Sunday, March 22, 2020

Just trying to keep up the spirit

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather is rather nice, when looking out of the window. Coming out in the garden, there is sunshine, but a very cold wind blowing, so after all not really lovely weather. Temps are areound 10C but at night around zero.

Last week there happened a lot all around the world, of course.
But in our lives didn;t happen too much, because almost everything is in a close down. Schools, restaurants, sportschools, cinema's, lots of shops are closed now.
Supermarkets still are open, and shops where you can find groceries, pharmacies are open,
Beginning this week I still went out to do a bit of grocerie shopping. In our supermarket there were shelves enough that were empty, because people were hoarding, specially pasta, toiletpaper, milk, eggs, that kind of thing.
And there is enough stock everywhere, for everyone! Now people in the supermarket for instance are working very hard to get the shelves filled again, but it is almost impossible for them to keep up.
I will go out tomorrow to see if there is some bread , that's a thing we are running out a bit at home.
May be all this panice buying will come to an end in a few days, let's hope so.

Still you see in a lot of places people coming together and in close range, in parks, or at the beach and such. I can understand it, that you want to have some air and stretch your legs, but do it carefully. Please think of eachother, keep at least the distance adviced.
I have the idea that a certain number of people still don;t realize how tricky this virus is.
I am afraid that this situation will last for several weeks long and may be even longer.

So we will have to keep ourselves busy at home, nothing else to do LOL.
The keeping in motion is a thing we should try to do. They give now extra "sport" editions on tv, with simple exercises you can do at home. Well, to be honest, I don;t do them, hahaha. But...... I try to keep moving every now and then by vacuum cleaning, or dusting, or cleaning, and next week I will try to start sorting out some closets and perhaps a bookcase, things like that. Then you still use about all muscles and keep them in shape(more or less, hahaha). If you can, you will have to move around every day a bit, and if possible perhaps go outside for a short time, doing a grocerie shopping already helps.

I was busy on a blanket already started a long time ago. That one is more or less coming to an end(have to put some parts together and maybe it needs a border, don;t know yet) In the mean time I started a new afghan, YES! Couldn;t hold myself back. I already bought some yarn for it(don;t know if I have enough, and if I come short, if I can go to the shop to buy more, could be the shop will be closed). I have it in two colors of green
 In reality the above is darker green
And this should be a greyish mintgreen, doesn;t look the right color here.
But perhaps it gives you an idea.

I wanted it to be an afghan made in different crochet stitches. Already for a long time i didn;t do much crochet so it is a nice change from the knitting.
Perhaps it was better to make a photo myself but I still don;t know if i can put my little photocamera into my laptop with the Windows 10. I don;t want that connecting it to my laptop upsets the whole laptop, you know waht I mean?
The camera is an Kodak Easy Share V1003, so already from years ago.
Anybody perhaps an idea if I just can try without messing up all kind of things?

For the rest we keep busy with watching tv(although there isn;t always a lot of interesting to see) but we manage to find enough to get us through the evening and sometimes already afternoon too.
Next week I also would have to go out perhaps to get some medicins for Jan, he is running out of some. But may the pharmacie will bring them, I don;t know what is best for them, so I will call them first to ask.

Jan keeps a bit busy in the garden at the moments the weather isn;t too cold or wet. There is quite some to do there, but for now it is mostly a bit too cold to go there for a longer time. Oh, we planted tulip bulbs last year and some of them are coming to blossom now. And they look beautiful. They have "double"flowers in yellow with a bit of orange, it seems(again: photocamera would be handy, I don;t have a phone with camera, ..... not yet). I don;t know the name of the tulip anymore, so I searched a bit the web to find one that comes close:
And with this uplifiting phot I will finish now this post!
Hope you are all safe and wel and will be for the coming time too!
Make the most of the time you will have to stay at home!


Terra said...

I love tulips like yours where each petal looks hand painted. I say they are painted by God. In California the governor ordered us all to stay home, except for essential jobs and errands, and we can walk outside if we stay 6 feet away from each other. I go out twice a day with my dog Bounce.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra, good to hear you and Jan are doing OK. The virus has certainly turned out to be a lot nastier than many thought it would be when it first started.
Sadly, we still have a lot of young and middle aged people thinking they are invincible.
Please stay safe...

Edna B said...

My goodness, how did I miss this post? Kyra, I just love your tulips! They really are beautiful. I have some little green stems so far. I'm glad to hear that you and Jan are being very careful. Pogo and I are used to saying in, but it would be nice to be able to stay outdoors or a while. Maybe soon when it warms up a bit. Now I'm off to read your next post. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Edna B said...

Hi, it's me again. I forgot to tell you that I love the colors for your new afghan. Now I can't wait to see what you make. Big hugs, Edna B.