Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Strange week with some hectic.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Planned to make a sooner post, but couldn;t find the right time for it.
You know Jan wasn;t feeling too well. Okay, finally he went to the doctor, who right away made an appointment with Jan;s internist in hospital. We went there last Thursday.
She saw us both and said: Oh, you are coming both, certainly there is something wrong!She took a look and sent us through too Emergency, to have some tests done but she already said that probably they would keep Jan in hospital for some days.
To make it short: after hours of being in the emergency, finally Jan was taken in at 17.30. First they were fearing he might have an infection of the belly fluid, but it wasn't. It seemed to be infection of urine ways, and that caused the liver not working as it should plus that made the spleen not working properly.
Well, the fluid contained in his belly made him look about pregnant for 8 or 9 months!
That all pushed on the lungs and diaphragm, all very unpleasant and by times painful.
Plus Jan suddenly had two immense bruises above and one under his belly.
He received antibiotics at first. he stayed in hospital till Monday afternoon, then could go home. Has to finish the antibiotics, received also an augmentation of his pills to urinate enough(for now by 3 times higher!). He first has to get lost of all the fluid.
In two weeks he will have an appointment with his doctor again.
Well, at least he is loosing again urine and or fluid, but till now it is hardly noticable on his belly. Perhaps we will have to be a bit more patient and give it some more time.
Because of all the tension Jan had on his belly that also played on his stomach, so he didn;t eat very much. He said to me it also was partly in his mind, all that goes in must go out, but as it didn;t, or not enough, there was less appetite.
So we have a hubby home at the moment who really needs quite some recovery. It can come again, first let's see if he can get back a smaller belly, that would be great. Because as it is now, it isn;t good yet. This in short what is his situation, I made a rough resume.
The days he was in hospital I tried to keep a bit busy, but I wasn;t feeling at ease, you know. Specially evenings and nights I was feeling kind of restless. and visitng hours were at 15.30-20.00 afternoon so mostly I went there at 15.30 till about 17.30 and then went home.

Before this all happened, I almost finished a kit but with all this going on, it stayed "almost finished".
On top of it I got a call from Heidi last week too that her Dad passed away. So I spoke to her by telephone for a moment when we were at the hospital last Thursday and Monday morning she came along and we had a good chat, and she could get off her chest a b it all that was going on around the passing away of her Dad.

Did we had some good weather at the least? Not so very. It is rather cold for the time of year, at times it rained a lot, but now it seemes to quiet down again and toward end of the week we might even reach again 18-20C again. Would be nice.

Well, you know now a bit about the situation here, I hope Jan will get better in short time as possible, and no complications will pop up.
No, this definately is a year I want to keep in mind. With all things happened till now, I couldn;t say it is a good year for us.
But who knows? May be next year will be better and healthier, OL.
When there will be something new to tell, I will try to make a post as soon as possible again.
Thanks for being around, stay safe, till next time!


Edna B said...

Good afternoon, Kyra. I'm so sad to hear of Jan's stomach and fluid problems. I do hope that he has a speedy recovery. I know how difficult it is for us when our loved ones are not doing so well. You hang in there my friend. I'll pray for Jan.

Kyra, drop in even if you don't have any news. I really miss your beautiful smile. Hopefully your days will get a bit better now that Jan is home. You take care my friend, hugs, Edna B.

hummerdawn said...

So sorry to hear about the news not being so good. I am sending all the good healthy vibes to him and to you also who must take care of herself also. Just keep seeing the Dr if things not going good. Not very good to let things slide as it could maybe be looked after sooner. Thinking Jan is just like a man---no Drs for him. Lol. Hugs and prayers to you both.

Snowy said...

Oh dear, I hope Jan's belly is better soon ! I know urinary stuff is quite uncomfortable and painful from experience. However, for me it turned out I wasn't drinking enough water , which caused it. I so hope that things will get better for the 2 of you soon and you can go back to "normal". Big hugs

Edna B said...

You know, I really thought I left a comment a few days ago. My bad! I am so sorry to hear about Jan's stomach problems. Gosh, I hope he gets better really soon. It's so difficult to keep one's wits when a loved one is hurting. I'll keep Jan in my prayers and hope that it helps.

So sorry about your friend Heidi's dad. This is a very difficult time for her too. It's good that she has you for a friend, and someone to confide in.

Kyra, you take care of yourself. Post when you can to let us know how you are doing. You have a good day my friend, hugs, Edna B.