Friday, December 18, 2015

Santa's elves dropped a box.

Goodmorning everybody!

Starting with the weather, gosh, we have a warm December. Normally we are around 6C, but we have 12-14C . Amazing! I don;t mind, though. Of course it is nice to have a "white Christmas"but I like this weather more. LOL.
My back is getting better and better, will have to take care on how I move and such, but that wicked pain is gone, yeah!!!!
Wednesday and yesterday I did about all the Christmas food shopping, wanted to have as much in the house as possible already now, to avoid the big stampede in the shops next week.
There are always some small things you just cannot buy in advance, but that are only a few things so I am happy.

wednesday evening someone was knocking on our window(I wondered why, because we have a good working doorbell now, but we checked and probably touched a little button in replacing the thing in another powerpoint, so all works again now), Jan went looking at the door and wow, the elves brought us a big Christmasbox. all presents are under my Christmastree now, and it is such a happy sight, every time we look at our tree. We will wait till Christmasday to pen them. It´s part of the fun to wait till Christmas.
I remember Christmastime when i still lived with my parents, we often had a lot of friends around at Christmastime and so there were also a lot of presents under the tree. And the pile grew every day LOL.
And what fun we had when we finally opened our presents. Often it were just small and not expensive gifts, but it doesn;t matter, the thought behind it is more important than the value. And we opened them one by one, so most of the time my mother was sitting next to the tree and picked the presents, read the name on it, this person then opened it and we all laughed or AHHHH'ed and OHHHH'ed and only then the next one received a present. So you can imagine it took one or two hours to open up all presents. We did that in the afternoon with a little drink and snack and after all that we had our dinner.
Happy times and memories.

Coming back from my shopping yesterday I nearly passed Heidi´s house, so I made a little visit, to see how Danny was doing. Monday he had a check up in the hospital and all seemed to be well and in good order. He still has to take a lot of rest for the next few weeks, but all healed well enough. That was good news.
Then Jan went to a gathering from his volunteerwork, kind of Christmas gathering for staff and volunteers and he came back with quite a bix Christmasbox, stuffed with all kind of tasty things. Very nice gesture of the elderly care facility towards the volunteers I think.
This afternoon Jan will go to his job a bit earlier because they have a kind of Christmas drink(without alcohol LOL) at the section where he works.

That was about my week, of course did some bits and bobs, but not really interesting to put in this post, hahaha.
I have again a Christmaskit for you, named "Highland Christmas"and also Arlene's add-on.
Have a wonderful day and weekend and week ahead.

Download    HERE

Download   HERE


Mary Tincher said...

Kyra & Arlene,

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Stacey said...

thanks so much for the gorgeous Christmas kit and clusters. Glad you're warmer than normal. i'm happy Danny is healing! that is a blessing. Merry Christmas to you, your hubby, and of course your kitty!

Grandma Sarge said...

Thank you for the adorable kit. I have done my DNA and a lot of Scott is in there. From my father's side, and my mothers side is German, I think. It showed Western Europe and I have always had the curliest hair in the neighbor hood, which I thought was Jewish but not at all.

Anyway, now I can make a Christmas page showing off the Scottish genes.
Thank you and Arlene for this one.
Hugs from Corrine (aka Sarge).

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello dear lady! Yes, it is warm here too and no predictions of anything white anytime soon...LOL! That is okay with me. Glad you are feeling better, back disorders are very debilitating! Glad, too, Danny is healing well and resting! Love reading your blog!! Thanks to you and Arlene for the lovely gifts! Y'all have a wonderful weekend and week ahead as well. Only a week away now! Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads Kyra and Arlene.
Kyra, it is good to hear your back is feeling much better. I hope you and Jan have a happy weekend and that next week will be nice too...

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Thank you!

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Your new kit and Arlene's add ons look very interesting in deed. Thank you so much. The weather is really nice here. Today we've a bit of wind, but not so bad. All week we should have warm temps. I love it!

Today I was brave and made an appointment for February to see my accountant and have my taxes done. This week, hopefully I'll be able to make my travel arrangements for Florida. If not, then soon.

My Christmas Angel looks wonderful as she lights up all the presents. I don't miss my little tree. (I will put it up next year.) It still hasn't arrived, but no problem.

Today, it's time to start putting all the wrapping stuff away, and a lot of other things. I also have three bags of magazines to go through and then they will go out in the recycle bin.

Kyra, I'm so glad that your back pain is going away. It's not a fun thing to have to deal with. Hopefully, you'll be your bouncy self again really soon. Now I'm off to start today's chores. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.