Monday, January 01, 2018

Yes, New Year.

Goodafternoon everybody!

First of all I want to wish ALL of you a happy 2018!
And above all things I may wish you I wish we all keep good health, because having that we can cope with other things!
Let's all cross fingers and send up a little prayer for having a much easier year!

Jan and I spent New Years Eve at home. There were some nice things to watch on tv, I had a tasty but also easy dinner for us, and then we did watch a lot of nice things on tv. Midnight lots of neighbours went out to soot their fireworks, and we did stand fo a little while in the door to have a better view on the street.
There were some folks who did spent a lot of money on the fireworks!
But I love to see the fire arrows, they are beautiful with all the colors and different shapes!

After a few minutes we went back in and sat quietly on the couch and watched a great detective. So it was rather late until we went to bed. Oh well, for once a year it doesn't hurt.

Tomorrow we will see Jan's doctor. (We should have gone there already last week, but got a phonecall from the secretary, that the doctor had a funeral to attend abroad).
Hopefully with good results from the bloodtest.

Well, this is about it at the moment. We have rather good weather, at least temperatures are around 8 C daytime, at night around 5C, so not too bad. A bit too much wind to my liking and every now and then it is raining. I really wish there would come some more sunshine and dryer weather. The soil everywhere is truly soaked, much too wet do be able to do anything.
One good thing already there, we passed the shortest day of the year and are heading towards Spring! And let that come real early, I cannot wait LOL!

Have a great New Years day and week ahead!


edvige said...

All the best for 2018 year to you and family and all your friends in the world. Kissis

edvige said...

PS. I read ...wiht a russian dutch heart... you are dutch or bath and yes you speak dutch??? Bye

Edna B said...

And a Very Happy New Year to you and Jan too. I agree, let's all pray for a healthy year for all of us. I'm hoping that the new year will mean that Jan will get back to his own self really soon.

I'm glad that at least your temps are warmer. We are in the middle of a rather deep freeze here. It is c-c-c-cold! This morning after breakfast, the temperature was only minus two degrees F. I can't wait for Spring to get here.

You stay warm my friend, big hugs from me and Pogo.
Edna B.

edvige said...

Happy new year - Frohes Neujahr alles Gute sowie gesundheit friede und glueck und alles was du dich

edvige said...

...Fehlt finger zu schnell gedrueckt. Alles was du dich wuenscht sicher in 2018 wird erfolgt. Kuss

Edna B said...

Gosh, did I forget to leave a comment? My bad. It is wicked cold here lately so I tend to forget some things. I hope Jan's doctor visit goes well, and he is soon back to his normal self. I am so surprised that your box is not there yet. Hopefully, it will get there this week. Yeesh! Is this new mail company having problems? As well, you have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Keryn Suthers said...

Happy New Year to you and Jan. May 2018 bring better health for Jan and wishing the both of you many blessings and much happiness. Our weather is totally opposite to you :) - we've had nearly a month of temperatures from 29C to 36C. Christmas Day was predicted to be 35C but fortunately is only reached 32 - needless to say we ate lunch indoors at our son's with the air-conditioning on.

Christmas Day is always special for our family with not just our family but always friends too. This year we only had 18 but we have had up to 30 other years. Not a problem though as everyone brings something to share, either a salad, fruit, desert or meat. This year is was prawns, smoked ham and cold chicken - with potato, tossed green, mango-avocado-pistachio, pineapple & carrot and tomato & basil salads. Desert was pavlova, fruit, cream & ice-cream - yummmo.

This year we had 4 generations and 5 nationalities represented including a young couple visiting from England (who found it strange having a hot Christmas Day with cold food), a young Belgium couple and their 12 month old son who live in Australia, our son, daughter-in-law and grandson who is 16 months old up to my parents who are 84 and 89 years old. So blessed to still have my parents able to join us. My daughter-in-law is Korean and my Dad is German. Plus siblings, a niece & a nephew.

Beth Reed said...

Hi Kyra, I am finally able to catch up on your blog. I received your card and it is very beautiful. Thank you ever so much.
I am glad that Jan is home and doing better every day. I have had him in you both in my prayers and have lit candles along the way. I am so glad that his operation is over.
It sounds as if you had a very nice Christmas and New Years. Your Christmas dinner sounded lovely.
I watched the fireworks for New Year on my tablet. Oh how gorgeous they all were but I think that China and Thailand was my favorite. I couldn't see the ones in New York all that well. But it was all very nice. We could hear some going off in the distant, like distant thunder but not bad. I had feared my little dog would have been upset but he never gave much of a notice so I was relieved.
I love your theme. My blog and Google account was hacked so I had to set up another. It was a shame and terribly upsetting. After hours and hours of trying to fix it I just deleted it. I hope that you will receive this reply. You can probably just click my name from this comment to get to my new blog. Not sure tho.
I am counting our blessings and hoping that we all have a great 2018 and that illness and hospitals and so on are a thing of the past. Hugs, to you and Jan... xxxx Beth