Sunday, April 23, 2017

Could do with real spring!

Goodafternoon everybody!

I think it will be a quick post. I just finished reading some blogs and it always takes more time than you think.
Early this week, think it was Tuesday and Wednesday I suddenly had an attack of energy from somewhere, and  managed to do during those days a vacuum cleaning of all the house, some laundry, grocerie shopping, dusting, of course cooking, some little garden work, oh yes, changing bedsheets, also ironing, and even some start of designing on the computer again. Wow!
Well, after that eruption(hahaha) I took it a little bit easier the next days.
Still I am glad there are longer periods of energy and such arriving.
It was about time.
Pity the weather is letting us down a bit. Although we have periods with sunshine, the temperature is really cold for the time of year and for the next days it isn;t going to improve.
We should have normally around 15C, but we just reach around 10C.
Perhaps the month of May will offer us some really lovely weather. We can always hope for it, isn;t it?

Later this week we will have our "King's Day", our King will be 50 years old already this year. As usual he will celebrate the birthday in a town(each year it is another one)with some festivities organized.
May be he and the family will be lucky to have at the least dry weather, and perhaps some sunshine, although it still wil be cold.
If the weather isn;t too bad, I think Jan and I will visit one or two fairs(there are that day lots of them).
It is always fun to see what stuff people offer for very little money.
It are always things they don;t need anymore so it is second hand, but you can find great things at times.

Time really flies sometimes, and my stomach say to me I need to take a sandwich( I am already a bit late for that in the afternoon) so I better have a bite now.
I do have a mini kit for you,  know it is late, should have posted it last month! Well, I have started on a mini kit for April, cannot say when it will be finished, but it is coming your way later.
Have a wonderful Sunday and great week to come, thanks for keeping on visiting my blog!
Download   HERE

Download  HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Just so you know, we don't come here just for your beautiful kits. I come here to visit you. It's always nice to hear how your week has been going, and how you and Jan have been.

We have yard sales and flea markets, similar to your fairs. I love visiting them and finding wonderful things to buy. Even if I don't buy anything, I enjoy walking around and seeing everything.

You have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Maddy said...

Thank you for all the lovely kits you make!

hummerdawn said...

So happy to hear you found some good energy! We are expecting about 5 cm of snow today and our weather has been much like yours these days. One good thing is the snow won't stay! Thank you for the kit with my favourite colour. I love all your kits and use them very very often in my scrapping sites.

sherry said...

Beautiful mini ans QP !!! Thank you:)

Gala said...

Чудесный набор! Рада за Вас- чувствуете себя лучше, дай бог крепкого здоровья! У нас в Сибири тоже стало тепло -садим морковь,лук.Как хорошо,когда солнышко- тепло,приятно повозиться в земле и посидеть на солнышке.

Basima Bilgrami said...

Thank you so much Kyra. I download all your kits and Arlene's clusters. Don't always get a chance to say thank you - I apologise for that.
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent... much appreciated.
Best regards,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

good morning my friend, I haven't been a very good one lately have I? I had a problem with my computer and had to copy some files and delete a lot to give me some room...even my external drive got full, so I had to do that dreaded task of reorganizing and copying and backing up, etc, etc I bought another passport(1TB)too! Guess I have too many scrapping supplies and pages...NAH! never too many...ROFL! That combined with arthritic hands no wanting to work created a few slow days and then before you know it, the month was gone...Poof! I don't know where the time flies too, but it leaves me behind a lot! LMBO!
Getting older sucks sometimes, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I downloaded what I have missed and I thank you, thank you, thank you! so glad you are feeling more energetic and THANKS for taking time to stop by my blog! Hugs, Hugs, Hugs! Mat

Grandma Sarge said...

Hello Kyra, I agree with the lady who says we come to see how your week is going. The kits are a bonus, and a nice one I might add. I thank you very much and also Arlene.

Unknown said...

Hi Kyra,

I have been behind speaking with you but wanted to stop in and say hello. I do hope that you and Jan can go to the fairs. We have lots of festivals here too. One or 2 a month plus the regular ones that they do monthly. Our latest festival was yesterday. It was Eyore's Birthday from Winnie The Pooh. To bad that we couldn't have gone. I took my grandkids one year and it was fun but such a mad house and no parking and parking fees were high and so crowded that we didn't get to actually do as much as we had planned but had a great time anyway.
I agree with Edna. I love your kits but I love you more and enjoy reading about what you and Jan and Brodski is up to! Our weather here is hot, hot, hot and muggy. Severe storms came in yesterday and last night. I hate to hear and see the destruction of all of that.
I look forward to all your blogs and thank you and Arlene for the wonderful kits and clusters... They are just beautiful... Hugs, Beth

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely downloads. I really like the colour of the flowers...

Jerrie said...

Thank You for these beautiful gifts.