Friday, November 02, 2012

A Hectic, but all together reassuring day.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, Jan did call his specialist yesterday morning! She was real busy, so couldn;t talk to him right away, but she phoned back at about 14.30 p.m. afternoon. She summoned him to the emergency ward, saying he better could take a few things with him in case she decided he had to stay for the night. Wow, that was some message. So he right away put on some other clothes and so on, in the mean time I was flying around to pack some clothes and such for him. Jan said I didn;t have to go with him, but I told him in fearce words, that he was talking nonsense, and of course I went with him. If not only to hear right away results from tests and being there at his side for extra support! We were in hospital within the hour, he already was announced by his specialist, and we were kind of lucky that at the moment it was very quiet at the emercency.
Right away he was undergoing all kinds of tests, like a thorax picture, blood sample, heart film, and his specialist came down too, to take a fluid punction in his belly.
Oh my God, it was going all very quick, marvellous. His doctor told us she wanted him in right away for some checkups, cause she feared a bit he could have an infection. If so, he should stay in hospital to be treated right away. But thank God, thorax was okay, blood sample was okay, heart film was okay,and punction was okay, meaning no infection or other frightning thing going on. Still she was wondering why suddenly he was retaining so much fluid, and now even in his underlegs.
I was glad to be at Jan's side when she did the punction in his belly, it isn;t a pleasant thing to undergo, can be quite painfull, but Jan can deal with pain, but he suddenly got into a kind of panic, in a split second he was in fear, but we got him out of it and all wnet well.
He certainly wouldn;t be pleased to know I tell you this, but why not being honest? I can understand it happened to him. And it is kind of wierd,he can stay very calm when something happens with another person, but as soon as it concerns his own body, he is reacting all different.
But okay, his doctor was already happy, that he didn;t have a weird kind of infection, so now she could raise his dosis of flurocimide( we call them "watering pills"LOL), she didn't want it to do just on ground of the phonecall, and see how that will work.
So for the moment Jan is home again, how reliefed we were yeaterday afternoon to go home again!, and still has to go to the MRI on Monday, and then he has an appointment with his doctor again on the 15th, if nothing spectacular shows up by the MRI scan of course.
So for the momentwe will see if in a few days his swelling will deminish, and I hope so. Then still have to wait for the result of the MRI, but whatever there is still to come, at the moment Jan is feeling (and so I am) much calmer after the hectic of last couple of days.

So that was the big news till now LOL. No, really, I am feeling much better too, had a little talk too with his doctor and if there was anything that really might have worried her I am convinced she would have told me for certain.
But she keeps him under very close control!
Jan will have a long sleep today, he already announced it yesterday evening, and I can understand it.
All the stress ( kept mostly inside himself, because he doesn;t want to worry me, sigh!) and then the hectic afternoon yesterday pooped him out a bit. Well, sleep only will do him well, so Ilet him sleep and probably I will tackle some household chores, to work off mine ROFL.
Jan and me too, of course hoping that soon the swelling in his feet will be gone and his belly too naturally, and that will make him feel a lot better already. He is hoping it will be soon, casue he wants to go back to work. Well, we could do with the money of course, because sick leave pay is very low for flexworkers and it takes a couple of weeks before first money of that will be tranferred.
But most important is that he will be healthy again, and we can manage for the moment financially, so let's be happy with what we have and worry later about other things.

Must thank everybody for their support, advice, prayers, everything in the last couple of days. It's not chaning the situation you are in to, but it helps to cope with it. You are awesome people!

What about something completely different now? Like a freebie?
 Today a kit that may be is not all season related, however, with some of you experiencing still a warm Indian summer, it might not be such a bad one.
It's called "Last Summer Days"and has nice, warm colors and some flowery papers to it, as well as some more background papers and some clusters from Arlene to make it complete.
Well, hoping we will have a real quiet weekend, we could do with that LOL, wishing you all a wonderful weekend and see you again on Monday.
Time also for a hug to all of you too!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

This new kit is so sweet, and Arlene's clusters too! Thanks to both of you!!
The most important is your husband's health, and yours too...because you've had too much worries and stress for a few weeks.
I really hope you can sleep this weekend and both feel better.
Thanks again for your wonderful kits!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

So thankful that Jan did see the doctor and that things are okay for now, hope the new water pills will help with the retention and he will feel tip top soon. I know you have to feel better knowing he has a very good physician monitoring him.
Have a terrific weekend and hopefully a restful one. Thanx so much for the lovely kit and Arlene's gift as well. You ladies are so awesome! Hugs!! Mat

Edna B said...

The kit and clusters are gorgeous. I'm so glad to hear that Jan has no major problems. Hopefully he will soon be back to normal. Today we are having a lovely autumn day, cool and sunny. I hate to see Autumn slipping away, but I try to remember that Spring is not too far off. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
I am sooo happy to hear that there is nothing serious going on with Jan. Sure hope the water pills help with the swelling.:)Once that goes down I am sure he will feel much better. His panic attack was most likely due to so many tests being run on him at one time.Plus the rush to the hospital probably didn't help either!! Who knows how much he has been concerned about what is happening to his body? Happy you were able to get him settled and he is resting now.:)
Thank you so much for sharing another pretty kit with me.Thanks Arlene too for the pretty clusters!!
Hope you are resting up from the excitement too my friend!!


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely kit and clusters.
I hope that you both have a restful weekend with no added excitement and that Jan's health starts to improve quickly...

HappyScreens said...

I'm so glad that life is calmer for you and Jan now. I pray that he improves quickly.
Thanks for the lovely kit and clusters. They look just right for scrapping calm, peaceful times.
Big hugs!

fl_connie said...

Thanks to you & Arlene for all the wonderful goodies! So glad to hear that all went well at the hospital for your Jan. ((Hugs))

Susansweaters said...

Best of luck with healing.
I love your artwork on your blog!!