Sunday, May 17, 2020

Going back to almost Summer?

Goodafternoon everybody!

Temps are rising again and they were quite cold this week. Specially the Northern wind made it feel even colder! But now we have rising temps, bit less wind and it will be coming from other direction and later this week we might have around 24C! Probably only for a day or may be two, than going down to around 20C. And that still is good, we have a lot of sunshine, we could do with some rainshowers every now and then.

Jan had an appointment with the cardiologist last Monday(or so we thought accorcing the letter we received). But, lucky just in time before Jan would leave for the tram, the doctor called to ask how Jan was feeling and if he had thought about placing a stent in a vain near the heart. We were surprised that the doctor called, but he told Jan had a phonecall-appointment. It didn;t say so in the letter. Well, no matter, it was even easier like this. Jan said he would go for the stent, so he will get another appointment now for some tests I believe.
It will be better to take the stent because otherwise he would have to take a medicin for it and that cannot guarantee completely that the vain will stay open. And he already is taking some pills for all kind of things and he decided to take the stent.
Further news on it is to come later.

We had a "normal" week, as far as you can speak about normal in these times. Till Friday afternoon. I came home from some grocerie shopping and Jan told we had no tv. There was some code on the screen, one that normally is no big deal. You just have to switch once or twice between channels and usually you have tv again. Not this time. 
I didn;t hesitate and called customer service. Wow, I had contact with someone in a few minutes! He could check from his place our connection and said we probably had some tumers in the box malfunctioning or rather broken. Hoorray! And now? No tv during the weekend?
No, the guy tried to make a connection for us again, we had to start up the box I guess twice and oh miracle, we had tv again. Of course we are crossing fingers it will stay this way. Only once yesterday  it did the same, but I switched on the mediabox out and on and it worked again.
Still the guy(who was very patient and friendly) said to us he would send us for all security a new mediabox in case the old one really would die.
I hate happening those kind of things And with us they seem to happen always just before the weekend!!

And now suddenly I have no sound on my laptop.I don;t have sound on very often, but it is nice to have when watching something on you tube or another video with usic or speech. As far as I can remember I somewhere last week had still sound. So I tried some things, no success. Then called a windows help desk. Very nice guy. He did let me try something with removing an update, but that didn;t help. If so, I could call back again. I will do that somewhere next week. I can do without sound for the moment.
But is is annoying and it seems a lot of people have that problem after updates from Windows. Hmmmmm, I wish I was really good in programms and technics of computers, but I am not. I am glad I can work the things I really need, that's all. 
May be it will be working again after a new update from Windows???

This morning I was busy for a little while in the garden, re-potting some
grown seedlings. They are still small but hopefully they will grow harder now. The good weather will help to it too.
As experiment I planted 3 sunflower seeds in a little pot, I picked them out of the birdseed I have. Very curious now to see if they will really germinate.

Oh, so sad news. I always watch Gardener's world on the BBC( you can watch the episodes also on the link I gave last week of Floratube) and Monty always is accompanied by his dogs, Nigel, the oldest and Nelly(and now he has another one Patty). But Nigel has croosed the rainbow bridge! He was 12 years old.
Of course he had a good life there, but I couldn;t help that I shed a little tear. And I could see Monty had some trouble telling it on the camera. And at the end of the programme there was a little film with some lovely shots of Nigel during his life. Isn;t that a sweet idea?
It happens when you have pets, but it's always a difficult moment.

Starting the 1st of June we will be obligated to wear a facemask in public transport. You can imagine there is again a run on those non-medical face masks. And usually you can wear them only once. So best is to try to make one yourself, and one you can re-use after washing.
There are lots of you-tube video's where you can see how to make all kind of different masks.
I did make already one this week, it took a bit of time to figure it out, but I managed to finish one and I think that the next one will go much quicker.
I used this tutorial for it:
I have no sewing machine, so did the side sewing by hand and so this was a good one for me. And I will try also another one from this link:
Perhaps it is of some use to you?

One thing is sure. It keeps us busy, and these are really not too difficult and you can make one in short time, specially when you have made one and built a first try experience LOL.

Good, now I will go into the garden for a little sit down, then I wil make us a potatoe salad and we will have some slices smoked salmon with it. Sounds quite decadent is it? Well, you can treat yourself once in a while with something special. 

Garden time!!!!!!
Have a good week and please stay safe and don;t go into crowds or so.


Edna B said...

How about I send you some of our rain and you send me some of your warm temps? Yesterday was gorgeous here, but the rest of this week will be cloudy and wet. So glad your TV got fixed. It's no fun when it isn't working. I don't know why the sound is gone on your laptop. I'd ask a tech to see about fixing it. I'm not so smart about this tech stuff.

Today I think I'll crochet a bit and then have a nice nap. After that, well who knows? My days all seem about the same. Pogo and I are just waiting for more of the warm sunshine. You stay safe my friend and enjoy that lovely little garden. Hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

I had some problems with the last automatic update to Windows also! Nothing was working as it always does. After a few days of frustration, it appears I hit something, and then it all started working again. I thought it was the tower I'm using since it is about 7 or 8 years old. It's time to think about a new tower. At my age, I don't think I could handle a laptop very well so I'll look for a new tower after I get to Grand Junction.
My 2 daughters are coming up from Colorado to get me. They should be here on the evening of the 24th. I've already booked them a room at the Comfort Inn for the week. The big moving van will be here on the 28th or 29th to pack and load everything. I even have to send one of the girls down with the keys to the storage shed and the code to get into the property so they can load up the boxes that are there. I'll send them with a broom so they can sweep it out if we haven't already done that during the week when we all go down there to see what can be tossed and what has to get moved. I have some more of my Christmas lawn decorations and a large collection of Teddy Bears and Santa's. I may have the girls take the bears to the nearest homeless camp and give them to the children if there are any there. Or they can take them to the Goodwill. I'm just not giving up my Santas.
Then the truck will come to the house and load up everything except our travel suitcases and the dogs travel carrier. I'll spend the night with the girls in the hotel and we will get moving at 6 AM according to Denise's travel plans. It's 1400 miles from here to Grand Junction. It's a 2 day trip with lots of stops at rest areas for potty breaks and to let the puppy stretch her legs and smell all the other dog smells at the rest area. We will get into Junction on the 31st but my new house won't be mine till the 1st. I'll have to get a room for the night. The one little glitch is that the moving van has 7 days to get to my new address so Denise went out and bought me a blowup bed to use until the furniture arrives or I buy a new bed. I've been trying to give away the Hospital bed that the VA gave me. It's pretty crowded since it's a single/twin bed and my puppy sleeps with me most of the night. I want to get a new Posture Pedic bed in full size so I have enough room for me and my dog!
I will go shopping on the first since the moving company doesn't take foodstuff. They'd be a little surprised if they knew what I have in one or two of the boxes labeled Misc Kitchen stuff. Some of my food is going with me. And my puppy's food needs to be refrigerated but I have a special box that I just add a chunk of dry ice under the bottom and it's insulated to stay cold. I might add some ice cream or something like that to the box. I just don't want to have to spend a small fortune on all my spices and condiments that are in the frig door!
I guess I've rambled on long enough and it's time to make a pot of coffee for this old coffee drinker. Actually, it isn't so much as it is the Creamer that I add to it! lol!