Sunday, April 28, 2019

Quiet week, including our Koningsdag

Goodafternoon everybody.

Weather here is a bit on and off you could say. last week with Easter we had terrific weather, last few days it was much less and colder again.

we had a quiet week, all together, which was a good thing. I caught up a lot of sleep, and all went well with Jan, so that was already good.
He now has to work again on his condition, that will be a slow job I guess, but never mind, as long as he can take little walks and can do some lighter jobs in the garden I am already happy.

Yesterday we had our yearly Koningsdag, the celebration of the birthday of our King Willem-alexander. Each year the family visits another town and it is always a fantastic thing.
Our princesses are growing, of course and the eldest, princess Amalia  has now 16 years. The second, princess Alexia 14 and the youngest princess Ariane 12.
We watched the visit on tv, and later, when it was over, we did go out for a moment. Although the weather wasn;t that good, it was windy and every now and then a rainshower, it was good to be outside for a while.
We went to city center, to perhaps visit a fairiwhich in the end we didn;t LOL), but we also visit a little flower fair and there i bought 3 plants for the garden, so for me it already was a success, hahaha.
We did make a little tour and then decided to take a cup of coffe to get warm again.
We took that in a tiny little coffee shop, and also had each a tosti ham and cheese. It tasted great and did us some good.
Then we decided to take the tram home again, because it wasn;t that pleasant outside. For dinner we had a very easy meal. I had a soup of brown beans with smoked sausage in it and it was tasty, easy, quick and filling. What do you want more?
I have a few photo's of the Royal Family of yesterday's celebration.

Then I have tried to make some photo's of the parakeets. It is not so easy, because i don;t have a very powerful zoomlens on my camera and teh parakeets don;t let you come too near of themm. But  have a couple and will keep trying to get some better ones.

 It is not much I can tell you more, only that today I don;t have a download for you, I feel terrible about it, but I just didn;t manage to finish the started kit this week.
I will have it ready for next week, so I hope you can forgive me.

I do wish you a fantastic day and week to come, hopefully with some really nice weather and not a lot of problems.
Take care of yourselves!


Edna B said...

Your royal family looks really wonderful. I think it's great that they come out and visit with folks. Oh those parakeets are so beautiful! It must be such fun to sit and watch them in the garden. I miss going to the flea market in Florida. Hopefully, soon I'll be able to go to one around here. I hope your warmer temps come back soon. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

hummerdawn said...

Thanks for the update. I like your photos of the parakeets. My friend Nelleke also had the King visit in her town of Lemmer.Glad everyone is doing better. Take care and I hope the weather soon warms up. Predicting snow flurries here tonight!!