Sunday, July 14, 2019

Proud of our football ladies team!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh boy, I am really late today. Well, I did already did some things before I started this post.
First I slept a bit later today. Then I woke up very slowly, took a coffee, then took a shower, and then first made our dinner. That is a kind of stew(well, we call it a stew) from mashed potatoes and mixed in fresh small cut endive, also mixed in a bit of crushed fried bacon. It is easy to warm up in the oven or au bain marie.
Here is a link with english translation
Just a few additions: don't add salt to the water for boiling the potatoes, you mix first the little pieces of fried bacon, then add some salt)fried bacon is already very salty). I also add some black pepper and I do mix the mash with a bit of milk and some butter and don;t add the boiled potatoe-water.
I think the recipe will be for 4.
Most of the times I make it for two days, and even then I don;t use as much potatoes and endive(but we are small eaters!)

So when that was ready, I had to wash up the pans and such.
Then i thought it was time to have a sandwich and I had one with salted herring. Yummie, we love that fish in ths way here. Lots of people don;t like it, because it is raw fish, but layed in salt.
Then  had to read a few blogs, because during the week I didn't take the time for it. When I was at the computer I had to do other things.

Well, how about the weather here. It is on and off you could say. We had a day or a day and half with rain, quite some rain, still here at the coast we were lucky. We had a nice amount of rain, but in the middle and eastern part of our little country they had an overload!!
Yesterday it was almost dry, even some sunshine for short periods. Temperatures are not too exciting here yet(although there is quite a difference between our part and east-south part), we reach around 19-21C. Later this week it could be better, then the wind will turn more to west or even south west and that will bring higher temperatures, around 23-24 yeah!

Last week we had the final of the WC women football and that was between the USA and The Netherlands. Pity I have to say our girls didn;t win, so congratulations to the USA team! Still I am proud of our girls, thay did a great job and silver is a very good result.

Our garden is thriving I can say. Some things just grow as nuts, like some dahlia's they are soo hight this year, I think one reaches about 1 mtr easy.
Some other plants also do very well, but although our tomatoes do give sign of life(we have some starting tomatoes already) they do perform a little bit low. I don;t know if I will try them again next year. Perhaps I should try another species of tomatoe, I dont know yet, or may be I will try something completly different.

And I spent quite some time at the computer making a new kit. And I totally overdone it, LOL! So I splitted the kit in two downloads, easier to download, doesn't take so much time. I named the kit Mysteries of the Woods. Hope you lie it.
Good, now it is time to finish this post, I can do a little game of solitaire and then time will be gone already and it will be time to prepare the dinner(well, warm up the endive mash and fry two sausages) and cut some strawberries and make the cream for the desert.
Oh, we girls always have to do so much things, ROFL!!!
Have a lovely week ahead and I hope everyone will be safe, despite some nasty weather around the planet.
Till next week.

Download   part 1 HERE


Edna B said...

Hopefully, your tomatoes will be doing much better than mine. I'm just not a veggie gardener anymore. Boo Hoo! Your supper sounds delicious. You can have my share of the little fish though. I don't care for them.

Wowsie! You've come back to designing in grand style. Your kit so far is awesome. Thank you. And your women athletes were awesome. Anyone who made this far in the competition is a winner as far as I am concerned.

My friend, you have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Terra said...

The mashed potatoes and endive and bacon stew sounds delicious.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download Kyra. Thank you for the recipe, the meal looks delicious...

SiskiyouSue said...

Thank you.

hummerdawn said...

Love your new kit. So bright and colourful! We had a pretty big thunderstorm first thing this morning and have had toranado warnings and now we have a heat advisory. Going to 38C with humidex today. Yes, the weather is sure weird these days. But I personally believe these are cycles our world goes through over the years. At least I hope so!!
Nice to hear lots of good news in your post. Take care and will be watching for you next week.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello Kyra! Thought about you the whole time the football games were on, I watched each game! they were sooooo good! I enjoyed watching the Nederlands play, enjoyed our team as well as far as playing the game....but not their antics off screen!
The weather here is so hot and humid with the air feeling like a blanket that causes my asthma to act right now am stuck inside in the air conditioning. LOL!
My niece is getting married next Saturday and I'm planning to drive down (5 hours one way) weather permitting! (hurricane Barry is still in the Gulf of Mexico dropping copias amounts of water!
Thanks for the lovely kit! hugs to both of you! Later, Mat

Anonymous said...

Thank You Kyra For You Beautiful Art Work & Sharing Your World With Us.Hope You Have Great Day,Well Done On FAB Garden ABS Gorgeous.Take Care :)x

Beth Reed said...

Oh Kyra your kit is just beautiful, Thank You!

I am very sorry but I could not eat your fish.. I don't like anything but cod and I only have it once a year at best.
Tuna in a can of water for a salad is alright but again not too keen on it more than once a month haha.

I would love to send you some of our heat. It is awful here. Over a hundred every day. I googled Celsius and it is in your description 37.7 Celsius. If I could box up some and send to you I sure would!

I'm going to work on my blog so I will check in with you soon... Big Hugs, xxx Beth

Grandma Sarge said...

This looks like an intriguing kit. I love the woods and all the creatures in them, even the bears and mountain lions or cougars.

I'm heading for one of the nasty tests we have to contend with when we get old (not quite 80 yet). Colonoscopy and I'm not looking forward to it. The prep kit they gave me is huge. Many pills, a gallon jugs to which I have to add water, and a few pills and 2 bottles of Magnesium
Citrate. Oh well, just one of the perks of age.

I'll enjoy seeing what else you've got for the Woods.

Have a good week and say Hi to Jan.

Scarette said...

Thank you so much for your artistry and generosity!

My Doctor told me that the Mayo Clinic has very recently developed a non invasive test for colorectal cancer. I am due for one in next February and he is recommending this for me. Wouldn't it be wonderful NOT to have to go through that horrible preparation!?