Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Can we please have some quiet weeks?

Goodmorning everybody!

It isn;t a morning as others, cause I am feeling a bit worried about Jan.
I told you he caught a cold, well, that I think is a bit better, but I didn;t tell you all.
You know he has to go for an MRI scan on Monday, no problem with that.
But as my husband is a stubborn man and doesn;t tell me all about his health, finally yesterday evening he told me it wasn;t going 100% with him. He had a bit of inflated feet, caused probably by fluid. He already takes medication to avoid that, but lately I noticed his belly got bigger than usual and then you should think: "okay, he has gained a bit more weight, which can happen from time to time". But that wasn;t really the case, if you look at him and the rest of his body stays almost the same.
Hmmmmm, I don;t like that, so already told him he should call his doctor just for assurance but no, not necessary he says. 
But this morning he asked me to call his agency and tell them he is feeling sick, so he cannot come to work. Then he must be feeling really bad.
So I also said him, I want he calls his doctor too, today, and not wait till he goes for the MRI on Monday.
He didn;t say yes or no to it, so that will be a battle for me to fight today! But I don;t want to wait till Monday or even wait two more weeks till he goes to the result appointment.
May be I worry too much(I have that problem sometimes LOL), but I think it's better to talk to his specialist one time too often than wait and get nervous during a few days.
Men are really acting weird sometimes, and we have to cope with it!

Hard to explain what is the matter with him at the moment, but one thing is sure, he isn't feeling well, and I feel so sorry for him. He just got well on track with his work and was rather happy with it, and now this again. Damm................d!

We did see at the news a bit of the terrible damages storm Sandy has caused!
Every time again it is frightning to see, how powerful nature can be.

Bit talking like a headless chicken I am afraid, but that's because I am not feeling at ease at the moment. Hope you can forgive me.
Let's go to the freebie and I will finish this post, hoping soon I will have some better news.
Kit is named "Until Tomorrow"and matching clusters from Arlene.
Have a great day!
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Download    HERE


Edna B said...

I say don't wait, call the doctor now. Gosh, I hope Jan is okay. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. As for Sandy, I hope she fades out soon. She has left so much devastation in her wake, and she is still going. I've never seen anything like it.

You stay well and take care of Jan. I hope your day is calm and peaceful. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Of course we forgive you!
Let's hope that it's not too serious and you will have better news on friday.
Thank you so much for this beautiful kit, and thanks to Arlene for her cute clusters!
Royal Red was amazing, and I'm sure it can be useful for Christmas creations too! Thanks a lot!
Have a nice day,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Men are so stubborn and especially when it comes to health issues...they are brought up to believe they are strong and invincible and are TERRIFIED that they will receive bad news when seeing a medical professional. We on the other hand want to know so we can fix it and face what is to come. Make sure he does call his physician as it could be something really simple that he needs to do. Thanks for this lovely gift from you and Arlene. Hope all gets well soon and will say an extra prayer until we hear what he does. Be strong and make him go! Hugs! Mat

HappyScreens said...

Thank you for this beautiful kit and clusters.
I hope Jan goes to the doctor and gets better quickly! Men are so stubborn. They insist on thinking that if they ignore something it will go away.

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads.
Men are a worry - they don't like to admit anything is wrong with them. I hope Jan agreed to visit the doctor for a check up.
I also hope that you didn't have any leaks...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Aww..Kyra..first of all let me give you and HUGE hug!!(((((()))))). I can imagine how concerned you are and agree with you that it is better to find out what is going on with Jan and not have to be nervous about it for two more weeks.It may be something really minor... and I truly hope that is the case.:)
I LOVE your kit and thank YOU and Arlene for the shares!!

HUGE hugs again,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kyra for the beautiful kit and Arlene for her addition.
I'll keep on praying for Jan and hope you have some better news to report tomorrow. Try to get a good night's rest; worrying instead of sleeping doesn't help dear. You need to be more stubborn than he is right now.
Handmaiden Dotty