Sunday, February 23, 2020

Stormy weather.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh, I took my time this morning! First slept longer than normal and then hanged out on the couch, watching some reruns from Dharma and Greg comedy serie, bits of news etc. And it just felt easy, cool and just fine LOL.
But finally it was time to do something and I thought I best could do first my blogpost and then carry on with some other things.The title of his blogpost says it about all. Today specially it is very windy, along the coast surely at times stormy and hard winds all over the country. That together with rainshowers it isn;t nice weather at all. The temperatures are still not too bad, but I get enough of all that strong wind. It seems that it could calm down a little net week, I do hope so.

I felt really good last Tuesday, because i sent away all taxpapers to my accountant, so that is taken care off. Great. I was able to do so, because Heidi was so nice to print me out some papers and brought those copies along. That was Monday, she even had a bit of time to have a cup of tea.

Rest of the week it was quiet here, I did do some little jobs I had planned, so that always is a good thing.
Friday I thought it was nice to go to city center for a little while, to look around what was new in some shops and of course I came back with a few things. But they were all for Jan, hahaha. I brought him a new pair of jeans in a lovely beige color, and in sale I bought him two sweaters, and it was a good price, about half of the original.
And coming home again Jan had a nice surprise for me. He had washed the long curtains hanging at the back of the living room and also cleaned the windows of there. It is nnice of him, isn;t it? It takes some energy you know, carrying around the big ladder, climbing up and down several times. You don;t have any trouble when you are young, but now it is more difficult, 

This weather isn;t really inviting to go out more than becessary, so I think we'll just wait a little bit longer to go shopping for a new couch. I really do want one, but it will be nicer if there is a little bit better weather. I don;t mind so much if it is a few degress colder, if there is almost no wind and if possible a bit of sunshine. We have a kind of Mall with several shops that sell furniture, but to get there is taking some time with the tram and you will have to walk a bit before arriving there. And then it is nicer if the weather is somewhat better. Once you are in that centre it is okay, of course, but still, I like to have some better weather, it almost seems that it makes the shopping experince more agreable. Do I make any sense here?

Well, time to finish and get dressed! Yes, I am still in my warm, fleece morning gown, oh, so good LOL! But I will change into........some warm and cosy "lounge-wear", the weather is inviting to it and why not? It is a good day for it.
Hopefully I will have some more to tell you next week.
Have a lovely week and stay safe!


Sandi said...

Relaxing days are so good. In fact, today is a good day for a good day. Hope you have one too! 🌻

Edna B said...

My comment just got erased. Boo Hoo! I just wanted to say Congratulations for getting your taxes done. I'll bet Jan looks awesome in his new clothes. We've been having wicked cold weather, but today is really nice. This keyboard on my laptop is driving me crazy! You have a great week, hugs, Edna B.