of their fish, because they are going away for some days with Christmas to a little home in another part of Holland. Danny still isnlt doing too good with his operated knee and there are some other helath issues with him too. Not really alarming, but very annoying. I could tell Heidi needs a bit of rest, she almost had no voice at the phone, and it wasn;t because of a cold. Hopefully they will have a few nice days.
Taking care of the fish isnlt a big thing, they only need food every other day, and it is a good thing for Jan to do, in that way he gets out in the air some more and the little walk will do him good.

Slowly the Christmascards are coming in now. Always nice to receive them and put them out on the mantelpiece. That are all little clouds of thoughts from people that remember you, isn;t it?

Still no photo made of the tree WITH presents, oh I am so lazy sometimes. But it will be done, I promise.
Now you will just have to do with the preview of another Christmaskit and clusters from Arlene.Today it is the kit "Elven Christmas"a truly magical kit, you could say. Elves belong to Christmas, don;t they?
So have fun with the kit, I am sure you can make some lovely layouts with it.!
And have a enjoyable day!
Download    HERE
Download   HERE


Snowy said...

Have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year,you two. Hope Jan will be better soon .....soooo...excited now ...and impatient ! Tomorrow at this time I'll be already in the air over the ocean :) xxxx

Edna B said...

What an adorable kit! You've certainly been busy. I would like to have your energy just a couple of days a week. Today I have a couple of errands to do before cooking up a pot of pasta for supper.

Now I'm off to get busy here. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Mats World said...

thanx sweet lady for the cute kit and for Arlene's as well. I have been so very, very busy today! I have baked 12 dozen cookies and made 4 kinds of candies in two days! On a binge I guess....LOL! Anyway, glad things are going well for you for now, hope they stay that way! Gotta run, chat again on Friday! Many hugs!! Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for another lovely kit and clusters...

JazzyJane said...

Thanks so much for all your wonderful, creative work. I have been away, so downloaded a lot of kits today. Everything looks so beautiful. Hugs, Jane

dony dony said...

Hola amiga.
Felices Fiestas ,gracias por compartir siempre sus trabajos tan lindo ,muchas gracias y que dios la bendiga.
saludos de Maria

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for these cute kits and clusters! I hope that Jan gets better very soon. I found you from the Worldwide Christmas blog train =)