Sunday, October 28, 2018

Oh boy, some bad luck today.

Goodafternoon everybody.

Well, not such a good afternoon for me though. Just a few minutes ago Jan came to me telling that probably the tap in the kitchen(at the sink) died.
That is bad news. I need at times water, of course, for cooking, for washing up dishes etc. and all kind of things.
I already thought that lately things were going too smoothly and see, there is trouble again.
Jan said he porbably could place another tap himself, but I have no big confidence in it. perhaps not good of me, but if you never did any serious plumbing, perhaps it is better to stay away of it nad call for a plumber. You cannot just change the tap, you cannot come by it, because you first will have to remove the inbuild sink. And I rather have somebody work on it who knows about it. Is it mean? Perhaps it takes more money, yes, but somehow we will manage that.
First I will call the plumber tomorrow morning and hope that he can come really soon. Then he can take a look and give me his opinion and price indication and fix it quickly. t is very annoying not to be able to use that tap!.
Now Jan is cross with me, I think because I show no confidence in him, but am I so wrong in wanting to have the job done good and by someone who knows about it?
I definately am not having a good day today!

Apart from this event, last week went quite well. Jan had an ultrasound research of his belly(we call it here an "echo"or "echoscopie")and already had a quick talk with that doctor and he was satisfied. Jan's spleen becamse a bit smaller again(good sign for him) and there was no or practically no fluid in his belly. so far, so good.
Now he has to wait till almost end November to have his appointment at the hospital with his doctor to hear more.

I had also  a phonecall with Heidi, and for noow one of the operations will not have to be done, seems the infusion line that distributes her medicin is holding on quite okay. well, better only one operation then two almost at the same time.

The weather is getting drastically colder here, today I think we only have around 8C, and that is not much at all. Only good thing is that we have some sunshine, and that is already something. even when it is cold, when the sun is shining it doesn;t seem so bad.
We will have that colder weather for two more days, may be 3, then it seems we will have again around 14C. That sounds much better!
(and at the moment the temperature inside is as bad as outside LOL).

Oh, the day started however well. We had a good night sleep, and when we had our coffe around 11.00 in the morning we watched an epsiode of Strictly come Dancing I registered from the BBC. This time the theme was Halloween. I didn't see it yet all, but oh my, it was beautiful and funny. I did say it already before, but I really love this show/competition. One act already got 39 points, which is very high, while the highest score for a couple is 40 points.
I'll see when the temperature will be right again to see the rest, hahaha!

This week I managed to make a small kit with Halloween theme, I named it Don;t be too Scared. Hope you wll like it.
have a lovely day and week and awesome Halloween if you celebrate it.
I must be on the look out for some withes flying over our house on Halloween night!
And croos your fingers with me for an easy and not to costly repair of
the kitchen tap!!

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Kyra, I agree with you. In the long run, it is less costly to go with the professional to fix your plumbing. Trust me, I know. I feel bad that Jan's feelings are hurt, but you are right.

It's never convenient when important things like the water taps and water lines break. We really depend on the water for most everything we do. Hopefully it will be fixed really soon, and not cost a fortune.

It's wonderful news about Jan's latest doctor appointment. It's taken a long time for his belly to start to get better. I hope it all stays good now.

Kyra, your new kit is such fun. I'm going to have to make a quick page with. Thank you. Hope to see you this week when Pogo and I fly overhead. Have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

hummerdawn said...

Oh my yes, it's better to get a plumber. Something could go wrong like the whole pipe could blow and water everywhere. I am sure Jan wouldn't like that! Lol. Better to be safe than sorry and Jan's pride will mend quickly. Lol. There always seems to be something go wrong in a house, especially when you think it's all good. Wish things weren't so costly though!
Cool cool weather here too. We don't have snow but lots and lots of dreary clouds. I have S.A.D. and it gets me so depressed. But I have my computer and my health so all is good. You both take care. Thanks for the lovely gift. I just posted the Peacock Sanctuary one on my Dawn's Delites Facebook page. Came out so pretty!

Maddy said...

Thank you!

sherry said...

Thank you for the cute Halloween kit :)
Don't feel too bad about not wanting Jan to fix the sink. You have hurt his feelings but he will get over it. Chances are you will both be glad that he didn't. Have an awesome Halloween !!

ike said...

THANK YOU very much for this freebie.
It sounds like you are having many troubles lately :-( I hope you get the tap fixed soon and that everyone's health improves :-D x