Friday, April 26, 2013

We had a bit of real spring weather

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, the last two days it was real nice weather, specially when the sun came out, and it really felt like spring. You can see the result of just two days of the better weather. Suddenly things in the garden are rushing to sprout and grow faster LOL!

Today will probably will be a little fall back in temperature, but then slowly it will go up again in the following days.
The good weather brought some extra energy to us. Jan made already two little tours on his bike, to see how that is going and how his back is holding. He still has to be careful, not to overdo it, but it seems to go rather well.
When he was away for an hour or so, I looked at the windows of the garden doors, specially the outside and decided that they could do desparately with some water. So now that is looking a lot better!
Today it will be shopping day, and Jan wants to go to the agency for a little talk, and may be already to say when he thinks he will be back for his work. Not sure yet when he will start again, I think he better take another 2 weeks to get stronger and work a bit more on his physical condition.
Oh my, government has found another thing to get some extra money.
Yesterday we got a mail from the agency that Jan should bring them a statement of good conduct. That you will have to get from the city council, and the thing will be mandatory beginning next year for agencies like the one Jan is working for.
Okay, perhaps I can understand why they want to have one( and Jan only has to deliver one, the agency can produce a copy for the health institutions he will be working for), but it will cost us again another 30 euro. Think about all the people that work in the health care( and it will be necessary for a lot of other professions as well) and it will be easy earned money!
Nothing to do about it, he will have to fill in a form, then let the agency fill in the rest and then go to the city council and deliver the form.

All the time government says they will make it easier for the people, to have less bureaucracy, but in the end I have the feeling that there are always more forms to fill in, that also have a price to pay.
And a lot of those forms are kind of useless, because all the information you must provide is known e.g. at the city council and surely at the tax office, so why not exchange that between the departments and offices???

But..... I will not continue to be moaning, LOL. Weekend is starting this evening, and then next week already we will have the installation of our new king. It is funny you know, in a way it isa far away thing, on the other hand it feels somehow close to the heart. It's an event that will bring a lot of people together, and most of them are just intending to have a great and festive day, and so it should be. It's a national event that belongs to our country.

On to the kit now. It's a lovely kit, I think, named Melancholy Serenade and take a look at the beautiful pageborder Arlene made you! Hope you will make some lovely layouts with the kit and clusters. I hope you will not have trouble downloading, it's on 4-shared)
Hmmmm, I think I still have about another half hour or so, before I will have to get busy around here.
Just the time for another coffee and perhaps making a start for a new kit design.
Have a fabulous weekend, till Monday!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good morning, I hope your lovely weather and Jan's better back continue to improve! Have a terrific weekend ahead! Had a setback with Kathy, she had a mild heart attack and in hospital again!
thanks for the beautiful gifts from you and Arlene!
More cat next time! Hugs, Mat

HappyScreens said...

Thank you for this lovely kit and clusters with a musical theme.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads. I hope you have a fantastic weekend too...

Edna B said...

What wonderful news that Jan might be back to work soon. That will be such a relief for both of you. This is a good time of year for him to start back. The weather will be nicer for riding his bike.

As for the government, they will always find new ways for us to pay more taxes and fees.

It's time for my morning coffee. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

Unknown said...

Beautiful kit and clusters, thank you so much for making my day. Deb