Monday, November 05, 2012

Problems never come one by one LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

we had a bit of early rise this morning, cause Jan has to go to hospital for the MRI scan.
During the weekend his legs and belly didn;t show much improvement yet, but we will have to be patient I guess. You cannot expect that his raise of mg from the waterpills will have immediate effect.
But although I think Jan didn;t feel too much better during the last days ,somehow he was better too, I think it was because he had the hectic test on Thursday and the results were rather positive. That has set his mind to peace, I presume.
Now just hope nothing wierd will come out of the MRI, and then we can get to work for his recovery and hopefully he will be able to get to work again.

But as problems never come alone, LOL, suddenly on Friday I could not make a phonecall. The "steday"phone is working via internet, but I seem to have kind of connection, only when I start to dial a number there is a strange ticking sound and no connection with the chosen number.
Lucky I have Jan's mobile phone, but at the service desk it was soooooo busy, I couldn;t get through. And then also had the bad luck it was the weekend. So I sent them a mail, but I am not very confident that I will have a quick response to that.
Sigh, I will try again today, because I don;t think that suddenly my phone is broken, or kaputt, it must be something at the providers side, at least I hope so.
I hope it will be fixed soon, it's very frustrating not to be able to contact anybody and visa versa.!

Oh I had such a sweet surprise in my mail from one of my visitors. It's a kind of "award", made with some of my stuff. Look here:
This sweet thought and all of your fantastic support are little rays of sunlight!

So I will have some things to do today, when Jan is on his way, I'll occupy the bathroom for a couple of minutes, then during the time my hair will dry, I can try to contact the internet provider, and I also have to go to the bank to bring a bill there that has to be payed. Hopefully I can find a dry moment, cause there are again rain showers expected.
One happy remark": it seems( yes I still stay very cautious!) that the plumber did a good job, till now it stays all dry in our kitchen. I think it still needs a bit of time to dry, the wall I mean, but in a few days I can at least give it a bleech solution treatment, and hopefully soon I can give it a new coat of paint.
But that's for later, first thing I really want to happen is Jan's recovery!

Okay, enough rambling for the moment, let's go to the freebie department.
A kit in nice colors, I think, with marvellous clusters from Arlene. Kit is named"The Fusing of Seasons".
Have a great day!
Download    HERE

Download  HERE


NathL said...

hello Kyra :)
I'm sorry to hear those sad news... hope Jan will be better either :)

do you like wallpapers ? I made some, with calendar or not for november. See on my blog if you like it :)

take care of you, both :)

NathL from France

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Monday Morning! First, hope all goes well with Jan's MRI. Glad the repair is still holding and fixed! Hope your internet problems develop into the chaos that Miriam is experiencing. So love this beautiful kit at yellow is my favorite color! The gift from Arlene is beautiful too so thanks to both of you for your generous hearts. Love the award you received to and so deserved! Have a terrific Monday, will visit with you again on Wednesday to see how all is going! Lots of good wishes sent to Jan for improvement. Hugs!! Mat

Edna B said...

You're right, problems come in bunches. I sure hope Jan has some good news coming, and that your phone will be working properly soon. Glad to hear that your leak is no longer leaking. We're getting ready to vote, and hopefully this next storm won't be so bad. Mother Nature is going out of her way to make things unpleasant. I hope your day is fabulous. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

HappyScreens said...

I love the wonderful mix in your kit, and Arlene's clusters are perfect. Thank you both. Much good luck with all of your problems and LOL.

Snowy said...

Hello Kyra, sorry to read that Jan isn't well -hope he will feel better soon and everythig is sorted. I have a few days off work again now and time to catch up,lol. Still got messenger if you feel like chatting and catching up that way -hugs Snowy

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra.:)
Sure hope Jan gets better quickly!!I know what a strain it can be on us when our loved ones are hurting and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do to help them..except to encourage them.:(
I LOVE your kit!!Thank you so much for sharing with me.:)Arlene's clusters are COOL too!!Thank you Arlene!!


Sylvia said...

What a lovely award to be given by a fan, Bravo and you deserve it.
Lots of beautiful work that you kindly share with us all.
Thanks so very much.