Sunday, July 01, 2018

Summer has come to visit us!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, we do have summer now! All week long we had lovely weather, starting at around 20-22C beginning this week and from about wednesday on temps only got higher and we reached around 25-27C.
Only a bit disappointing that there is a LOT of wind today, but .... you cannot have it all. Tomorrow there will be already less hard wind, and temps will still be high. One thing that is less good is that it is very dry lately. I cannot remember when we had some rain. And when it did it was(in our area) very light. Not enough for the ground and plnats to have a good drink.
So we have to water our graden every other day or so and the pots every day, of course. We are not quick in watershortage, but they already ask and advise us on tv to be careful with wateruse.
Lots of farmers now have some trouble with the shortage of rain now so for them already it would be good if at night there was some rainfall.
But I am afraid this week there is no sign of it.

I cannot really remember everything i did this week, cannot be all too much, LOL or interesting. I know i didn;t do anything on the computer, it was far too warm for it and a pity to stay inside if not really necessary. Yes, we watched the football games, but they were most of the time late afternoon and then one again in the evening(yes, 2 a day, otherwise the tournement would last far too long).
Naturally there are the ordinary household jobs, but aside of that.............hmmmmmm, shortage of memory I guess.
I do know I did some jobgs in the garden, like the other day, when I made two bigger pots with a fern and some other plant that do well in the shade. And I have a hortensia("made"myself by taking a cutting couple of years ago) it placed with it and two little pots with some groundcover plants. And this little arrangement I placed in front of the shed wall at the back of the garden. It was such a sad spot there, and it is hard to grow there anything, because of the big, big tree that is giving the shade(tree is from the nieghbour, it is the one that had the big treebranch broken by a stork, earlier this year) .
But I think that the ferns should do well there, giving some extra attention every now and then.
And it looks already much happier, that spot.
so yesterday, believe it or not, I tackled the shed a bit. First I washed the window there, in and outside!!!, took along the door too, and all looks suddenly a lot better already.
Then I tackled some of the inside. We have lots of things inthere, but large part of it is taken in by a pretty big table. On it there are all the
mini greenhouses and pots we use in winter and spring to grow our seeds. lots of pots of all sizes, all kind of stuff you might need for the plants(like binding thread, and such), but it all was a big mess. So it took it all from the table, cleaned that first and organized it all. Oh my , how proud I was of myself, LOL! But it really looks good again  and you can find all you need very easy now.
At the same time I tackled a bit the potting table we have in the garden near the kitchen, that has more room on it again too, so hoorray, we can work on it again.

As usual we have the visits of our parakeets. At the moment I am awake very early morning, around 6.00, (much too early to my liking, but i take another snooze at around 7.oo again till may be 09.00), but I take a cup of tea then and of course peep out of the kitchen window and yes, there is ALWAYS waiting one parakeet at least, most of the time two(and always the two same ones< yes i can recognise them) waiting for their morning piece of apple, hahaha. And yes, I am so good to go outside and hand two or three little pieces of apple for them on the rosebow. Well, now it isn't too bad to do, with the good weather, but it will be different when the weather turns a lot colder again. Although I remember, that also in winter I got outside, with my winterjacket on, may be a bit later in the morning, but still, I was there to give them some food. I am such a sucker and too tender hearted in those cases I think. ROFL.

Well, time now to finish this post, may be I will have a few photos next week again, I'll try to make them.
For now I have a kit for you, named........ Dreaming of Summer!
Have a wonderful week.

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

I think it is awesome that the little parakeets are waiting for you in the morning to give them a treat. Some times the little birds come up to my window and look in to let me know they are hungry. Other times, they sit on the gate to the porch and look in till they catch my attention. I just love it.

You've really been quite busy tidying the yard, shed and your house. As we get older, these things take a bit longer to do. The warm weather is here. Don't overdo. Enjoy your time sitting out by the garden with your cup of tea (or other drink). I'll be looking for photos of your new little plants. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Scarette said...

We have been having some very hot and humid days here in Michigan. I seem to feel the heat much more than I did when I was young. We really appreciate air conditioning.

Thank you for another gorgeous kit!

SiskiyouSue said...

Scrumptious colors, they look good enough to eat. Happy summer!

Grandma Sarge said...

That was such a lovely post. I enjoy reading you whenever you post a new page. I've been unpacking my boxes one at a time. Now I have a very large box of clothes for the Goodwill or Salvation Army, which ever I get a hold of first.Mostly winter clothes. The boxes were up high in our shed and I couldn't get them down so I just went out and bought a couple of new outfits to last me over another winter. And come to find out, I can't use them any way...too big. I've lost enough weight that very little of them are staying here. But I did save my 15 Christmas Sweatshirts.

Thank you for the Summer kit. I think I have a couple of pics of my cat Mrs. Beasley who crossed over the Rainbow bridge last month. I'll make a nice scrapbook page of her last pictures so I'll have my memories.

Hugs and God Bless from Washington State.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download. It is good to hear that you are having some lovely weather. I hope you get some decent rain soon too...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Glad all is well...HOT everywhere this year it seems and yes, we are low in the rain department too! South of us, not so much, they get all the rain, but all at one time causing flooding! We are having problems with water mains breaking (because of heat and over using to water lawns and gardens) creating a restriction of use until fixed! (I water down my back grass so the fur babies have a cool place to lay) Glad our restrictions were for 2 days, but we are all being conscious of over using the water. Because of the dryness, fires are breaking our awfully close!
Thanks for the lovely kit and have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Mat

Gala said...

Большое спасибо за ваш пост и прекрасный набор!