Friday, November 06, 2015

Great week, still work to do

Goodmorning everybody!

About the whole week we had great weather, only yesterday in the evening we had some rain. But this morning it looks rather good again, might be we get a bit more rain towards evening.

I told you that I dug up the dahilia bulbs. Good I did it before the rain came. I cleaned them up, labeled them, and spread them out a bit in the shed to dry, and then they can go into their boxes, for their "Hibernation time".
I took some bulbs of all of them, for my friend Heidi and delivered them. As I wasn;t sure if she would be home(of course i could telephone, but I was too lazy for it, terrible hey?), I took  the set of keys we have from her house with me. But I didn;t need them, because Séverine was home and just when I wanted to leave again, Heidi came home. so I styed for a little while longer, to have a coffee.
It was a nice interlude(now how  did this word came up? no idea LOL) of the day.

I also went again to own centre to see if I could finish the Christmasshopping. Well, I think I finally got all I wanted, I will check it this afternoon, when Jan is away, and may already start wrapping some in nice Christmas wrappingpaper. It will be a good time to do, Jan out of the way, the whole couch and often also big part of the floor all free for me to use, hahaha.

Also did some cooking(okay, I do it every day, but sometimes I do more then just the quick dinner cooking) and made a serious portion of apple compote. Why? Well, I had a lot of apples lying around to be used for that, and last week Heidi tasted a bit of it and I gave her a little box with it to take home.
She liked it, so I asked her if she wanted some more. Yes, so I made it Wednesday and brought over a box yesterday. This time nobdy was home( as I knew) so with the key I could go in and placed it on the kitchen counter with a little note.
The doggies were so happy to see me and were thinking I would take them out, But I had no time, had to go to an appointment a bit later. It was disappointing for them, but I knew Heidi would come soon to take them out.

Today I think I will do some grocerie shopping, and perhaps it's also a good time to get some of my medicines at the drugstore.  then I guess the house can do with a good vacuumcleaning and some dusting.
I think that next week I will do some really serious work on that, there are corners and shelves and such I tend to "forget", but it would be nice if it's all done before we put on our Christmas decorations.
We'll see how far I will get, I have my doubts, but I can surprise myself at times ROFL!

Time for the freebie, named "Afternoon in September".
Have a wonderful weekend, till next week!

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Grandma Sarge said...

Hi Kyra, Thank you very much for this new kit. I'm anxious to see how I can use the birds. Something will come up. I have many hunters in the family but no gatherers. LOL Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs grandmaSarge

Anonymous said...


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download. It sounds like you have been very busy...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

hello sweet lady! I'm a bit behind again...we've had some deplorable rains and even a small tornado (within 3 miles of me) so I've been off the computer a good bit (that and the awful arthritis in my thumb)! But you know, I should not complain, lots of folks worse than me...I just want to feel sorry for myself once in a while....ROFLMBO!!!
Glad you've had nice weather. I have been able to open the windows a bit for the fur babies to breathe the fresh air and for the wind to rearrange my dust bunnies, but is a little chilly so no open windows and no ceiling was 45F this morning....brrr!LOL!
Thanks for the new kit...looks lovely! I hope to be able to just sit for a day and create some new pages! You and Jan have a great week ahead, I am getting ready for the NASCAR races that are here in my city today, then the Cowboys play football tonight also here, so I am not venturing out today because of the excessive traffic....yes, I stay inside and let the idiots drive on days like this...LOL! Me and the fur babies will crawl up in the middle of the bed and snuggle while watching it all on TV! Hugs sent to you! Mat

Edna B said...

Goodness, you're getting a good start on your wrapping. I've got to get started on mine too. Later today I may get some of it done. First I will address some envelopes. That takes me some time.

You are very good to share with your friend Heidi. By the way, I love that name (Heidi). We are expecting a bit of rain over the next three days. As long as it's not the flooding kind, it's okay. We can use a bit of rain.

Thank you for the new kit. I like the bottle and glass of wine. Or is it champagne? Mmmm, even better!

I think I'll go check the mail now and then get started on today's chores. You have a fabulous day my friend.

Hugs, Edna B.

Stacey said...

thank you very much for the beautiful kit! sorry I'm a bit late, it was a crazy weekend with DSD going on and tons of activities. You're lucky to be done. I've started, but have a bit more crafting to do yet!