Monday, April 20, 2015

What a great, lazy, uneventfull weekend!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, you can guess by the title of my blogpost, that it will be a rather short post hahahaha!
But oh, how I enjoyed this lazy weekend, awesome.
Friday I just did a few errrands and then was ready for the weekend. It started with watching the final of Popster, and it was very amusing and I think the right one is on 1st place, as well as 2nd.
About the 3rd place Jan and I had some thoughts, but okay, it is not bad.

Here the you tube video of the 1st place(they win € 50.000,00!
Here the 2nd place, good for  € 25.000,00 !

Hopefully you will be able to watch it, fantastic stuff.

Saturday as well as Sunday, I did practically nothing, only a little quick laundry, and i did spend a lot of time at the computer, made a new kit, almost finished another one and further on I was a bit in the garden at times the sun was shining. It was nice, although still a bit chilly at times because of the northern wind. But it will change during this week, if all goes well, the wind will change direction and it will be SW or SE, and normally that brings better temperatures. Possibly also some rain, but that is a good thing for the garden.

Today and tomorrow Heidi will be in hospital of Amsterdam, to have a thourough check. The last two months or so she is not feeling all 100%, and it doesn't seem to improve, it all has to do with her lung disease. Hopefully they will find something they can do(probably it has a lot to do with her medicins and the dose she takes). It will not be such a pleasant stay for her, because she will have to undergo lots of different tests and scans and all.
It's a lung disease that is genetical, so nothing to do with smoking or such, which she never did, and it's already a great thing they have now medicins to keep it stable and "under control".

I have not much on my to-do list today. Oh, I could do loads of things, but I just will pick out one or two and then I think I also will spend some time designing again. I am getting a bit short in freebies, and it seems I have got back "the flow", although not in too huge quantity LOL.
Still we have to grab the moments, isn't that right?

Today I have a nice kit, I believe, named "Graceful as a Swan".
Have a wonderful day.

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. What lovely colors in your new kit. So soft.

I'm glad the warm temps are catching up to you. It must be wonderful to sit out in your garden. It's really nice to have a lazy weekend. I do believe it is good for the soul.

Today we will be having rain on and off with lots of clouds. As you say, it is good for our gardens. Some of our buds opened this weekend. Oh how beautiful they look!!

Now I must go post my own blog You have a beautiful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Thank you for the new kit. The colors are lovely. I had a chuckle at the title. Thinking back to my youth, I grew to be 5'7" and I can't ever remember being graceful as a swan!LOL

My lung disease is partly from smoking but mostly from occupational dirt, blowing dust, and some asbestos. I'm getting it under control...going to rehab and working on the bicycles at the gym to strengthen my heart muscle and make breathing easier.

Stacey said...

this is so beautiful! thanks so much! Glad you had a relaxing weekend. sometime that is the best thing since we always seem to be on the go so much!

Anonymous said...

As Always : a beautyful kit.I'm so happy with your designs. Thank you. Denise

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for the lovely download. I'm almost finished doing the catchup downloads for your pages...

Love crafts forever said...

Thank you for the gift.