Monday, September 22, 2014

Quiet weekend, but still accomplished some things

Goodmorning everybody.

Well, I think the nice weather has left us now a bit. Upcoming days temperature will drop drastically, to about 60,8 F. That's quite a change!
But we have something to look forward to also, cause by the end of the week it will go up again to around 66 or even 70 F.
Hmmm, I suppose we will have to get used to other temperatures slowly, fall is around the corner. I just hope we will have a mild and short winter.

I didn;t do anything in the garden yet, there are too many things flowering still, so I will have to wait to dig out the bulbs from the dahlia's. Perhaps it is time to look around for snails, before they can produce their eggs LOL.
I saw a tricj on a garden tv program, that might help. First is cover your soil with a thick layer of cocoa shells, but the other trick was more fun. Take a watermelon, cut it in half, then take out part of the centre and make some little triangles in the edge. Then place them with the flat cut side on the ground near plants that have to suffer from especially the naked snails. seems to work okay.

Jan is still having trouble with his leg, I think it hurts too much after almost two weeks now, still having trouble with too much fluid in ti, so I suggested he could make a phonecall to hospital, but I think he still wants to wait a bit. Don't know why not take a few minutes and probably have a reassuring answer, but he is har for himself and also kind of stubborn, what a combination LOL.
We;ll see how it will go this week.

Weekend was rather quiet, which I didn;t mind, I still managed to get a laundry done and even ironed some,
oh yes, Friday I gave the house a sweep with dustercloth and vacuumcleaner.
And in the evening I am still knitting, when watching tv. I am left with quite some left overs from different yarns, so I started to make some pillow covers, eveyr one will be in one color, may be with a little stripe or so in another, depending how much yarn I have of one color.
So when I used all up, my couches and chairs and where ever I can put a pillow on, will look rather happy with all pillows in different colors LOL.

Also gathered already some of the needed papers together, made already some copies, other ones will have to be copied today or tomorrow.
It's a shame how much cop[ies of paperwork you will have to send with an apllication form, cause a lot of the information on it, government and council already have in their archieves, or they can get it all from the tax office. It's double or triple work for what?

On Friday's we are hooked to the tv program The Voice of Holland again, and oh my, there were some really good and talented singers to hear! It always amazes me again, how many people are really talented in singing or playing an instrument. You get a bit picky during the course of the program, because the standard is rising every week.

I am still not able to upload any photo here, all to blame on me, because i didn;t upload the program yet onto my computer. It's no hard work, I know, but I just cannot get it started, perhaps because there are going round too many other things in my brain? All will be done one day, just like starting designing again, but I want to have all applications dealed with first, and want to have Jan in better health conditions too. On the last I cannot help a lot, it will be just a matter of time and having patience, the other will be also time consuming for a while, before they will be, hopefully, granted and running.

So bare with me for a little while longer, and suddenly I will have some freebies for you again, my head isn't ready yet for them.

During the day i will have to do some cooking, making meat for dinner, but it has to be on low heat on the stove for some hours, to get tender. So I better start with it early, when that is on the stove, I have time for other things, no idea yet what, but I certainly will find things to do.

Time to wish you all a wonderful day and see you again on Wednesday.


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Happy Autumn! We are enjoying some really nice days here. I keep hoping it will last for a while before the cool temps take over.

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble uploading photos. I'm not sure which program you are using, but I'll send you an email to see if I can help.

Jan really shouldn't wait very long to call the doctor. His leg could get infected. I hope he calls real soon.

We still have roses and hydrangea blossoming. It's such a pretty sight to be able to look out the window and still see color.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Thanks for the award. I was very surprised and honored. I don't think I answered it right but I did try.
Prayers for Jan. I think I feel his pain. I took a really nasty fall Sun. afternoon and my knees really took a hit! I've got bruises and aches all over but I don't think anything is broken so that's a plus.

I heard somewhere that 1 in 3 elderly will fall this year so I guess I've just put 2 others at ease since I've "taken one for the team". My daughter and I got a big laugh about that.

Thank you again.

fl_connie said...

Oh, our temps have dropped a wee bit, too - we don't have any 90's forecast for this week. What a hot, miserable summer it has been - so ready for fall! Sounds like Jan is a typical man, lol! I think after everything happens more or less at once - or in a long series - it takes us a while to get back to our normal activities, so you should just enjoy your garden and your knitting until such a time you get the urge to play on the computer! Happy fall!

Lianna said...

hi Kyra, did Jan call the doctor? Hope everything is ok, am thinking of you x