Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another week passed by in a "woosh"

Goodafternoon everybody!

Today we started out really well with the weather. Full sunshine and temperature around 26-28C! At the moment it seems as if some clouds come over every now and then. Perhaps we might have some thunder and lightning this evening.
Last Tuesday and Wednesday were the minor days of the week, with sme lower temperatures, but then they got higher again to one really warm day today.
Tomorrow will be around 10 degrees lower(figure that!) then all will go up again to around 22C.
weather is behaving a bit strange lately. It might be so, because of the change of climat that is going on slowly. 

Not much happened here. We still have no government and I don;t think it will be there soon. The first 4 parties are talking to eachother again to perhaps form a coalition and then cabinet, but there are big differences between them, so I am not certain at all that it will succeed.

Our garden is getting more and more flowers and I have made a few photos. We also have our parakeets visiting us again, as I told before, but one day last week we had about 8-10 sitting on the two rosebows!
I know attach some food(mostly parts of apples)also on the neirest rosebow and if we sit still and quiet they come there too.
I made one photo but just as I clicked, a few flew off, so I only have two of them on the photo.
And have a photo of a pelargonium, which has a little story.
Two or three weeks ago  was coming home from shopping and there was a big container with all kind of rubbish like stones, wood and such(someone was stripping a house I guess). But on top I saw a pot with a pelargonium in it, the flowers gone or brown, but the leaves still looking quite good and fresh. So I took it home, gave it a little "haircut"(well, removed all the dead flower heads and so) and gave it into jan's care. He pampered the plant, watered it, and perhaps even talked to it, but it has result! It started to flower again and looks real healthy. We both had such fun and a big smile about it.

the sweet peas are starting to flower.
And we have quite some strawberries. Well, we will not fill bowls full with them, but we have lots more than last year. We have two post and next year I hope the third pot will flower also.

Now i think I will end this post and take advantage of the sunshine while it is still there. Later in the afternoon the clouds and thunder may come near.
I have a kit for you, I am quite confident I didn;t post it before. It is named "In Wonderland" and is based on Alice in Wonderland. Hope you can use it.
Now Jan is leaving for his volunteerwork(he is leaving a bit earlier because he is going to walk to it and will come home by tram).
I already made dinner for this evening, so  can take it easy for now. Better too, because my back is not behaving well. Somehow i think I made a wrong move or so and then it takes a few days to get sound again. Oh well, age comes with some trouble, although not to everyone. I saw on tv a little film of a lady of 91 years, still doing an excersize on the bar, and she also does other forms of gymnastic if I heard well. Gosh, only watching her made me feel my back, all my other muscles and whatever more sour!!!LOL
I have a two links for you, just watch them!
If the links might not work, just make a search on youtune with her name Johanna Quaas, you should find it easily!!!!Amazing.

Good,  wish you all a lovely day and also great week ahead.
Download   HERE


Unknown said...

Kyra, what a wonderful kit, thank you as always. I have had some problems with downloading from media fire lately but today all went well.

I am so sorry to hear of your back. I know that pain of any kind is really hard to deal with. But you have some awesome pictures and lucky you for finding the plant and bringing it back to life with Jan's caring touch!

We have been busy on my end. Well not so much me, but the door keeps opening and closing with the kids going here and there. Everyone that I know seems to be going on holiday in Italy. A dream of mine, but I will settle for listening to others as they tell of their adventures.

I will email you soon. I need to take some time and update my blog but I think that it can wait until later on. I have appointments for the next 3 days all in a row so I am just going to stay quiet as I can and just rest. Love the parakeets. They are so adorable. Hugs, Beth

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Wowsie! That lady is something!! I wonder what she eats or does to keep her bones from breaking. She's really awesome.

Your garden and your birdies are gorgeous! It must be wonderful to be sitting out in the garden with a cool drink. I think my garden could use Jan's magic touch. You both have such a wonderful way with the plants.

I did not blog yesterday, so I'd best get over to my blog and type a post. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this Wonderland download. I hope your back is feeling better again. Your flowers look lovely and I hope you are enjoying your strawberries...

Grandma Sarge said...

I've been really stressed and now I'm without a care taker again but I'm watching safety and keeping relaxed now. Rest of our household went to California to take care of her ill "Husband" (she calls him that even though they haven't had the ceremony to finalize it) He has Type 1 diabetes and had some issues with loosing sight and unable to see the lines on the Insulin shot as being too tiny to read. She went there to take care of him and she took the daughter with her. I now have a quiet house with 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Any way I've missed your posts and got caught up today. Thank you for the lovely kit with the story book characters.

Gala said...

Кира,какой чудесный сад у вас!!! Наборы ваши -великолепны!!! Желаю вам крепкого здоровья-не болеть!!! Большое спасибо за все ваши прекрасные подарки!!!