Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mid-summer, but looks a bit like autumn!

Goodmorning everybody!

Gosh, we had a real storm last Saturday, really bad one. The kind we normally could expect  in autumn.  And still the weather isn;t fantastic, although it looks somewhat better and they say that by the end of the week all should be more quiet and tempw will rise again. Can't wait till that happens!

I am still walking around with my taped glasses, had no message yet that the new one arrived.
Hopefully it will be there this weekend, I am getting enough of wearing my glasses with pieces of tape on it. And even tape on the "legs"to attach it firmly to my head (I am afraid that my glasses will fall off, when I bend over or make a sudden move).
Hard to be patient, but there is nothing else to do.

Jan had to go working during that storm and I wasn;t happy about it. He did go on his bike, and found a route where he was sheltered well enough from the hardest wind.
Lucky for him he didn;t had rain on the way.

Last week, when I was doing some grocerie shopping I passed a flower shop where they have lots of garden plants too(always dangerous area for me LOL). and then I saw a dahlia, I just HAD to buy(and even better, it wasn;t expensive at all). I just loved the colours of the flower and yes, I;ve made a photo.
Isn't it looking gorgeous? When flowering time is over, I will cut the leaves of it somewhere end autumn and then I will put the tubers in the little shed, where they can wait till next spring in dry conditions. And may be I can take a few cuttings of the tubers  to have more of this dahlia.

It also seems that we have a yellow-white lilly too, I didn;t know that anymore. So we have some surprises every year in the garden, hahaha.
Jan and I are already starting to take seeds from several flowers to have new stock to sew next year.
It's such great fun to see your "own"seeds grow to a beautiful plant. And in the neighbourhood I saw a very big sweetpea, from which I will take some seed pods too. But they aren;t dry enough yet.

Today is again fish feeding day at Heidi's home. At the same time we collect the post and sort it out a bit. I was happy to see in the weekend, that no harm was done in her garden, because of that storm.
Yes, I think I will grab a sandwich and then leave for the fish and when I come home again, I will start preparing dinner. I'll make a "boeuf parmentier", which is minced meat between two coats of potatoe mash. Oh, I even have some grated cheese to put over it when it goes into the oven, yeah, that makes it even tastier! And tomorrow I will have a very easy day, we will eat what's left of it.
(even tastes better the second day).

Okay, time to finish, and get busy. I hope to have a little kit for you next posting,  am working on two at the same time, but slowly!
Have a wonderful day.


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the update Kyra. It is a worry when you think your glasses may fall off and end up in even worse condition.
Your flowers are beautiful, thank you for showing them to us.
It is good that you didn't end up with too many problems because of the storm.
Your dinner plan sounds nice, I hope you enjoy your meal...

Edna B said...

Oh my, but the weather is really strange this year. I have to say though, it has not hurt your garden. Your flowers are just beautiful. What a gorgeous dahlia!! And, that white and yellow lily is just wonderful. I love the lilies. I just wished that they bloomed longer.

We are having a regular heat wave here in the States. It's hot and sticky every day. Thankfully, we have the A/C to keep the house comfortable.

We got up very late this morning, so I'm getting a really late start with everything. Pogo keeps running out to look at the refrigerator to let me know that he is hungry. So, I guess I'll go feed my little guy.

You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Stacey said...

I hope you weather improves and your new glasses arrive soon. thanks for sharing the pictures!

Grandma Sarge said...

And here I sit in the middle of a 3 digit heat wave with no A/C. I have fans going everywhere and som reflective curtains in some of the windows. It's going to be like this until at least Sunday. Expecting 106 Fahrenheit. I bought a portable air conditioner but it doesn't get here till the 12th.

I can't wait till Autumn gets here. My main concern is for the animals. I leave plenty of water around and darken the windows so they should be ok.

Have a nice weekend.
Hugs frm Corrine