Sunday, June 23, 2019

Beautiful ships in lovely weather.

Goodafternoonj everybody!

We have here some lovely weather and it will be even much better the next few days. Could be even very warm, but....... I will not complain.
It finally will feel like summer, and that was kind of we were waiting for.

We spent quite some time watching tv, more specific the football and it will get very exciting. Our team will play next Tuesday and if they manage to beat Japan they will be in the quarter finales. Who knows what can happen then????

Oh, I am so happy I finally made an appointment for the hairdresser! There was no model what so ever in the hair, and I have now really short cut! But for summertime it is easy and practical and not so warm.
Then Jan had an appointment with the cardiologist. Hmmmmm, he wonders( and I do to) why in fact he had to come. The fluid in his legs doesnt; seem to be caused by his heart, that seems to work fine enough. May be there is something like too much tissue around the heart, she wants to make an echo to see if that's so. I wonder now why she hadn;t let done the echo before the appointment, then she would have known perhaps more. This appointment seems a bit useless to me, but who am I????
Now he has to wait again for that appointment, could take some time, seems to be very busy.
Now Monday he has check up appointment with the internis, his usual doctor.
I think, it will be quite allright.

Yes, Monday afternoon I went to my friend Heidi and daughter Séverine to bring the little present for the graduation. I bought her a voucher of a certain amount to spend on a book. I am very glad to say Séverine is still rather old fashioned when it comes to reading, She likes to have a real paper book in her hands. great girl LOL!

And yesterday we went to Scheveningen to see some of the tallships that arrived there from the race from France to Scheveningen.(That is only part of the race, they will make another one next week. Read all about it on the next link if you are interested)
On the site are several links I believe to all the ships that participate and more.

 We had fine weather, so we went with the tram to the harbour and walked along the ships. We also visited one( we only could visit the deck, the quarters below deck were closed), but it still was very interesting and I got even to talk for a few minutes with some of the crew.
The ship we visited was an American one(Hey Edna, you should be pleased, LOL), named the Eagle, I have several photos of it and a link to read more about the ship because it has quite a history.

First 3 are of the masts, difficult to get it on a picture, masts are about 50 mtr. high!

 Here above is the steering wheel whey use all the time, has to be oprated with 6 crew memebers. And below you see the original, historic steering wheel, and a nice member of the crew.
And I have made some other pictures of some other ships.

Above small overview of some of the ships.
Replica of Spanish ship El Galeon

Last three are of one of the Russian ships, it's a replica too from a very old frigate, The Shtandart

We did see a couple more, but I think you have a nice collection here.
It all takes some time to take a good look at and read some of the history so we even didn't manage to go along all ships harboured!
And we could have gone today again, but the walking was a litle bit too much for Jan, so we better have a nice quiet day home, in the garden, under the parasol(otherwise it is too hot in the sun).

No, I haven't a download for you today, and I don;t knw when there will be another one I don't like to make promises that I cannot keep, so just let's see what happens this week. I am not in the very creative mood at the moment, perhaps it has to do with some nice weather, I like to take advantage from it as much as I can, being outside in the garden or somewhere else. it is nice, to be able to go out, without having to put on a thick coat, and doing shopping or whatever in the rain!
So I wish you all a lovely week ahead, with also some nice weather and some moments that bring a smile to your face.
Till next week.


hummerdawn said...

What a super selection of photos of those awesome tall ships! Thanks so much for sharing. Glad to hear things are rolling along pretty well. Middle of this week we are going to hit extreme temps again but that always happens leading into July. Everything blooming and green now. Don't worry about your scrapping. It's too nice to spend inside and there is always the long winters to do so. Take care to the both.

Edna B said...

I checked the link for the Eagle. Wowsie, isn't she a beauty!!! Imagine sailing in these beutiful sail boats? Especially that Galleon. You and Jan must have had an awesome day there. Your photos are just wonderful.

It's good to hear you sounding so chipper. I hope Jan's new appointment turns out well. It's good that he is able to get around better now. You enjoy sitting out by that gorgeous garden of yours. The creativity will come when it is ready. Meanwhile enjoy the warmer temps. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Being an ex-Sailor I enjoyed those pictures of the Sailing ships. The ships in my Navy don't have sails. Just big engines below deck. I did go out on a short cruise on one of the Aircraft Carriers. And they even held Touch and go exercises on the flight deck which we watched from several stories up from the deck. "Touch and Go" means they come onto the Flight Deck and immediately power up and take off again on the other end of the flight deck. Very impressive.

Two years ago we had a Sailing Ship dock in one of our ports here in the Eastern part of Washington. We are technically desert here in this part of the state but there is a very large Columbia River that flows from somewhere near the Canadian border and empties into the Pacific Ocean so the Sailing ship could make a visit inland.

And don't feel bad about not having anything for us. A lot of us are just coming around every week just to keep track of you and Jan. I hope his Echo comes out better than mine. I have some trouble with my heart and take medicines every day -twice. But my goal is 95 yrs at least and this year I'll be 80 this year in Oct. that means I've still got 15 years to go. I seem to be having more trouble with my knees than my heart.

You have a good week and tend the garden.

Beth Reed said...

Oh Kyra, what majestic ships. I will go back and check out the links. They are so beautiful. I wish I didn't have this awful seafood allergy because I would love to go and see ships like those.
I am so happy you and Jan were able to go. A great outing for the both of you and perhaps you will feel like going back one day.

I really hope that your not bothered with that horrible heat wave that is hitting Europe. I sympathize because it is always so hot here. Our air conditioning unit broke and could not be fixed during a week of very hot temps. But my landlady had a unit installed the next day. We were very thankful.

Have a great week sitting outside and enjoying your beautiful garden... Hugs, Beth