Sunday, October 20, 2019

All is going well till now!

Goodafternoon everybody!

We´ve had some colder weather, quite some rain, still all together not so bad for the time of year. And I saw on the weather report that next week we might even reach temperatures around 17C, with almost no wind and quite some periods with sunshine! That would be good, because then it would be much more agreable for Jan to go out.
And he has to, to gain some condition and to get his muscles working again, and it also is good for the bloodcirculation. specially in his underleg and feet.

Last Tuesday Jan's brother Rob, came by to do some little jobs in the house.
He would come around 1 o'clock p.m., because first he had to buy a ramp for the shower in a shop not far from our house.
I had the idea, that when Rob would be busy, I could go out to do some shopping or whatever. The day before Jan and I already prepaired as much as possible the tools and such so Rob (or Jan ) could start working without loosing much time searching for things.
But..... it ended in me helping Rob with some of the jobs LOL!
Well, obvious Jan couldnl't do that(he isn;t yet allowed to lift things or sit on his knees, bending too much etc).
So I helped Rob in holding things in it's place, getting the right screws, and more. But.... lots of the things needed, were done. Most important was the ramp in the showerIspecially for Jan at the moment). Then there was needed a kiind of shelf in the kitchen on the place where we had the dishwasher. Now we just need to find a small cupboard, that will fit there.
And there was needed a new piece of wood on the kitchen door outside. Actually we should replace that door, but for the moment this is good enough( a new door could be rather expensive!). Now it needs a coat of paint and it will do fine for the winter.
well, it sounds all not much but it takes all time to do. I am glad Rob could help us with the jobs.
After my not intended help in carpenting and so, hahahaha, I was happy to sit down in the evening on the couch and I went to bed earlier than usual!

This week Heidi's husband had to go to hospital for an operation on Thursday, not all too serious, he only had to stay over for one night and came home again Friday afternoon.
The Friday morning Jan and I went to hospital in the morning to have his staples removed. Well, that went sooooo quick, all the visit and removing didn;t last more than about 15 minutes! Gosh, never thought it would go that quick, because normally there always is a waiting time for the appointment. Not this time.
The cicatrice looked well, and has no need of an adhesive plaster anymore.
The nurse only put on some small pieces of plaster, just to kind of strengthen the adhesion.
Jan still will have to carry cummerbund(is this the right word) for about 4 more weeks. At least during the day, he can remove it in the evening when he doesn;t move too much anymore and during the night.
And then we'll have to wait for about 3 months, when he will have his next appointment with an echo.

This week Jan planted even some more bulbs in containers. He did sit down on a little stool, and the containmers where at about the same hight, so it was something he could do, although slowly and careful.
Now hoping we will have three of four containers next spring with a selection of tulips and one container has daffodils. 

So all together with some grocerie shopping and a market visit for some fruit and cheese and veggies, it was a filled week. And yesterday I finally made us again a Boeuf Parmentier(kind of Sheperds Pie), because now I could prepare it and heat it up in the oven, yeah!!!
we had it yesterday evening for dinner with a bit of salad and for desert I made us the first stew pears of the year again. It all tasted really good and I have an easy task today for dinner. Yes, you might have guessed, we have the Boeuf Parmentier again and the stew pears. Wonderful, LOL.

Hmmmm, I think it is time I get myself a cup of tea(or may be a coffee. I don;t know yet), I am getting thirsty a bit.
I hope you all will have a wonderful week to come, with not too bad weather and lots of moments you can smile about.
stay safe and healthy!


Edna B said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jan is doing so much better. As long as he still takes it easy, things will go well. I was sad to hear that Heidi's hubby had to go in the hospital. Gosh, everyone needs a nice long spell of "good health." You folks had been dealing with so much. I'll cross all my toes and fingers that you all stay well now.

My goodness, so now you are a carpenters helper! Good for you. It's amazing what we can do when we have no other choice. Your supper sounds delicious. It must be such fun to cook meals in your new oven. Just don't overdo my friend. You take it easy too, and have an awesome week. Big hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

So glad to hear that Jan is on the mend. Just take it easy so it can heal really good! My Cardio went great. The EKG was so nice he said he didn't need to do the one where they force a camera down my throat to see the heart from a different angle.

I am getting some good news from the Claim on the Hanford Nuclear place. Asbestos Pneumoniconiosis from the exposures at the nasty buildings I was housed in for several years and went to all the really bad bldgs to deliver things. How else could I have gotten it. I couldn't say except maybe from the Navy Barracks I lived in for 2 years. But that shouldn't have been too much exposure. Oh well. I'm going to be 80 on Sunday so I've had a really good life so far. It's not going to get better but I'm slowing every thing down. Got lots of Healing herbs which is making some of it to go away.

Have a great week and enjoy feeling better.
Hugs from Washington State

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for another update Kyra. I hope all is still going well for you and Jan...