Sunday, June 16, 2019

Rain, sunshine and football LOL

Goodafternoon everybody!

I am terrible late today, but I first had to some things and already had a later start because i slept a bit longer.
This week the weather hasnlt been very bad, but could have been better, of course.
There was quite some rain, in fact on Wednesday it kind of poured out of the sky, then the day after there were some small showers and from already Friday on there was better weather. Not very warm yet, but dry and more sunshine and already today it is nice weather and it will be much better next week, with temperatures that will reach 25C, yuppeeeeeeee!!!

It was a week fillled with things I cannot remember very well, so it wasn;t too important, hahaha. We did see a lot of football, and I am happy to say that our team is into the next round, although they will have to play one more match.
To be honest I must say that they didn;t play all too well, they will have to do better in the next round if they want to srvive and go to the quater finales.
Well, we will see that next week, So far, so good.

Oh, Heidi's daughter Séverine graduated from school and will now go to a study for logopedist. Naturally Heidi was very proud of her and she should, because Séverine had a very good list, average around 7,5 even 8( I think in other countries that would be kind of B and some C).
I will try to go to Heidi tomorrow(if she feels well enough) and give a little present to her daughter. Cannot say what it is, in case somebody reads the blog, you never know, hahha.

I've made some photos of the garden, which is getting rather full with blooms.
 Here it is near the place we sit, you can see a million bell Petunia(red with a bit yellow) and in the middle of the pot comes a Dahlia.) And the clmbing rose is blooming with great enthusiasm.
This is opposite of the wall on the above photo, and you see at the back most of the tomatoe plants. They have little flowers now so I hope it will be tomatoes later.
Here you see a little rose bush, flowering well, but I am rather proud of it because it is a cutting I made from an older one and it did well.
This i took from about the middle of the garden direction our patio and you see the rose bow with our rose and in between you see some Lillies(I belive they call them Inca lillies), I got them from Heidi's garden and they do amazing this year. Made a close up of one of them beneath.
Here the close up(hey Edna, you should like them because they are orange LOL)
 From middle of the garden to back, in front a very pretty rose, more to the back the pruple flowers are Pelargoniums(or often called Geranium), left over from last year, probably because we had a very mild winter. In the back you see our white Hortensia)
This also is a cutting from a real Geranium, I even didn;t remember I had it, but this is the first year it flowers and aren't they pretty flowers?

Good news for you. I had to work on it still this early afternoon but I finished it and have a new kit for you. May be you will have to do with it also next week, because I don;t think I will have enough time to get another one done.
That a bit due to watching the football, but also there are sometimes things that need attention first, before we can play around. (Boring things mostly, like household things or making phonecalls to find out something etc).
And if all goes well Jan and I want to go to Scheveningen next weekend (probably Saturday), to see some lovely ships that come here next week only.
I have two links for you so that you can see for yourself what is is all about.
and of course I will take my little camera with me, to try to take some great pictures. May be, if it isn't too crowded we even might visit a ship.

Good, I think I deserved now a little moment for me, in the garden with a cup of tea and in about hald an hour I will start preparing for dinner( like to prepare things in advance, at an easy pace).
Here is the new kit, named it Touch of a Memory. Hope you like it.
Have a wonderful week, stay safe!
Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Good afternoon Kyra. Wowsie! Your garden is beautiful, and I love love your Inca Lilies! It must be wonderful to sit out there and sip your tea and enjoy such a pretty view. I'm glad you're beginning to feel your old self. That's a lovely kit my friend. Thank you.

This afternoon, I want to play for a while on my laptop and make some new quick pages. I've been busy lately (not sure doing what!) and haven't had time to do this. I think I'll take my bottle of water and sit out on the porch and do this. yes, this sounds like a good plan. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Edna B said...

I forgot to mention about the Tall Ships. I saw them one year when I was in Sweden. Oh my, they were such a beautiful sight! You will enjoy them. Take some fun photos. Hugs, Edna B.

Maddy said...

Beautiful kit - thank you!

hummerdawn said...

Thank you for sharing another beautiful kit. You have a lovely garden and so you should be proud! I especially like the purple geraniums. Purple being my favourite colour. Our weather is much like yours. Up and down like a yo-yo. It is very dry here with fire bans on. Eastern Canada got all the rain and snow this year! Enjoy your visit to see the big ships and I will watch for a post.

Terra said...

I like all your bright color spots in your garden. I have several Inca lilies too (we call them Peruvian lilies here in California). They come in quite a few colors, yours is gorgeous.

Grandma Sarge said...

I haven't been to the Blogs in a long time (couple of weeks or so). Much Drama going on in my house so I haven't been inclined to do much blog swimming. I am very happy about the new kit. I like the suitcase stack. I have one for when I get my living room back. Right now it's storing the large containers of my Grand daughter's winter clothes and her daughter's also.

I love your garden. It's beautiful and you have a place to sit and watch the flowers grow. Hahaha.

Getting my things sorted and packed into boxes with labels. Granddaughter is a stickler for labeling things so when we move if it says Kitchen then that's where the boys will put it. If it says my bedroom then it goes in there. And So on. I'm going to Richland on Monday to look at a Duplex which is the only one I've seen that works in my budget. Being on a Pension and Disability sort of hampers the big dreams. I'm meeting with my advocate for the Claim we've been working on since 2009. We just have to nag at them some more and I've just uncovered some evidence to support the Asbestos that they said I couldn't have been exposed to because I've always done 'Administrative' work. I even sent a letter from one of my bosses that said I'd been in almost every building on that Nuclear site. If they settle then I should have enough to make a down payment on an acre or so near the edge of town so I can have my own Garden.

Anyway, Thank you for the new kit.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for the lovely download and pictures of your beautiful garden...

genie said...

Thank you for sharing, it a beautiful kit. Your garden pictures are great,such beautiful flowers. The tall ship pictures are incredible they look so majestic.

Beth Reed said...

Hi Kyra, I am so sorry to have been missing. I have been so incredibly sick. I have not made a scrap page in ages and just started blogging again. I had lost all interest in anything computer. Feeling some bit stronger now and so happy to know that you and Jan are doing alright.

What a beautiful garden. You and Jan have wonderful green thumbs. I haven't done anything this year. I did put out some very pretty packets of Bird seeds and some hummingbird and butterfly seeds.
The day I did it, that night came a torrential rain and the next day our house flooded and it was a mess. Then of course I realized my flower seeds had been washed away.
Imagine my surprise when I had one very pretty red flower to bloom!
Thank you for the kit. Love you Kyra... Now I am off to read another blog post from you.

Gala said...

Большое спасибо Кира за интересный блог- цветы-прекрасные,красивые фотографии кораблей и чудесный набор!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra,

Your garden is beyond beautiful, it's absolutely lovely! Where I used to live I could grow flowers. My yard was full of them. People stopped to take pictures! LOL! Where I live now I can't grow flowers outside but I do have many house plants inside. Only the kind that don't require too much sun.

I love your scrap kits! You are my favorite scrap kit designer :0)

Thank you so much for your scrap kits, for sharing your garden, and for sharing your daily life in your blog. I so enjoy reading your blog!

Have a beautiful day!

Hugs, Cassie