Sunday, April 29, 2018

Oh, that easily sidetracked mind!!!

Goodafternoon everybody!

First things first, which is the weather. Well, not much to tell about it, about the whole week not more then 12-14 C(with difficulty)(53-57F), with sometimes, although rather rare, a bit of sun, then also some rain, mostly clouded. All together not the very best spring weather.

Talking about the mind that gets so easily sidetracked. It happened to me again this week. I knew I put on the stove a little pan with some potatoes to boil, then got sidetracked by something on tv if I remember well. Then Jan came into the room with the message: "You can forget about the potatoes and may be even about the pan."
Oh my God. I took a look and yes, nothing to do about the potatoes and the pan.................hopeless.  I quickly put both in the bin and bought a new little pan. I was so very angry with myself, how could I forget about it. But... it happens sometimes. I usually don;t watch tv when cooking and certainly don;t do anything at the computer, because I know I forget about time. Still it sometimes happens.
Better make a reminder about it in my mind, so that I'll be even more careful in future.

This friday we had our King's day and it is already for 5 years we have our King, how fast time passes.
The Royal family visited a city in the north of the Netherlands, Groningen(we have a provincew called that way but also the capital of the province is called Groningen.) It is a place where for many years now they extract nautral gas out of the ground, and it has consequences! I have a link for you where you can read about it, because it has a very big impact on the inhabitants and their homes!

But most of the time it was a happy visit of the Royals there, to celibrate the 51st birthday of our King. I have a few photos from the net from that day of the Royals, but also a link to some  official portraits
Here from King's day itself:
The 3 princesses

 The whole family:
Jan and I went out on that day for a moment, we were even a bit lucky with the weather. It was dry(as we left home!)and even a little bit of sun. We went to town centre, visited the flower market. So many beautiful plants, although not too cheap, so we managed to leave them there, LOL. We also visited the fair, just to see what new attractions there were. Oh gosh, a lot and a lot of them were those things of great speed, altitude, quick movements and so, nothing for me!
But it always is fun to look at the people. We even played a little bit on a casino machine, just for a few bucks. We do that every year, just for the fun of it and Jan was a bit lucky, he got enough points to pick out a asmall price and we went home with a soooo cute little bear and a blue smurf ROFL!!!!
They have a lovely place now in our room, with the other bears.
By the end of our walk it suddenly started to rain, but it didn;t last very long. Then we took the tram home and it was good we went out for a while and sniffed up some fresh air.

I think you have enough to read and watch, so better i finish this post now, with a little download of clusters of Arlene, made with the Sparks of Memory kit.
Have a wonderful day and week to come, take care of yourselves.
Download   HERE


Grandma Sarge said...

Quite lovely clusters from Arlene. Thank you for the kit and Arlene thank you for the clusters.

Not much doing here. Weather has been very nice...will have to turn on the our rainy season seems to be quieting down. Bridgit and I are getting our belongings packed. Mine to go to the new house when we get it and most of Bridgit's to a storage shed until they get an apartment in Calif for themselves she will go with me to Walla Walla, WA after School is finished on the 12th of June. Can't let our "tiny Human" mess up with school. "Tiny Human" is a nickname Bridgit gave Olivia (her daughter) when she was small, and I sort of think she fit's it even though she's now 13 yrs old. We should probably change it to "Skinny Teen".

Sending Hugs from Washington State.

Edna B said...

What a beautiful Royal family. I'm so glad you got to go to the fair and check out the rides and some new plants. It's hard to look at all the beautiful plants and not bring any of them home. Yesterday, we went shopping and oh my, the plants were just beautiful! Alas, I could not bring any of them home with me. Next trip, I will definitely get one or two.

Today is gray and rainy, but the sun keeps poking its head out to brighten things up a bit. It's a good day to re-pot a few plants and move them outdoors. Arlene's clusters are beautiful. Thank you to both of you. Now I'm off to do a bit more blog reading. You have a super week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyra! It's so good to know you and Jan are doing better now. You've both been through a lot with your health and I think that's more than enough. I don't get to your blog every time so I have several to read when I'm here. I read it top to bottom so it seems I know the end first and enjoy reading the story as it folds out back to front! LOL!

I so enjoy your beautiful designs! I completely fell in love with Nocturnal Poem. Can't wait to use it. You're one talented Lady for sure. Now I'm off to check out the links you posted about the Earthquake. Here in the U.S. we don't get much news of the Netherlands so it's always good to read something you've written about it and see your pictures. Those Princesses are absolutely lovely! Also I look forward to pictures of your garden. I can't have one here but I can look at yours.

Take care! I always keep you and Jan in prayer and now will add Heidi to my prayers.
Love and Prayers,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

thanks so very much dear friend, as usual Arlene did your kit proud. glad you are both okay, we've had summer, winter, spring and fall weather all within a span of about 10 days. Right now it is a slow drizzly rain that is good for the ground, not too cool, about 70F, but nice. Lovely princesses as is the parents too! Have a great weekend ahead! hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters.
Kyra I sometimes have a similar problem of getting side tracked too. I try to set a timer of some sort to remind me just in case...